3 Amazing Word Sites for Wannabe Writers & Bloggers

For Bloggers and writers, words is everything, it’s their entire universe and realm. Well if you happen to be in the bloggers clan then discovering new words and finding about meanings of unknown words holds a lot of significance. You will find scores of word sites on internet that will make your blogging and writing thing a fun filled job. So my love for words and vocabulary made me to carry-out an extensive search for some really cool word sites and here are some that you should definitely explore:

Tag Galaxy

tag galaxy

Words with visual tags, this particular site is about visually representing words realm rather then displaying them in a textual format. You can interact with Tag Galaxy in a multitude of ways because any word you are gonna enter will become a keyword that will be surrounded with multitude of related words. Wait! Best part is that all of this is represented in a sort of a photo-globe with pictures collected from Flickr. The word in the center transforms into a Sun and the rest turn into planets. Give the globe a spin by rotating it with your mouse, plus you will see photos associated with that word flinging to the globe. I find Tag Galaxy a perfect way to associate words with pictures.


WordSift Visualize Text

You will find this service to be immensely useful mainly because of the features it offers. What WordSift does is that it helps users to visualize their text excerpts by dynamically creating a tag cloud of all the important word in your text piece. Words can be moved around and can be sorted easily. You can use WordSift service to create words association that will eventually help you in your writing assignments.

What Does that Means

English Idioms whatDoesThatMean

It’s a Q&A based website that is dedicated to help you find out the meanings of words. Confused about a word, just post your word query on WDTM and wait for an reply from the online community. Earn ‘Karma points’ on the website and you can move up the chain on it.

These websites will definitely let you improve your vocabulary and it will let you play around with them in a positive manner.