3 Amazing Online Tools for Creating Stunning Photo Collages

Creating Photo collages is always an interesting thing to do, but if you use tools like MS Paint or Adobe Photoshop then you might be low on the time factor. The whole idea behind creating photo collages is not just lining up photos, but the real fun is adding effects and giving a twist to it. So today I am lining up online tools that will help you to produce some real creative photo meshes with just few simple clicks.


Fotonea.com   Collage made simple

It is an easy-to-use web app that will help you to create stunning photo collages. You can upload a total of 6 pictures having a size of 2MB or less, after adding pictures you can also add stuff like a frame or a background. Moreover, you can also rearrange the size of added pictures or you can also change the layout of each picture. Fotonea also allows you to add things like sticky notes or text on your collages.


Shape Collage   Automatic Photo Collage Maker

ShapeCollage helps you create stunning photo meshes and collages with just few clicks and the best thing about this web app is that it is cross platform. You just have to paste the URLs of images that you want to paste-in (you can add images from Flickr-Google images and YouTube). Now once images are added, you just need to choose the shape of your collage and add some text. Clicking on Create button will create a stunning collage of your added photos.


Hockneyizer  Create a unique photo collage ala David Hockney.

Developed by Big Huge Labs, Hockneyizer is a very interesting photo collage maker. It creates a very beautiful Polaroid effect on a single image you upload. You can also get images directly from your Flickr or Facebook account. Resultantly the effects that are added give a very unique kind of twist to the images. You can also select that how many Polaroid’s should appear in your collage (1-20 can be selected). You can use Hockneyizer app by visiting their official website.

Well i hope these tools will help you to create some real cool Photo collages, Do let us know in comments that was your experience.

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