3 Alternatives to Siri for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

When Apple recently announced the iPhone 4S, most of us were disappointed, but then there came Siri, the personal assistant. This is like one of the most talked about feature of the iPhone 4S that all the other iDevice users are not going to get. Yes, it’s an iPhone 4S only feature, which makes us want it even more.

To those folks who super badly want to have an assistant like Siri, but can’t get hold of one because you can’t buy the iPhone 4S, there are other ways. Siri is not the first of it’s kind, because it was a hardware feature, it was an app that could run on iPhone 4 and even the 3GS. So, maybe there will come a time when some developer figures out a way to run it on either of the said devices. For now, let’s talk about alternatives to Siri.

There are quite a few alternatives to Siri, which brings similar functionality to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Here, I’ll be talking about three such Siri alternatives that you can try now.

Dragon Go

This is an app that is powered by Nuance’s voice recognition, which Apple bought earlier this year and it has included some of the same technology in to Siri. It works really well and is a free app for iPhone and iPod Touch, also requires an active data connection. You can ask it anything, and it’ll look it up using it’s powerful search features and provide you with matching results. It won’t talk back to you like Siri does, but that’s alright isn’t it?

Download Dragon Go


Vlingo is the only app available for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS that will get you the closest to Siri. It does almost everything that Siri does. Search the web, answer your questions, send email/messages, search for places in Maps. One thing it does that Siri doesn’t, Social Updates. Yes, you can actually connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to this app and update your status using voice recognition. Just speak and update what you’re up to on both the social networks. This is a free app too.

Download Vlingo

Google Voice Search

Last, but not the least, Google Voice Search. What’s better than asking Google, right? The Google Search app for iOS has inbuilt voice recognition that works very well, but it doesn’t work like Siri or like any of the other apps. You can just perform a search on Google and get your results, but it is fun to ask the search engine some silly questions too.

Download Google Search

That’s the best voice recognition you can get for you iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch. But, if you don’t have Siri, you don’t have Siri!

Have you used any of these apps? I bet you’ve used Google Voice Search, what about others?

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