3 Remarkable Websites to Discover & Know About Movies

Apart from other domains, digital world is speedingly becoming a hub of online movies. Just punch in online Movie sites query in Google and you will see hundreds of results corresponding to that. You will find varying nature of online movie sites and covering each one of them is not at all possible. That’s why today I will be reviewing 3 amazing free movie websites that will fill you movies appetite for good:


Your Social TV Guide   Matcha


Though there are loads of movie recommendation platforms you are gonna find on the internet like Jinni, but my first pick is Matcha. The web-based service is in its beta phase and right now you can only sign-up with an invite-only. The service is designed to pull your video subscriptions from online movies and videos places like YouTube and Netflix. It automatically gauges the users taste in movies and those that are their in social networking circle, based on it Matcha tells you about the links from where you can download these movies for free.

Fast Rewind

The 80s Movies Rewind    Home of  80s Retro Movies


Want to relive some of your movies memories from the wonder years, then visit Fast Rewind to view popular flicks from the 80s and 70s. The website is all about transforming retro and houses an archive of almost 578 movies from that period. Fast Rewind also offers stuff like bloopers and movie trivia’s.

Imp Awards

IMP Awards   All the Latest Movie Posters


This website is a bit off the hook as compared to the other two I have mentioned above, Imp Awards offer movie lovers a collection of movie posters that you wont find on the other websites. Impawards.com houses a large collection of posters that you can transform into DVD covers for your collection. You can search posters either by design artists, actors, alphatic names or year.

If you are a movie lover in-and-out then do visit these websites, though you can always watch movies in a theatre or on your TV, but these websites will give you something more than just watching a movie.

Samsung Announces Galaxy XCover: Durable and Reliable

So, we have another Galaxy in line. Samsung has announced a new mobile phone which will be called Samsung Galaxy XCover. Unlike other Samsung smartphones, Galaxy XCover is one phone which is very durable and reliable. It is designed especially for people who hardly care about their phone and accidentally drop their phone on land, water and in dust consistently. The team will be very proud after creating such a phone which so many people needed. Samsung will make difference with this phone and I totally believe it.

The phone does not only survive everyday falls, can stay underwater(up to 30 minutes) and is totally resistant to dust. Don’t think that this phone everything on the outside and nothing from the inside. Before you think so, lemme tell you the specs.

  • The phone comes with a capacitive 3.65 inches touch screen.
  • Internal memory of 150 MB will be given and it can be expanded up to 32 GB with microSD card. Plus, you will get 2 GB free in the box.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB v2.0 are available in the connectivity section.
  • It comes with a 3.2 megapixels camera with geo-tagging and LED flash. Video recording is also available but details aren’t out yet.
  • Galaxy XCover would run on Android 2.3(Gingerbread) and no details about upgrading limits.
  • It weighs 135 grams.
  • It will be powered by a 800 Mhz processor.
  • It will come with a 1500 mAh battery but the battery backup details aren’t released yet.

This phone will be totally different than the other smartphones who are lighter, slimmer and all that. This phone focuses on extreme conditions and make sure the user becomes fear less over his/her mobile phone. The smartphone will have a tempered glass display that is up to five times stronger than normal glass.

The price isn’t announced yet but according to my guess, the price would be somewhere around Rs. 27,000. The phone will hit the stores(not in India) in most probably October 2011(not sure yet). I will definitely be waiting for this extra-ordinary phone.

Do share your views about this phone in the comments.

Find Latest Website Apps with “There’s a Web App for That” [Chrome]

Browsing a web store specifically for finding out certain apps is sometimes a sheer time waster. A lot of websites on the internet have launched their apps that further enhance your browsing experience. Keeping in view this Websites apps thing, Google has launched a dedicated app “There is a Web App for That” for its Chrome browser that will ultimately let users get to know about the websites having apps. Here is how this strangely sounding app works:

What is “There is a Web App for That”?


This App based extension lets you know whenever a website offers a web app of their own. The app gives you an instant access to the website offering available on the Chrome Web store, you can have a look at the application offered by that website and decide whether its worth downloading or not.

Using “There is a Web App for That”

First install the extension, it’s a one-click install and you can start seeing it coming into action straight-away. Now any site that will be having a web-app on Chrome Web store will have a dedicated icon on the address bar. Open Google Maps and this is what you are gonna see:


Clicking on the link will open-up a tab that will take you to the Chrome Web store that will display the site’s web application. But don’t get so excited because sometimes these links will take you directly to the website instead of app. Some might take this Chrome extension as a simple bookmark thingy, but if you love a website then a graphically nice bookmark is not a bad deal.

I like this useful Extension, it gives a new way to interact with website you visit often. Try it out and Let us know in comments that whether this plug-in is useful or not.

PrintFriendly: Create Printer Friendly Version of Any Web Page

printfriendly-1These days, websites and blogs are using so many advertisements that it becomes difficult to locate and read the content or even print it for offline reading. There are many tools available which can help you get the printer friendly image of any web page but most of them requires you install third party software or pay to use the service.

Today, we came across an excellent online tool, PrintFriendly which can help users generate a printer friendly version of a web page, without any advertisements or sponsorship links. Using the service is really simple and straightforward. All you have to do is type the link you want to convert and click on Print Preview button.


The time it takes to convert the web page depends on the length of the content and other things (e.g ads, scripts etc) that are running on the website. Once converted, it will give you option either to save it as a PDF file on your PC so that you can read it offline or print it right away. Users can even share it with other people as well via email.


If you want, you can even reduce the font size and prevent images from loading as well so that you can read the articles without any distraction.


In conclusion, I must say that PrintFriendly is a must try if you want to read online content without any ads or distractions.

Visit PrintFriendly

Google plus app for iPhone Updated for iPad: Not really

Google plus which created lots of buzz in last couple of months and so far people are loving it. With the evolution of Smartphone’s, no social networking website can ignore the need of a dedicated app for different OS. As it is, Google+ app on Android and iPhone is awesome and yesterday Google updated the plus app to make it compatible with iPad. Though no doubt this iPad compatible app sucks to the core.

So far I have used Google+ app on my iPhone and I’ loved it. Specially huddle feature is awesome. Though when I installed Google+ app on my iPad yesterday I was shocked to see it’s not truly compatible with iPad. Probably Google never thought of targeting all iOS device. More over when I compare Facebook app for iPad with Google+ for iPad, Google+ stands no where. Facebook app for iPad is probably my first choice of place to use Facebook. Though it has not been launched officially but here is how you can get Facebook on your iPad. More over, by launching an iPad compatible version, I believe Google+ have done more damage than good.

Here are couple of screenshots of Google+ for iPad and I suggest you to better not install Google+ app on your iPad until Google releases a fully compatible iPad version of Google+.



You can download Google+ for iPad here. If you already using Google+ app on iPhone, I suggest you to update to latest version as new updated version is more faster and come with settings for Huddle. Do let us know your feedback and review of Google+ for iPad.

QuickShift For Google Chrome Makes Browsing Easier & Faster

Most of us love Google Chrome mainly because of its speed and its simple interface, I personally love the way the tabs and extensions are organized on Chrome. We have been reviewing numerous useful apps and extensions for Google Chrome in the past and keeping the momentum today I will be reviewing a very useful extension that will further enhance the browsing experience on Chrome.

QuickShift for Chrome



Apart from other numerous accessibility options, you will find scores of keyboard shortcuts in Chrome browser that will help you perform basic tasks like closing and opening tabs and accessing stuff like history, options or download page. But there is a shortcoming for these keyboard shortcuts, they are only limited to the screen that you are working on. Means you can’t employ these shortcuts to other opened Chrome windows.

So this is where QuickShift addon comes in, it is basically an extension for Google Chrome that further enhances the keyboard-based navigation capability of the browser. With this extension you can do stuff like move tabs across different windows, merge tabs from multiple windows into a single one or even move an active tab from one location to another by just punching-in the shortcut.

How to Customize Shortcuts on QuickShift?



So to customize or view the shortcuts you need to head over directly to the option’s menu of Quickshift and edit the options as per your desire. Shortcuts that you don’t want can be deactivated, just uncheck the box adjacent to it. Here are some of the useful shortcuts that this extension offers:

  • To move a current tab to a new Window: Ctrl+Alt+Left Arrow Key
  • Merge all the tabs in a single window : Ctrl+Alt+M
  • Move Tab to a next Window : Ctrl+A

These shortcuts are not fixed, you can edit them too. Just click on a shortcut and check the box adjacent to it and enter the shortcut of your choice. You can install QuickShift for Google Chrome from the extension page of Google for free.

3 Action-Heavy Shooting Games For Your PC

First-person shooting games are very much loved by a lot of gamers and these games have been around for quite sometime now. Although many genres of gaming have evolved in the past few years but trigger prone shooting games have always been dominating the shelves in gaming stores. But there is a problem, to fulfill your shooting games appetite you have to dig into your wallet, so keeping in view this thing today I will be recommending you 3 free of cost awesome First Person and Third Person shooting games that you will definitely love.

Full Spectrum Warrior

Full Spectrum Warrior


First up is the Full Spectrum Warrior(FSW), it was initially released a full-fledge game but now the developers have also released it as a free download and play. Interestingly the game was initially developed with the collaboration of U.S Army to employ software as the training method. Once you start playing the game you will notice that it’s a kind of a shooting game where you don’t shoot yourself, rather you command two squads namely Alpha & Bravo through various war zones and missions. Even then this game is worth checking out mainly because of its tactical nature and challenging tasks.

Alliance of Valiant Arms

ijji   Where Gamers Unite


Next up is Alliance of Valiant Arms, a Korean First Person Shooting game having tons of features like numerous games modes and a provision for details character customization. With loads of maps and 8 challenging game modes AVA is surely a full-fledge deal. Those who love level games will also find AVA a complete package because you can excel from a trainee to a level 5 Colonel expertise. The game doesn’t offer you anything new but it surely worth a try when you don’t have to pay anything.

All Points Bulletin: Reloaded

All Points Bulletin Reloaded

Designed as a Third person perspective, All Points Bulletin allows you to play your part as an enforcer and a bad guy in a city San Paro. APB: Reloaded offers loads of options and features to users, players can customize their vehicles, clothes and their appearance. Definitely worth playing and an action pack thriller game ideal for those who are craving for some hardcore shooting games.

Try out these games on your Windows PCs and do let us know that how was the experience.

Google Image Chart Creator: Create and Embed a Variety of Graphs and Charts

Google-Image-Chart-Editor-1Charts and graphs allow us to conveniently represent data in a manner that effectively communicates its meaning. Microsoft Excel is widely used to create such graphs. But when you need an embeddable chart, you need to turn to online applications that let you create your desired graph and then generate its embeddable code.

Such online apps normally offer only a single type of chart. For instance there might be a site dedicated to creating pie charts and another dedicated to create line plots. But bookmarking all these sites is obviously inconvenient. What you need is a site that lets you create all sorts of embeddable graphs and charts. What you need is “Google Image Chart Creator.”

Google Image Chart Creator is a free web tool provided to you by Google. It lets you create a variety of graphs by entering data points. In addition to plotting the data, it lets you customize various aspects of the graphs such as colors and margins. When you first visit the site you view thumbnails of different types of graphs that you can select from.


Simply click on a thumbnail to start editing that graph type. You can also choose to view all the graph types and select your desired chart from that list.


With your chart selected, you can enter details for it. These details include data points, graph size, title, style of data, margins, and colors. These options also vary from one graph type to another.


As you select your settings, a preview of the graph on the right pane is update along with a direct URL for it in red.


The same right pane provides you with the direct URL of the graph and embeddable code of the graph. In case you want to embed with the Visualization API, the button at the bottom should be clicked; this opens up the embeddable code in a new window.


In conclusion, Google Image Chart Creator is a must-bookmark tool for everybody who deals with online charts and graphs. But offering such an extensive choice of graphs and customization options, the site has made itself quite a valuable tool.

Visit Google Image Chart Creator @ http://imagecharteditor.appspot.com/

How To Share Files & Folders Instantly on Facebook

Sharing files on the internet is no more a big deal these days mainly because you will find multitude of methods that will help you to do the job easily. If you tend to share a simple document type of a file then you can use email to do this or you can also instant message it to your friends. But the problem comes when you want to share a file of considerably larger size with multiple friends who are not at all tech savvy to use cloud storage services like Dropbox. So in a case like this we normally have to resort to a universal platform that is easily understandable by all and for this purpose I have chosen Facebook.

Filefly Application

filefly on Facebook


The application I have chosen for sharing files is Filefly, it is a very easy and convenient way to share any kind of files with your friends on Facebook platform. The application enables you to create sharable folders of files with just few clicks and you can upload or download anything upto 2GBs.

How to Use Filefly?

To start sharing files with your friends using the app, go directly to the homepage of Filefly Facebook’s app. Now click on Use Filefly button and you will be prompted to give app permission to continue. Don’t be worry because it wont asks much from you as compared to other Facebook app’s available.

filefly on Facebook  1

On the main-screen directions will be given telling you that first create a New Folder, add files to it and then share the folder with your friends by inviting them. You can name the folder as per your choice and clicking on Add Files button will generate a window prompting you to select Files from your computer.

filefly on Facebook  files add

After selecting files from your computer just click on Invite Friends button and select the friends with whom you want to share the files. This sharing fact can also be published on your wall but this feature can be disabled. Your friends will automatically receive a notification on their Facebook page that a file has been shared with them on Filefly. Clicking on the notification will take your friends to the homepage of Filefly app and they can view the folder/files that have been shared with a single click.

I find this application quite useful, try it out and Do Let us know in comments that whether it was useful or not.

MyPad: A Perfect Alternate Facebook App for iPad [Review]

Facebook has no doubt turned out be an essential part of our online activities, no matter how hard you try but getting away from Facebook craze is a bit difficult these days. You pick up any portable device or a smartphone and you will find a Facebook app designed specifically for it. But there is an exception for the Apple’s highly popular tablet device iPad, till now there is no official Facebook app for iPad, unless you try this little trick.

So if you are searching for an app that will provide you with the perfect Facebook experience on your tablet device then I have lined-up a perfect application for you. Here is a brief look at it:

MyPad App Features

MyPad app

MyPad is a graphically rich and a slick Facebook app designed for iPad that not only allow users to use Facebook seamlessly rather it also helps them to connect directly to micro-blogging platform Twitter. If you are an avid user of both Twitter and Facebook then you will find this app perfect recipe for your appetite. Amazingly the app’s interface have no resemblance to Facebook’s original interface, meaning that if you are tired of Facebook’s original interface then this app will be a welcoming change for you.

Load the app and you will notice a nice little sidebar housing all the categories from Facebook. All the contents for a any icon are displayed on the screen’s right side, the interface is dynamic and shifts and adjusts itself according to the user interaction.

Using MyPad App

mypad interface

Attaching a link or a photo, writing a status update on MyPad is pretty simple and easy. You can also configure MyPad to publish contents to your Twitter account automatically. App’s photo viewer is also pretty cool, you can view photo albums in a slide show and also download these photos in a flash. Though there is no option of tagging the photos but even then you can play around with your photos. Event is the other useful feature of the app that I liked, just click on a date and the event for the whole week will pop-up automatically.

Well I really loved this app, mainly because of its interface and fast speed. The free version of the app will be having ads, but if you prefer ad-free version then you can download it MyPad+ from App store for $0.99.