Google Maps Now Displays a Weather Layer

Weather is an important part of our day to day lives and we rely on forecast to plan our days, specially if you’re going somewhere. Of course for bloggers its not much roaming, however we do at times step out and go for a stroll if the weather is pleasant. Normally you’d have to use a different weather application and another Maps application if you want both at the same time. Well, things have changed. Google has integrated a really nice weather layer to Google Maps, which gives you forecasts of places with temperatures and conditions.

As you can see in the above screenshot, a new Weather layer has been added to Google Maps. This provides good weather information with appropriate icons for Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy etc and also shows cloud cover, which is quite cool. Cloud cover is only visible if you zoom, if it’s zoomed in, you can only get reports on current weather conditions. If you click on a weather icon of a certain place, you’ll be presented with the forecast for the next four days with temperature, humidity and wind conditions.

To change the units of the readings, you can use the Left side panel. It has options to change the speed unit, temperature units and also the option to enable or disable clouds. All this will come in really handy if you’re planning a road trip to your hometown or some place that you want to visit. It’s always advisable to keep an eye out for the weather, which now has become easier thanks to Google Maps. To learn more on this new feature, you can watch the video after the break.

Got everything you need? To enjoy the new weather layer on Google Maps go here.

What do you think about this new feature? Do you think you’ll be using the weather layer when making holiday plans? 

iPod Memos Plays Voice Memos in iPod Player

If you like to use your iPod or iPhone to record voice memos, lectures, bathroom songs or any other kind of audio, then this is a really useful jailbreak tweak for you. Normally the recorded audio gets saved in the Voice Memos and can’t be listened to on the iPod player. This tweak right here will add the missing link so that you can save your recorded audio to iPod and listen to it whenever and however you want.

I sometimes record music and wish to play it on loop, but end up with no way to do it through the iPhone. iPod Memos gives Voice Memos a nice new option, ‘Add to iPod’, which then transfers the recording to iPod under a new album known as Voice Memos. The tweak is available in Cydia for free and of course you’ll need a jailbroken iOS device.

Once the tweak is installed, go to Voice Memos and when you select a recording, you should see a new option. When you select Add to iPod, you’ll be presented with another page and asked to fill in some details for the recording. Click on Done and the song will then be sent to your iPod playlist. Don’t panic if you don’t see it right away, as it may take a while.

Also, I have experienced some crashes too, but in the end it did work how it was supposed to. There’s nothing more to this little Cydia tweak, but it is very useful for those who use Voice Memos a lot. Do try it out and let us know what you think of it and if you found it useful.

Snaplr: Capture and Edit Screenshots with an Ease

With the rise in blogging platforms the need of screenshot taking applications is also increasing, if you writing a blog about how to configure Windows 7 display and you haven’t included the screenshots for each step then that blog is of no use. So I will be reviewing a very useful miniscule application that is solely designed for taking screenshots.

What is Snaplr?


Basically it is a miniscule application that allows users to quickly capture a selected area on their computer screens. Snaplr is developed on Adobe Air and unlike the other screenshot capturing tools available that offer a very complex setting up procedure, Snaplr provide a simple yet useful options set.

The application has a single mode that enables users to instantly select the screen area they want to capture. Though post-screenshot features like editing and customizing are a bit limited on Snaplr but as far as taking screenshots is considered this tool is a gem. It also provide options to draw rectangle and circles of defined color over any image to point out a certain area. You can also annotate certain parts of a screenshot with arrow, text and pencil tool.

How to Use it?

snaplr screenshot

To start off, hit the Take Screenshot button and select the area you want to capture. The moment you leave the mouse button the area will be captured and will be send for editing. Applications Editing tool will enable you to add shapes and texts on a screenshot. Just besides the Take Screenshot button there is a color picker that will help you to mark any defined area with a color of your choice.

Snaplr supports PNG Format and till now the developers has only released the Windows version but Linux and Mac versions will be available soon.

Translator to English does translations with a Right Click[Firefox]

Many a times we come across news posts and other articles that are written in some other language but English. Times like this, we normally use Google Translation to get the article translated to English, which to be honest, takes some time. What if you could do it say 3 seconds and no heading over to Google Translate and stuff.

If you’re on Google Chrome, the browser will automatically detect the language and ask whether you’d want to translate it. That’s not the case with Mozilla Firefox. Here’s a useful addon for Firefox that lets you translate any page to English with only a Right Click. It’s called Translator to English. The addon works like a charm and can translate almost any given language to English and it’s super simple to use this addon.

After downloading and installing Translator to English, head over to any page that is not in your native language. Now select the text that you want to translate to English and Right Click to open the context menu. Click on the option Translate Selection to see the magic happen. Sometimes, if you select a huge paragraph the text may not be translated, so it’s preferable to select 2-3 lines for translation. You can see in the screenshots below how accurate the translation is;

The text that you select gets translated on the same page, no refreshes or anything of that sort required. It’s fast, simple and fairly accurate. When I say accurate, I mean you’ll easily understand what the Chinese or German text you wanted to translate means in English. The sentences and grammar will obviously be messed up, so it’s your job to make it clear and understandable.

You can download the Translate to English Firefox addon from over here.

Tell us if you found this add-on useful. What other translator addons you use on your Firefox browser. Have you downloaded Firefox 6 yet?

Recognize Fonts on Web Pages with Fount

Many times we come across fonts on different websites which we don’t know about but do want to use them on our site or design. To help you recognize fonts used on different web pages, we came across a useful online utility, Fount.


Fount is an excellent online tool which helps users recognize fonts used on different websites. Normally, you may find different software for your operating system which can help you recognize fonts, but these days, many people prefer to use online tools rather than installing third party applications on their computers.

Using the service is really easy and straight forward. All you have to do is drag Fount bookmarklet in your browser, go to any web page and click on the Fount bookmarklet. After that, click on the text anywhere on the web page and it will display which font is used along with the font size and weight as show in the screenshot below. After identifying, if you want to disable Fount, click on the bookmarklet again and it will disable Fount.


Fount is a user friendly tool which comes in form of a bookmarklet and is compatible with all the browsers. The best thing about Fount is that you don’t have to install any software or go through long registration forms to use the service.

Check out Fount

Skype WiFi Now Available for iOS devices

Skype just announced that they’ve launched a new iOS app that will provide access to WiFi at over 1 million access points around the world. That’s really wonderful as now you can use this free iOS app to gain access to a WiFi nearby you, for example at a coffee shop, Food court, Malls, Airports, Hotels etc.

Skype Wi-Fi, as it’s called, lets you use Wi-Fi from a hotspot by signing in to this app with your Skype ID and some Skype credits. However, the service is cheap as hell, starting at only $0.06 per minute and no download/upload limit whatsoever. And the best part, you get charged only for the minutes you use. And since there are 1 million hotspots around, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate a Skype one. So, I guess this is a good enough reason to put some credit in to your Skype account.

Skype WiFi is great for travellers all over the world: It’s a must-have app, for your iPhone or iPad whether you’re on a business trip or enjoying holidays abroad. Skype WiFi offers you a cost-effective and easy way to get online with an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. Paying on a per-minute basis for WiFi Internet access is great when you’re abroad as you can avoid data roaming charges when you update Facebook, send a tweet, make a Skype call or upload photos.

A really useful thing that Skype has done, don’t you think? The app is pretty simple to use too, as all you have to do is Sign in and the click on Go Online. You’ll instantly get access to the Wi-Fi hotspot and you can make that Skype Video call that you were craving for all day long. Very good for travellers and bloggers alike.

Skype’s so happy about this app, that they’re giving free access to 60 minutes of WiFi to anyone using the app between Saturday 20th August 00:00 to Sunday 21st August 23:59 BST. Download the app right away and make use of this offer.

You can download Skype WiFi for free from the App Store now.

[ Source: Skype Blog ]

FlashCam Adds Flash and Camera Shortcuts to iPhone Lockscreen

Having shortcuts on your lockscreen can be very helpful for easy launching of apps and getting things done quickly. Two of the most important shortcuts that most users would want are Flashlight and Camera, well most of them. I’d definitely find it very helpful if I had the shortcuts right on my lockscreen so I wouldn’t have to unlock then start the app. There are many other jailbreak apps out there that add similar functionality, but most of them add a single icon next to the slide to unlock bar.

FlashCam is a free Cydia application for jailbroken iPhones that adds both Flashlight and Camera shortcuts on the lockscreen. The main difference between this app and other flash and camera tweaks is that this brings both of them together. Remember the Camera shortcut on the slider in iOS 5, well this is even better. It has loads of options too and the buttons look classy and somehow make the lockscreen look better, according to me.

Using the given settings, you can move the buttons on top or move them to the bottom just above the slider. You can also select what program the camera button launches, which includes 3-4 popular camera apps. You can even select whether to open the camera or the video camera.  There’s also an option to lock the phone after the launch and use of the camera button. The app is very useful and the Flashlight button works like a charm. Also, there is very less chance of clicking on any of the two buttons by accident, even though they’re wide.

FlashCam is available in Cydia, all you have to do is search for it. It’s quite small and requires a quick respring, that’s it. Best suitable for iPhone 4, since both the buttons will work great.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

Markets are evolving in a shorter span. Users want everything to be purchased in ease or in any simpler formats. They think why purchase books when they can get it in free through the networking sites. And visualizing the growth of the world of our nation; each wants a decent and adaptability in whatever they will to do. People need life to be made easier and there work to be completed within a short span of time. To grasp many learning, PDF are accounting to the best way of helps. Might be the students or the officers; all need substances to be learned and imagined in a different matter.

So as to make there work lighter by not carrying heavier stuffs, PDF’s are lighting up this huge work in ease. PDF makes user read any particulate of a substance or matter. It easier to read or understand any kind of geometrical figures presented through documents. Many books or novels aren’t been purchased and even about study books which are been read through for exams from the PDF’s. The reason is simple which is of the demand of easiness and simplicity with the use of adobe PDF uses. There are certain adobe readers given below which not only soothes the user but provides readability in its best ways. They are given as follows:

1. Cute PDF- Most Eligible Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

When I was trying to implement some of the books downloaded from either links and tried to read through cute PDF; it looked like a pie for users to be read. It even provided me with a kit platform which really enabled me open many formatted or different substance which were easily open through the cute PDF. The platform initiates to write substances or texts in any format a can be easy to be rectified even if small mistakes are being done.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

For projects like bigger ones it is highly recommended for producing there content. It’s one of the free PDF readers for the users and also has certain ways within itself to have removal of advert links or links varied to different issues within the PDF file. So it makes user not to check every next paragraph to move into because of those links being absent.

Download CutePDF.

2. Foxit Reader – Best Suggestible PDF Alternative Reader

This reader is the mind blowing reader. It enhances any type of size of file of any content to be loaded within the PDF reader. It makes cool for users as for diagrammatic representation it’s easier to understand and vary accordingly with it. If the reader desires to even scroll through small locations within the diagrammatic representation, the user can look forward to it. Some of the entrance exams which have sample papers and are downloaded through PDF format don’t have sufficient locations or understanding through graphs or texts written in a haphazard manner within the curves.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

It contains lot of safety measures within itself. The reader pertains a safety with its modes of safety and making it to be in no connection where other sites or link would pertain to with it and make some viruses to encrypt with files and system. The only contained disadvantaged I found that were certain advert links do get carried within the files and on false clanks it takes to the quantities like shopping or mydeal as such.

Download Foxit Reader.

3. Drumlin Reader – The lightest Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

This is one of the lightest PDF’s highly recommended among the other pdf’s. The PDF assures you about traveling ease learning. Now people think what’s traveling ease learning. That is learning or reading any type of file during travel. This makes the user easy to even complete its work in the PDF which he might have hoped or tried to do. So best way in an easiest life to have readings easily is the drumlin reader.

3 Free Adobe PDF Alternative Reader

Drumlin reader makes things look easier and compatible. Even the sources and contents can be represented in a desired or perfect manner. The reading or learning of theories during travel can be done via this reader.

Download Drumlin Reader.

Yahoo’s MoviePlex Intends to Challenge YouTube Box-Office

YouTube introduced the Box Office some time back, which lets you stream free Bollywood movies. Although there aren’t many new ones that you can stream, but at least there are some. The service attracted a huge audience from India, since it’s tough to come by free bollywood movies online. Now, Yahoo wants to get in the game and challenge YouTube with their introduction of MoviePlex.

Yahoo MoviePlex is similar to YouTube Box Office and streams free Bollywood movies in India. This is started by Yahoo India, so it’s definitely going to be bigger than YouTube, since they don’t have many licences that’ll help them stream lots of content. At the moment, there aren’t many movies uploaded that you can watch, but soon enough there will be pages of them. The idea of watching a movie by streaming is pretty awesome, since there aren’t many legit sites that do so. Specially for the people in India, this is going to be something.

There is a question however. Is a normal broadband connection adequate to stream these movies? Well, as far as the quality of the movie is concerned, I found YouTube to be better. In terms of newer titles, Yahoo emerged as a winner.YouTube, even though it has lots of titles, most of them are pretty old movies.

Only time will tell which service is going to be used more and it all depends on what movies and how many movies are added to the list. It’s not clear how Yahoo will make a profit from this, because if they don’t the service may have to be shut down. It’s certainly going to take some time, since broadband speeds in India is only catching up with the world and a huge part of the population still hasn’t got broadband.

You can visit Yahoo MoviePlex and start watching some movies right away.

What do you think of this new service? Do you like to stream and watch movies online?