Micromax X40 Projector Phone Launched: Specs and Features

Another projector phone has hit India. Technology is undoubtedly progressing here in India. Sometime in March, Spice Popkorn was launched which turned out to be the first projector phone in India but it was priced at Rs. 6,700 so when compared, Micromax X40, would turn out to be a better pick because it has some awesome features and it is the cheapest phone with a projector. Another great thing is that the projector lens is adjustable which helps you to change projection sizes on the viewing screen. This phone is definitely going to be a hit. Want to know more about it? Keep reading.

micromax x40

  • Micromax X40 supports dual-sim feature.
  • Multiple-format document reader that opens up Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint files for you.
  • It has a TFT display screen.
  • The size of the display screen is 2.4 inches with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.
  • Internal memory is 80 MB which can be expanded up to 4 GB using a microSD card.
  • It will have a 2 megapixels rear camera with not much special features. No secondary camera, of course.
  • It will just be another light weight phone with a weight of 148 grams.
  • Bluetooth, WAP and USB data would be available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • Micromax X40 is powered by a standard battery for up to 2.5 hours of battery life.
  • Social networking applications would be available in the phone.

Hmm… so this phone is great when its specifications and price is compared. It has totally outdone its only competitor Spice Popkorn just by making sure that people can afford it easily. The adjustable projector sounds good and would definitely feel good.

The price of Micromax X40 is around Rs. 5,000.

If you are looking for a projector phone and are stuck between Spice Popkorn and Micromax X40, go for X40 without any other thoughts. It’s much affordable than Popkorn and the features are great as well. The looks might not be much attractive, but this is a phone which is high-at-features and low-at-cost.

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Tired of Angry Birds? Try Angry Anna with Anna Hazare

Angry Birds stormed the internet, mobile devices, laptops and everywhere possible. It’s download numbers have gone well above the sky and are still climbing as it’s one of the most fun games available for a mobile device. Let’s move away from the ever treacherous angry birds and those pigs for a while and talk about what’s happening over here in India.

The anti-corruption movement is what’s happening over here, lead by Mr. Anna Hazare and his millions of followers. Now if you’re not so active and want to support him by having a go at the corrupt politicians, then here’s what you should do. If you love swinging angry birds at pigs, monkeys and other big birds, then it’s pretty obvious you love flinging things at things.

Some crazy yet awesome developer(s) called Geekmentor decided to add some fun to this whole Anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare and the Indians. The idea is to throw Mr.Anna and some followers at certain corrupt politicians that very closely resemble Manmohan Singh and P.Chidambaram, yes exactly like Angry Birds.

It’s quite fun and funny, but then it’s not as good as Angry Birds. You should only play this if you really have nothing to do and are really lazy to go out and support Anna. There aren’t many levels either, just 5 of them and it’s no app, it’s a web app, flash probably.

The game is accurately named as Angry Anna and has funny noises and things that’ll make you complete those 5 small levels. Not much work has been put in to the making of this, but whatever, it’s worth 10 minutes of your time.

Go play Angry Anna right away at angryanna.com.

LaunchItNow: Create Attractive Launch Page for Your Website

launchitnow-1Creating an attractive launch page can drive many regular readers for any website. The reason behind that is if you are working on a new project and you have an attractive launch page, it will make the visitors check out how the site or blog will be and will definitely wait for the official launch. But many people fail to create attractive launch pages either because they don’t have advance coding knowledge or do not pay that much attention to the importance of launch pages. To solve this problem, you should check out a web application named Launch It Now.

Launch It Now is a useful website which helps users create launch pages for different websites without advanced coding knowledge. To get start, go to LaunchItNow website and click on “Create Your Launch Page” button.


In order to use the service, you must sign up for a free account. It will ask you to select your username, password and email address. After filling out all the required details, click on Submit button and you are good to go. It will redirect you to the dashboard of LaunchItNow.


Now, select create your page and it will take you to modify the settings of your launch page. Fill in the site navigation details, setup front page, add social media icons, email notifications to tell readers about the launch date and much more. You can even track the number of people who visited your launch page by inserting Google Analytics code in it, just like any other website you track. Once you are satisfied with all the details, click on “Save and Publish” button. If you want to check out how the page looks, you can preview it as well before adding the code to your website’s template.


Now, it will ask you to follow some simple steps, download the index file, grab the code and paste it in the index file. Follow 3 simples steps mentioned on Launch It Now to setup your launch page.


LaunchItNow is a useful website if you are looking for a simple and easy way to create launch page for your upcoming project.

Note: Keep this thing in mind that the website is still in Beta stage and free for time being. It might contains errors and bugs which you can report to the support of Launch It Now

Check out Launch It Now

2 Amazing Tablet Devices Other than iPad that are Worth Buying

Talking about a tablet device, first thing that pop-ups in our mind is Apple’s highly popular and fastest selling iPad. But since iPads release, a tablet race has triggered, with manufacturers scrambling to get hold of a larger share in the market. A lot of Android powered tablets have also flooded the market and with their large option base they are not at all a bad deal if you are looking to buy a tablet device. Keeping in view this, I am reviewing 2 feature-rich Android tablet devices that a potential buyer should definitely check out before making any decision.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1

Lenovo Tablet

Released in July, this is the first consumer Android powered tablet released by Lenovo. The device’s eye catching look is its greatest power, you can choose a custom color for the device’s back panel. The other impressive thing in IdeaPad is its user interface, though you will find Honeycomb on lot of other tablet devices but for K1 the developers have added a Launcher Widget right in the middle of the homescreen. There is an app wheel as well that can be employed for launching apps you like the most quickly.

It has a Tegra 2 processor under the hood and boasts a battery life of almost 8 hours which is quite good. K1 weighs about 1.6 pounds which makes it a bit heavy as compared to other tablets and especially iPad. Still I think for $499 it is a fair deal. You can get more information about IdeaPad K1 from lenovo’s shop page.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

ASUS Eee Pad

When ASUS launched Eee Pad it was all over on the blogosphere and made quite a huge splash. According to some surveys and reports this particular ASUS Tablet device is tailing iPad2 in terms of sales and popularity. Though surprisingly ASUS didn’t make any substantial marketing effort even then E-Pad Transformer has made quite a mark.

It gained popularity partly due to the availability of a keyboard dock, lot of tablet devices are designed to work with docks but Eee Pad TF101 is especially designed to work with one automatically. Once you insert it in a keyboard dock, TF101 behaves like a Netbook and apart from this there is a battery hidden in the dock aswell that extends the battery life to almost 16 hours. Powered with the same Tegra 2 Chip as Lenovo IdeaPad, ASUS TF101 is priced at $399 with $150 additional if you choose to buy a dock too. For detail specs you can visit ASUS webpage.

Tablet market is transforming rapidly so before buying something doing a market survey is quite good. I think these two Android tablets are a complete package and one should consider them too in their survey list.

Top 3 Mobile HTML5-based Games For Your Smartphone

HTML5 has indeed made quite a mark on the mobile world, developers are increasingly using this platform to create and develop some real mind blowing games and applications for smartphones and tablet devices. I will review 3 amazing HTML5 games that are very much compatible with an iPhone or anyother smartphone having an HTML5 compatible browser.

A tip for iPhone users, if you want to play these HTML5 games on full screen then all you have to do is hit Safari browser middle button and choose the option Add to Homescreen and you will see the entire game on a full-screen mode. Have a brief look on these games after a break!

Nano Tanks

nano tanks

Ever played or heard about Pocket tanks, if yes then Nano Tank is another gaming gem that you will adore. Basically it’s a 2D shooting game in which you take out your enemies while avoiding incoming fire and obstacles. You will find it a bit difficult to play in iPhone’s Safari environment, so I will suggest you to convert to full screen mode. Nano Tanks employs real-time combat skills with highly responsive controls, you have to set your angle to take a perfect shot but you can maneuver you tank as well.




Simple yet interesting, I found Lazors to be a very interesting game with some really challenging levels. There are a total of 30 levels and in each level you will find tangled lasers that are shown in red and Orange color. All you have to do is untangled the laser and once you are done the laser will change its color to green. Once you untangle all the lasers the level will be complete and you can proceed to next level having a higher difficulty level. You will require skills to complete higher levels in Lazors because gameplay will start getting difficult.

Spy Chase

spy chase

Lastly I am including Spy Chase which is basically a racing game with a touch of the past. You have to avoid cars, collect power increasing goodies and avoid obstacles while racing with your targets. You will go faster if you will collect more power-ups and eventually you can catch your rivals quickly. Shooting is by default so all you need to worry about is dashing your car around the track and reach finish line. Spy Chase can be downloaded from developer’s official website.

I tried out all of these games and simply loved them, I recommend that you should definitely give a try to these games and I can bet you will love the gameplay.

ResizeImage: Resize and Crop Images Online in Few Simple Clicks

As a blogger, you should know how important it is for a website or blog to load as quickly as possible. One reason many people don’t notice is that while posting, we should make sure that the images we post are properly optimized and should be large in size otherwise, it will affect the loading time of the website. There are many tools available which can help users reduce image size but that may have a negative effect on the quality of the picture. To solve this issue, we came across an excellent utility, ResizeImage.


ResizeImage is a useful online utility which helps users reduce images size and edit them online. To get started, simply browse the picture you want to resize and click on Upload Image button.


Once the image is uploaded, it will present you with a number of editing options. If you are using Basic Resize option, you have 3 size options: Small, Medium and Large. Select any option you want and click on Save Changes button.


You can manually resize the image as well by going to Advanced resize option in the left sidebar. There you can make sure that the height and width are proportional and just use your mouse to resize the image.


If you just want to extract some portion of the image, you can do that by going to the crop option and select the area which you want to save.


Once you are done with the changes, you can save and download the image to you computer or share it on different social networking websites including Twitter and Facebook.


ResizeImage is an easy to use online tool to resize images without installing any third party software.

Checkout ResizeImage

Sony Ericsson Announces Xperia Neo V: Specs and Features

Sony Ericsson has announced a new phone which would be known as Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V. Sony Ericsson, yesterday, announced this phone and also announced that it has rolled out Android updates for the 2011 Xperia lineup. Now all the 2011 Xperia phones will have the opportunity of updating their Android operating system to version 2.3.4(Gingerbread).

This has made the Xperia users very happy who were waiting for the update announcement from quite a while. The announcement of a phone would just increase the excitement and take it to a better height. Sony Xperia neo V has many similar specs and features to its predecessor Xperia neo but definitely some improved and added features make this one better. Read on for the specs.

  • It comes with a LCD capacitive touch screen.
  • The size of the display screen is 3.7 inches with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 and USB v2.0 are available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • It comes with a 5 megapixels rear camera with touch focus, geo-tagging, face and smile detection, 3D sweep panorama, autofocus and LED flash. Video recording is available in [email protected] frames per second. Secondary VGA camera is available as well.
  • It would have 320 MB internal memory which could be expanded to 32 GB using a microSD card. Plus, you would get 2 GB card free.
  • It runs on Android 2.3.4(Gingerbread).
  • It has a 1GHz Scorpion processor, Adreno 205 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon.
  • It has a 1500 mAh standard battery.
    Standby – Up to 430 hours (2G) / Up to 400 hours (3G)
    Talk time – Up to 6 hours 55 min (2G) / Up to 7 hours (3G)
    Music play – Up to 31 hours
  • It has a scratch-resistant surface which leads to more awesomeness.
  • This phone is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2011.
  • The price hasn’t been revealed yet but would be revealed by the end of September.

So, this phone looks quite promising and I am looking forward to its release. The list of countries where this phone would be released in the beginning times of its launch aren’t revealed right now but soon, all will be revealed and answered.

Share your views and opinions in the comments.

Android VS iOS-Pros and Cons

The Smartphone OS scene is seeing a real slugfest at the moment with each OS trying to go one up on the other. With Symbian dying a slow death and WP7 still a relatively new entrant, the battle is clearly between Android from Google and the iOS from Apple. Both platforms have generated their maker’s impressive profits and market share. Here we look at the pros and cons of both ecosystems.



Pros: Android is miles ahead of other OSes when it comes to multitasking ability. It’s a true blue multitasker’s delight. The notification system on Android is also the best of the lot. This comprises emails, updates from social networking sites and even various widgets. Applications or Apps, as they are better known, are vital to the success of an OS. The Android market for Apps is growing at a faster rate than even Apple’s, which has been the king so far in Apps section. Also no other OS has better social networking integration than Android, not to mention the freedom it gives the user in choosing suitable hardware.

Cons: The OS certainly isn’t the best optimized one around and it shows in the poor battery performance. So even though the batteries are getting larger, running time is not. Not everybody is comfortable with being asked to stick to Google when using their phone which is exactly what Android does. A user needs a Google account to use. Android is not even a decade old and we already have close to half a dozen versions of it, too much fragmentation one has to say. Desktop syncing is virtually absent here and the less said about carrier skins, the better.


Pros: iOS is hard to beat when it comes to media playing abilities, it is certainly better than Android. Although Android Apps are catching up at a faster rate, Apple Apps are still way ahead in terms of quality and quantity; at last count iOS users had a choice of more than 200,000 Apps. iOS has one of the best UIs around and it gets updates way faster than other platforms. Gap between development and release is minimal. Apple has incorporated desktop syncing in iOS and this is a big plus over Android.

Cons: The Apps store has been a success for Apple, no doubt. But it seems it will generate the developer’s ire sooner than later with its penchant for rejecting new Apps without giving any valid reasons. Android soundly beats iOS when it comes to the notification system; in fact no other OS can hold a candle to Android in that department at the moment. Another con has to be compulsion of using iTunes to sync any files to the phone. Apple had publicly rebuffed Adobe’s Flash support for iOS and general consensus is that it was not the best idea.

So, there you have it, a broad look at the pros and cons of both Android and iOS. There might be many agreements and disagreements but for someone who is confused between the two, the above might help make a clear decision.

This is a guest post by Dave who works for Invesp. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, Check our guest posting guidelines.

Nokia 700, 701 and 600 Announced, coming with Symbian Belle

Nokia had put up a teaser on their Facebook fan page that mentioned about trying something new. A banner was put up with the words “It’s time to try something new” etched across. And we almost already knew that the new Symbian Belle will be the something new that we should all be trying. Turns out, we were absolutely right.

Symbian Belle, the successor to Anna, was announced by Nokia few hours ago along with three spanking new 1GHz touchscreen phones to give us more new things to try out. The new Belle OS will be bundled with these phones only at the moment and they’ll be available by this year end. New announced phones include the Nokia 700, Nokia 701 and Nokia 600, all of whom have a 1GHz processor and NFC chips pushed deep in to their core.

Symbian Belle Phones

All the new phones have got cute names too, and are called Zeta(700), Helen(701) and Cindy(600). Symbian Belle brings three more customizable home screens, new live widgets, the Android like Notification tray and of course NFC Sharing and pairing, which I believe is something really cool. You can connect to certain Nokia accessories such as headsets via this NFC feature with just a tap. Anyways let’s talk about the phones now, and start with Nokia Zeta(700), but before that, watch Symbian Belle in action right after the break.

Nokia Zeta 700

Nokia 700

The Zeta has been called the world’s smallest touchscreen phone, weighing only 96grams with 9.7mm at it’s thickest. That is quite thin and small. Well, being the smallest doesn’t make it any less powerful than any present smartphone. It has a 1GHz powerhouse, 512mb of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, a 3.2 AMOLED ClearBlack display and NFC. That makes it quite a good phone with good features and awesome portability.

Nokia Helen 701

Nokia 701

This phone’s known as the world’s brightest phone, because of it’s display, which is 3.5 inches of IPS display with ClearBlack AMOLED tech. I have no idea why that makes it the world’s brightest phone, but since Nokia says so, let’s go along with that for now. Helen has the same 1GHz processor as all the other models, but also packs a better 8 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 8GB of internal storage.

Nokia Cindy 600

Nokia 600

This is the cheapest of the trio and Nokia’s loudest device ever at 106 phons. Yup, so this one’s like those music phones from Nokia, which you can use to listen to music all day long(say about 12-15 hours). Cindy also comes with a 1GHz processor, 2GB of internal storage, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and NFC support. It also has an in-built FM antenna, so the connecting of headphones to listen to the Radio is eliminated.

Overall, all the three phones look good and perform as well. The Nokia Zeta 700 is expected to be priced around $400, the Nokia Helen 701 at around $ 420 and the cheap yet powerful Nokia Cindy 600 at $ 260 when they’ll be released later this year.

You can learn more about Symbian Belle, watch some more demos and also learn about the phones in detail at Nokia.

Nokia Released C3-01 Gold Edition [Specs and Features]

Another gold-plated phone from Nokia. The first one was Nokia Oro, which was announced in May and will release in September. Nokia C3-01 Gold Edition was announced earlier in August and has been launched yesterday. This is a Gold Edition of the much successful Nokia C3-01 touch and type so it will definitely have a lot of similarity in specifications with the original C3-01 but the gold-plated body makes it a lot more better than the latter.

Also, many features have been improved and some new features have been added with this release. The specifications are nice so the phone won’t give you the feeling that it is only good because of the gold-plated body. You may read the specifications below.

  • It is a touch and type phone and it comes with a TFT resistive touchscreen.
  • The size of the display screen is 2.4 inches and the resolution is 240 x 320 pixels.
  • The internal memory is 140 MB and can be expanded up to 32 GB using a microSD card.
  • GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v2.1 and USB v2.0 are available in the “Connectivity” section.
  • It will have a 5 megapixels rear camera with LED flash. Video recording is available in [email protected] frames per second. No secondary camera in this phone.
  • It comes with a 1 Ghz processor which is very rare in Nokia phones.
  • It has a 18-carat gold plating which makes it very special.
  • It has a 1050 mAh standard battery.
    Talk time – Up to 5 hours 30 min (2G) / Up to 4 hours (3G)
    Standby –  Up to 405 hours (2G) / Up to 440 hours (3G)
    Music play – Up to 20 hours
  • It weighs just 100 grams and it is good to see that even with the gold-plating Nokia has managed to keep it low-weight.

You can see from the specs and features above that Nokia C3-01 is a feature rich phone. It would cost around €220 but cost in INR has not been revealed yet. It would be revealed very soon, hopefully.

Share your views and opinions about this phone in the comments.