Test Website in Different Resolutions with Screenfly

One of the major challenge every developer and designer face while designing a website is how it will look in different browsers and resolutions. As people use different devices, browsers and resolutions, its really important for every developer to take this thing into consideration. However, testing websites in different devices like computer, tablets, mobiles etc separately can be time consuming. To solve this problem, we present to you Screenfly.


Screenfly is an excellent online tool which helps users and developers test their websites in different resolutions. Just enter the URL of the website you want to test and click Go.


It will show you how your website looks in different devices. You can select the device from the sidebar menu in which you want to see the look of your website.


This is not it, you can even test your websites in different resolutions and on different tablets and mobile in few simple clicks. Just click on the device you want to test your website in and it will show you all the compatible resolutions and devices.


If you are a web developer or blogger, you must check out Screenfly to test your blogs and websites in different gadgets.

Checkout Screenfly

Easily Compress Images Online with GIFBot

Reducing image file size is one of the most important tasks for every designer and blogger. If the file size of any image is big, it will take more time to load which may cause the reader or user of the website to leave without even opening the page. Recently, we came across a useful tool, GIFbot which can help users solve this problem without installing any third-party application.

GIFbot is a useful online tool which can help users reduce the file size of any image to make it load faster on websites. Using GIFbot is really simple and easy, all you need to do is upload the image of the file you want to compress or give the URL if it’s uploaded somewhere. Also specify the email address where you want the tool to send the converted file.


You can even change the output of the file you want to convert. You can either convert in the same format or change it into GIF or JPG format and run the test.


After converting the image, it will give you images in different quality and sizes. All you have to do is right click the image, save it and compare it with the original.


GIFBot is a must try online tool which can help users compress images in a matter of seconds. If you know about any other tool, please share with us using the comments section below.

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Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone with UndeleteSMS

People search for software to recover deleted information all the time. Be it on computers or mobile phones, but we do delete files unintentionally and then regret about it. Hence, there are softwares that can recover deleted information to some extent, it all depends on various things. The Message feature on an iPhone has no deleted messages folder, but certain phones do. If you’ve deleted a message on your iPhone and want to recover it, then you can try UndeleteSMS, which happens to be a new tweak in Cydia.

UndeleteSMS is a paid Cydia app that can recover deleted messages from your iOS device’s Spotlight or SMS database. Though, there is no guarantee that this will work as it relies on crumbs to collect lost data. It’s fairly simple to use as well. You just launch the application and hit the Okay button. Once it collects whatever data it can gain it’s sight on, it’ll output the same in a text form. You can then copy and paste it into your notepad or better send an e-mail to you if the recovered data is very important.

I must however say that you may not want to install this on your device, not that it won’t work, but because it’ll cost you $6.99 to buy. Too much don’t you think? I believe it’s much better to be careful before deleted messages that you don’t want to delete. If you’re really careless, then it may be right to get this app right away. Recovering messages also depends on how quick you respond to “No, I deleted an important message” and then fire up this app. Because once the data is overwritten in Spotlight and other SMS databases, then there’s no point in using this app. Check out the video after the break if you believe you should get this;

What do you think? Are you willing to spend $6.99 for this app? Do you usually keep deleting your important messages? Really?

How to Test Read & Write Speed of your USB Flash on a Graph

To gauge the optimal read & write speed of your USB Flash drive sometimes become a hassle because there is a lack of requisite tools and softwares on the internet. Normally the data transfer rate varies drastically during our operations on the PC, sometimes you will observer a data rate of almost 25 MB and in some instances it might drop down to almost 2 MB.

I guess that checking the optimum potential of the read & write speed of your flash drive is quite worth doing because this process can determine that what other PC processes running at back end are hampering your flash drive read & write process. So recently I tried a very useful application that will very much solve this issue, have a brief look at it:

USBFlashSpeed App Features


To be precise, USBFlashSpeed is a minuscule portable application that provides you with an interface to directly test the read and write speed of USB with different data sizes. It has various tests that calculates the write & read with levels ranging from 1KB to 15MB. The data for both the read & write speed is plotted in real-time on a graph.

How to Use USBFlashSpeed?


UsbFlashSpeed.com  Benchmark result

You have to select the USB drive from the applications drop-down menu and just click on the Benchmark button to start testing the read and write speed of your flash drive. A graph will also be generated automatically that will show you detailed graphical and numerical data about the read & write speed. On the graph, the read rate is displayed as a Green line whereas the write rate is displayed as a red line. The result generation can take almost upto 20 minutes and you can’t cancel the test during its running.

Once the application is done with the testing, an automatic URL is generated that will give details of the entire test on the application’s developer website. A summarized version of the entire benchmarking results that is displayed on the website shows the information like USB’s manufacturer’s name, USB model, serial number along with the main constituent i.e. read and write speed of the USB. For the comparison, read and write speeds of different USB’s are displayed for comparison.

The application USBFlashSpeed works well on all the version of Windows. Try it out and Let us know in comments about this applications usability.

ConvertMeMp3: Easily Convert YouTube Videos into Mp3 Files

In past we have covered many different tools Like Video2Mp3, Zamzar etc which can help users convert different YouTube videos into mp3 files and download to your PC. Today, we are going to share another useful online tool, ConvertMeMp3. But before we proceed, you may want to check out the following;

ConvertMeMp3 is a useful online YouTube to Mp3 converter. Users can easily convert and download different YouTube videos in few simple clicks. The best thing about this service is that it does not require any registration or signup. All you need to do is enter the URL of the video you want to convert, select the quality of output file and click Create Mp3 File. But take note that the conversion time depends on the length of the video. Converting a video of 10 minutes will obviously take more time than a video of 2-3 minutes.


Once the file is converted, ConvertMeMp3 will give you the download link to the converted audio file. I have tried many different tools to convert YouTube videos into Mp3 format but this tool is one of the best I have used so far.


If you are looking for a simple and easy way to convert YouTube videos, you must give ConvertMeMp3 a try.

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Go Back in Time with Video Time Machine App for iOS

We all love the idea of a Time machine and we’d all love to go back in time just for the sake of it. Unfortunately, it’s quite impossible as Scientist say. However, if you have an iPhone or iPad, then things can really get magical.

Video Time Machine is an iOS application that will literally take you back in time, till the year 1860 that is and show you videos from way back. The best part is that you don’t need to have a Hot-tub or the De Lorean DMC-12 from Back to the Future. You just need an Apple iPad and some internet.

The app consists of over 4,000 videos on various topics such as Music, TV, NEWS, Sports, Games, Television, Ads etc. You can browse between all the years and watch various videos right from the app. It’s just like going back in time, to a year before you even existed and watch an interview or a TV ad. It’s truly magical and exciting.

You can also use the Random button to randomly browse through all those years and the app will automatically play some random video from a random year. I used random too many times, that’s also magical I suppose or downright stupid. Anyways, the developers of this app also happened to come across the idea for it while drinking beer and eating Pizza.

I’d be more than happy to meet these guys, way to go developers of Video Time Machine. They’re still working on the app and adding all the more videos that they can get a hold on. You can also share the video that you’re watching on Facebook and Twitter right from the app.

You can download Video Time Machine from the App store for only $0.99. I think it’s worth it, because you won’t find a better organized history time travel based application or video collection anywhere else.

Popular Android and Java J2ME Mobile Apps

In my last article I discussed with you some of the Popular Symbian And Blackberry Mobile Apps. In this article I am going to tell you about some of the popular Android and J2ME Mobile apps.

Apps For Android

popular android apps

  1. Swype: It offers touchscreen keyboard to android users. What’s bit different about Swype is instead of pressing letters, you have to swipe your finger in a continuous motion over the letter you want to type. As per the app developers, this new method of typing allows you to type text 30 percent faster than the normal way. Interestingly, this apps was developed by Cliff Kushler the co-inventor of  T9 and Randy Marsden the developer of the onscreen keyboard included in Windows.
  2. Pulse: A very easy to use newsreader app. It offers you to select up to 60 sources to pull in news feed from different websites. Simply tap on the article to have clean and elegant view of news story. It offers many features like saving stories for later reading or sync them with Instapaper. You can also share stories on Facebook, Twitter or via Email in few easy taps.
  3. Vplayer: Like on PC everyone knows VLC player for playing most of all video formats same way on android its Vplayer. It plays almost all video formats that android don’t support by default. It supports DivX/Xvid, Flv, Rmvb, Avi, Mkv, Wmv, Mp4 and many more formats. It is a free app and requires minimum space of 5Mb and Android 2.0 or higher.
  4. Google Voice: With this app you are provided with a Google number, which you can use to make cheap international calls, receive incoming calls & voice mails and send text messages showing your Google number, helps in keeping your real number a secret. It also allows users to read transcripts. It is a free app which requires minimum free space of 1.5Mb and android 1.6 or higher.
  5. imo.im: You can chat with all your friends from this one single app. Like all other apps you don’t need to create any imo account. You can simply login to your IM accounts. It supports chat for Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Myspace. It also allows you to send voice IMs, send multimedia attachments and save chat history to imo.im.

Apps For J2ME

popular java apps

  1. Snaptu: This tiny app let you access Facebook, Picasa, Live score, Pub reviews, Movie  reviews, RSS reader, Journey planner and lot more services. You can add more functionality by adding applets.
  2. eBuddy: This app let you have chat with all your buddies from Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, Orkut, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and myspace. The best of feature of this app is it supports multiple protocols.
  3. Wattpad: Wattapad is the most popular ebook community. This app let you read ebooks, connect with other readers and contributors. You can access more than 17.000 ebooks from Project Guternberg. You can also request stories that are not available from community to upload it.
  4. Litefeeds: It is a fully featured RSS feed reader. It allows you to scan feeds, view full images and clip items. You can also email interesting stuff to your friends with this app. To reduce the data usage the feeds are compressed and offers most of the options only when you need it.

With this apps you can make most out of your Android and J2me phone.

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

Loads of Twitter services and platforms have been developed in recent times that allow users to make their tweets integrated with multimedia contents or other stuff. Those who are avid users of Twitter know that every character we enter on Twitter counts a lot because Twitter allow us to use only 140 characters.

Though there are some services that allow users to enter considerably longer tweets but they have their own drawbacks, like most of them include a link to your tweet. So keeping these restrictions in view, I guess using characters and special symbols is a very good option. So let’s have a look at it:

Twitter Symbols Web App Features

Twitter Symbols

The apps functioning is pretty simple, it enables you to enter characters and symbols in your tweets via their integrated platform. The app enables you to enter varying kind of symbols like stars, zodiac symbols, mathematics symbols and chess characters. Each of the added symbols is counted as a single character, you just need to click on the symbol and it will be automatically entered in your tweet.

Twitter symbols tweet

What I like the most about this app is that no links are incorporated in the tweets no matter how many characters you enter. Plus the app also has a considerably good symbol and characters archive and you can decorate your tweets in many ways using it. Twitter Symbols app is a must use for Twitter freaks and I can bet that you are going to like it.

Tweet with Symbols and Special Characters: Twitter Symbols App

How-to Use WhatsApp on iPad and iPad 2 with WhatsPad

Certain apps have certain limitations, for example, by default WhatsApp doesn’t work on an iPad or iPad 2. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger through which you can text, send pictures and videos over the internet. It’s not however, a free application and isn’t available for the Apple iPad either. Now though, there’s a Cydia tweak that will make it work on the iPad.

whatsapp on iPadWhatsPad is a Cydia app that can be used to make WhatsApp messenger work just as it does on an iPhone and you’ll be able to send and receive data, texts etc. Since, WhatsApp is not natively available for the iPad, you’ll have to download it using iTunes and then use iPhone Configuration Utility to install it on the iPad.

How-to Install WhatsApp on iPad

Download iPhone Configuration Utility from here(Mac and PC).

Purchase and download WhatsApp from iTunes, then open the configuration utility. You will see your iPad listed on the left-hand side. Select your iPad, then look for the Applications tab on the right hand side and click on Add. Point it to your WhatsApp ipa file that you just downloaded, usually located in iTunes Media>Mobile Applications on your hard drive. Once you find it, scroll down in the Configuration tool and you should see a Install button. Click on it and WhatsApp will start installing on your iPad.

After installation, open Cydia and look for WhatsPad in the Big Boss repository. If you don’t find it, hit refresh or reload Cydia. Install WhatsPad, a small file, and then open WhatsApp. Voila!! It’s running.

You’ll have to activate WhatsApp before you start using it, so remember to use a number that works because the activation code will be sent to you via SMS. That’s all there is!! Since the app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, you could use FullForce Cydia app to force it to utilize all the pixels on your iPad screen. This will work on both iPad and iPad 2 models and WhatsPad is a free app.

Inside the Fake Apple Store in China [Video]

Last week, a certain American blogger ended up somewhere in China and came across an Apple Store. Baffled with finding an Apple Store in such a location, the blogger entered the store to find out a little more about an Apple product. But, as she looked around a little more closely at the products, something dawned on her. We did tell you about the super FAKE Apple Store that was discovered in China last week and now there’s a complete video of the inside of the store.

Things like this create a lot of buzz, specially if they are about fake Apple Stores. Faking a complete store requires lot of guts and brain power, I truly respect this guy, the owner or the designer. If you’ve checked out the photos of the fake store then you’d probably know what I’m talking about. In this video, rather a News Report, the employees are being interviewed and asked about the store. According to the report, this store gets a lot of customers and some of them don’t even realize that the products being sold there are fake.

There aren’t many Apple Stores in China, but there are a lot of people over there, who don’t have iPhones and are sad. The owner however, still wants to convince everyone that the products sold here are real and not fakes. He also stated that he has applied to get Authorization from Apple to run a real Apple Store. Also check out other famous fakes from China;

Here’s the full video report, watch and enjoy as the employees and even the owner hide their faces and talk to the camera.

Apple has taken action against such fake stores and all of them, how many ever there are, will be shut down soon enough.