iPlayboy Magazine: Now Available for the Apple iPad

If I’m right, every iPad owner will be a little bit more happier today than the day before, do I have to explain why? Thought so! Well, it’s finally happened, although the Playboy magazine was supposed to come to the Apple iPad in the month of March, but was delayed due to Apple not allowing such an app on the App Store.


Apparently all those issues have been resolved and the Playboy magazine for iPad has finally arrived. If you were wondering, there is also a Playboy app for the iPad, but with no nudity. That’s disappointing aren’t it? And you just got lucky, because the iPlayboy magazine for iPad has all the uncensored nudity you want, and every issue of Playboy that was ever made will be yours digitally.

iPlayboy for iPad

Of course this app, sorry web app is not free, you can’t even view the content without a Membership Id or a subscription. The web app is known as iPlayboy and can be accessed using i.playboy.com, and is completely optimized for the iPad. The pinch to zoom feature is available for your pleasure, with other options such as easy scrolling through content and searching for certain topics within a magazine. Like I mentioned before, you’ll be given access to all the copies of the Playboy magazine till date on the iPad, even ones that you’ll no longer find anywhere and those special issues too.

But, here comes the but, to subscribe to the iPlayboy Magazine iPad it’ll cost you $7.24 a month for a yearly subscription, $17.95  a month for a monthly subscription and $0.95 for a 3 days trial. You can subscribe by visiting this site on your Apple iPad.

We are not sure what will happen to the whole web apps on the iPad scene now, as Playboy is now officially one such app, will there be more? What will the world say to this, there is a chance that this could be misused by the kids? iPlayboy Magazine has started a new revolution, will it be followed by more such magazines? Time will only tell, until then go check out this on your iPad before Apple decides enough is enough!

What do you have to say about this? Leave your opinions! And how many of had that evil smirk on your face when you read the title?

Yahoo Messenger for iPad 2 Now Available

Yahoo messenger is a great tool for voice and video chatting, a software that everyone has installed on their desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Yahoo Messenger was already available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but now it’s also available for the iPad 2.

Yahoo Messenger iOS App

The iPad with its larger screen is a good tablet for video chatting, but the first generation iPad did not support video chatting because it did not have a front camera. Now there is the iPad 2, with a front camera and support for FaceTime. There are many other alternatives to FaceTime and one of them is the Yahoo Messenger App for the iPad 2.

The Yahoo Messenger App was updated earlier yesterday and can now be installed on an iPad 2 to utilize its front camera for video chatting. Although, I’m not sure how good the quality of the video call will be, it’ll still be useful as you can also make video calls and voice calls. Yahoo Messenger on the iPhone is a very useful app, just as it will be on the iPad 2 as many users have an Yahoo account.

Yahoo Messenger iPad 2

The new version is also optimized for the iPad 2, for it’s large screen and for multi-tasking to make the whole Yahoo experience faster and easier.

You can download Yahoo Messenger App for iPad 2 over at the Apple App Store for free. It weighs about 22mb and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 4 and above.

Do you use Yahoo Messenger on your iOS device for voice or video chatting?What chat application do you normally use?

Top 3 Options for Windows Phone 7 Phones in India

Windows Phone 7 is in the latest news right now. Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft’s latest smart phone platform. WP7 moved to the new step when they partnered with Nokia to produce more high quality WP7 phones. WP7 already has an advantage by Microsoft being the creator as the high quality programs are being added to WP7 without any effort by the consumer. WP7 is impressive and is miles ahead of the earlier Windows Mobile platform. Coming to the topic, India, as of now might not have a handful of WP7 phones but it surely has some awesome ones. I will share them in this post. So, lets begin.

1. Dell Venue Pro

Dell has not been in the smart phone business for a much longer time but they have given a chance to the customers for using a WP7 device. Dell Venue Pro is a large and a heavy mobile. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 4.1 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It has a 5 megapixels camera with geo-tagging. It has a RAM of 512 MB and an inbuilt storage of 8GB. It weighs 192.8 grams which definitely makes it a little over weight. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. It has got a microSD card slot. It has got a 1400 mAh Li-on battery.

The price of Dell Venue Pro is around Rs. 28,500 which might be comfortable for a lot of people.

2. HTC HD7

HTC has launched 2 WP7 phones in India. HTC HD7 in one of them and the other one would be displayed afterwards. HTC HD7 has got a good build quality and a capable hardware. This phone weighs 162 grams. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 4.3 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an LCD capacitive touchscreen. It has a 5 megapixels camera with auto focus, dual LED flash and dual tagging. It has a Ram of 512 MB and internal storage of 16GB. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. One minus point would be that it doesn’t has a card slot. It has a Li-on 1230 mAh battery.

The price of HTC HD7 is around Rs. 27,000 which definitely gives it an edge over the phone above.

3. HTC Mozart 7


Another phone from HTC. This phone has got a great build quality. This phone weighs 130g which definitely makes it better from the above 2 in terms of weight. It has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with a display of 3.7 inches. It runs on Windows Phone 7. It has an S-LCD capacitive touchscreen. It has a 8 megapixels camera with auto focus, xenon flash, geo-tagging and face detection. It has a Ram of 512 MB and internal storage of 8GB. GPRS, EDGE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB2.0 are available. The minus point in this phone is that it gives only 8GB of storage and it is not upgradeable as there is no card slot. It uses a Li-on 1300 mAh battery.

The price of HTC Mozart 7 is around Rs. 25,500 which might be less but the above phones are of course better than this one.

So, I have told you the top 3 options for Windows Phone 7 in India. If you are looking to buy one, I would suggest you HTC HD7 as it has nice features and a good price tag.

What do you think of the phones? Which one are you looking forward to buy? Do comment.

NASA iPad App: A Graphically Rich Space Exploration Source

With the inclusion of modern technology in our daily lives, exploring the cosmos has become a pretty easy thing. If you happen to own a smartphone or a tablet device then with the help of some real cool applications, you can explore the space frontiers right from your couch.

So NASA, a premier space exploration agency has recently released an app for iPad that provides mission information, videos and other online NASA sources.

NASA iPad App features

NASA has previously launched an iPhone app that has been a hit and a favorite amongst lot of users. But thanks to the bigger screen size of iPad, the NASA app has now got even more feature-rich and powerful.

NASA iPad APP main page

When you launch the app for the first time, you will get an instant notification that there are links to Flash videos and features that are present on the standard webpage. Simply stating that some of NASA’s iPad app contents are not viewable within the app interface. You will see the entire solar system on apps main startup screen, tapping anyone of them will direct you to a more detailed explanation of them. Apart from solar system details about asteroids, meteors, comets are also available.

NASA iPad Buttons

If you happen to be interested in International Space Station, you can simply tab on the Globe icon visible on top of apps main interface. The app will start detecting your location automatically and then will give you corresponding timings for the ISS sightings.

NASA ISS sightings

Next up is the “NASA Center” location icon where you can see a map showing the location of their centers. Just after “NASA Center” icon is the “Shuttle and Rocket Launch Schedule”. This option give users an insight that when will the missions take place. You can also find stuff like images and videos for international space station and outer space imagery.

I think if you own an iPad and is always inquisitive about the space technology then you should definitely buy NASA iPad app. Apart from providing loads of information the app is a great source of educational entertainment as well.

You can download NASA app for iPad from Apple App store.

Top 5 HD DTH Services in India

Remember the days when we used to watch TV on cable with bad quality, bad signal, etc. TV broadcasting in India has come a long way, thanks to Direct-To-Home services. DTH services have transformed the way we view TV in India. From watching grainy cable TV footage, we can now watch HD and 3D channels as well as record them. As the competition of DTH services has increased, it is difficult to choose a DTH service which can offer HD channels too. Are you planning to buy a HD DTH service? If yes, then let me make your work of choosing the best HD DTH service easy for you. In this post I will tell you the top 5 HD DTH services that are currently available in India.

1. Tata Sky+ HD

Tata Sky+ HD

Tata Sky was the first to bring digital video recording to India. After being successful with Tata Sky+, they introduced Tata Sky HD. And in Feb 2011, Tata Sky moved a step further when they introduced Tata Sky+ HD which has the features of Tata Sky+ as well as high-definition support. The specifications of Tata Sky+ HD are listed below:-

1. 1080i HD picture quality.
2. 16:9 wide aspect ratio.
3. 625 hours(500 GB hard disk) of recording.
4. 3D ready.
5. Pause, rewind and record features.
6. Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound .
It has 7 true HD channels. According to some reviews Tata Sky+ HD has the most impressive features in the HD DTH services. If you want to see English news, English entertainment or sports channels, then Tata Sky+ HD might be the best choice. It gives you an option to add 50 favorite channels. Tata Sky+ HD, in my opinion, is the best HD DTH service in the market now.

The price of Tata Sky+ HD is just Rs. 3999 . Also read our recent review of Tata Sky + HD.

2. Airtel 3D HD DVR

Airtel 3D HD DVR

Airtel would not stay behind in this race. Airtel introduced its 3D HD DVR just a few days ago. Airtel 3D HD DVR has got some features which cannot be neglected. They had introduced HD television before than Tata Sky+ HD but was just short in adding DVR to it. The specs of Airtel 3D HD DVR are:-

1. 550 hours of recording.
2. Pause, rewind and record features.
3. 3D ready.
4. Multiple viewing/recording, disk management, advanced search and time-shifting.
5. Record using your mobile.
6. Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound with True Home Theatre experience.
It has 3 true HD channels and is best for watching infotainment channels if talking about high-definition.

The price of Airtel 3D HD DVR is Rs. 3999 for existing subscribers and Rs. 4999 for new subscribers.

3. Videocon d2h 3D HD DVR

Videocon D2H 3D Set Top along with HD-DVR

Another 3D+HD+DVR. I have to say, India is progressing very fast. Videocon introduced its 3D HD DVR in the middle of March and was the first service to bring 3D to India. In Videocon d2h, the recording offers a variety of options such as starting or ending recording up to 30 minutes later or earlier. The specifications of Videocon 3D HD DVR are:-

1. 200 hours(160GB) of recording.
2. Maximum resolution is 1080i with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
3. 3D ready.
4. Pause, rewind and record features.
5. 5x picture quality and HD digital sound.
6. Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound is available.
It has 5 true HD channels and is best for watching Hindi GEC channels if talking about high-definition.

The price of Videocon D2H 3D Set Top along with HD-DVR in India is Rs. 3,990 whereas the same pack without DVR costs Rs. 2, 490.

4. Reliance Digital TV HD DVR

Reliance Digital TV HD DVR

Formerly known as Big TV, Reliance introduced its new name with its new product. Reliance also launched it HD DVR this year and now Reliance has said that it will be providing customers a bouquet of over 250 channels in High Definition like quality at no extra cost. That is a good marketing strategy. 250 HD-like channels would get them a lot of new subscribers. The specifications of Reliance Digital TV HD DVR are:-

1. 200 hours(160GB) of recording.
2. Pause, rewind and record features.
3. 5x sharper picture quality.
4. Maximum resolution is 1080i with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
5. Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound is available.
6. Parental control.
It has 3 true HD channels and is best for watching English entertainment and music channels if talking about high-definition.

The price of Reliance Digital TV HD DVR is Rs. 3990 and Rs. 500 is off for the existing subscribers.

5. DishTV TruHD

Dish TV TruHD

DishTV TruHD is at last because DishTV has not added DVR to its HD service. One more reason for to be in the last position is that it is just fooling the consumers by saying that they are providing 35 HD channels whereas the truth is that they have only 3 true HD channels and all the others are just up-scaled SD channels. The specs of DishTV TruHD are:-

1. 5x better picture clarity.
2. 16:9 aspect ratio.
3. Maximum resolution of 1080i.
4. Theater like sound experience.
5. Parental control.
6. 20 audio languages offered.
It has 3 true HD channels and is best for watching Hindi GEC channels if talking about high-definition.

The price of Dish TruHD is Rs. 2990 and existing subscribers can get Rs. 400 off by exchanging their set-top box.

Those were the top 5 HD DTH services. If you are looking to buy any HD DTH service, my suggestion would be Tata Sky+ HD.

So, what do you think of it? Which if your favorite HD DTH service? Do comment.

Airtel Launches USSD Based Facebook Service in India

You must be familiar with Facebook’s notification service on your mobile device that will not cost you anything. Recently Airtel India, launched another new service to help feed your Facebook addiction through your mobile device. Usually people don’t update Facebook statuses, comment or send messages because it charges them, but now Airtel has come out with a plan that will let you do it all for just Rs.1.


Airtel has launched the Worlds first USSD based Facebook service that lets users in India to update their Facebook status messages and much more without using GPRS or 3G. You can update your status for free, but if you want to check your notifications, like/comment on photos, statuses, read messages, reply and others then it’ll charge you Rs.1 for an entire day. That’s 30 INR a month for unlimited access of Facebook from any mobile device using Airtel connection.

We just received the official Press Release Statement from Airtel earlier today saying,

Do you miss keeping in touch with family and friends on Facebook, simply because you don’t access internet on your mobile phone? Your favourite social network is all set to be just the press of a button away.  India’s leading telecommunications company, Bharti Airtel announced that starting today, its 150 million plus customers in India can now simply dial *325# (and “*fbk#” for non-qwerty mobile handsets) to access Facebook – without subscribing to data plans. To deliver this, Airtel has launched the world’s first USSD-based service innovation that will allow its mobile customers to update their Facebook status messages, view / comment on / ‘Like’ news feed, post on friends’ walls, find / add friends, confirm friend requests, view notifications and much more without using the internet or activating GPRS capabilities.

How to update Facebook Status on Airtel Network for Free

Using this new USSD(Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) based service to update your Facebook Status on Airtel Network is really very simple and quick. To get it working follow these steps:

  • Dial *325# from your mobile device.
  • Once done you’ll get the notification asking you to enter the Facebook Username and Password.

Facebook USSD Service Airtel

  • You should keep in mind that when you enter your username, for example [email protected], it should be entered in the following way. name at mail.com !! This is important.
  • After entering your password it’ll show a Menu with some Facebook features listed on it.

Facebook USSD Service Menu

  • From the menu Reply with the desired number,for example 2 for Update Status and so on. You should remember that only updating Status is free using this service. Everything else will cost you Rs. 1 for a day. That is not so bad after all, but if you’re a regular GPRS user then this may not be suitable for you.

Facebook USSD Status Update

  • Then all you need to do is reply with your Status update and it will be posted on your Facebook profile.

Facebook Status Update

That’s it, your status will be posted on your Facebook wall. Overall I liked the idea of free service to access Facebook. Though if you wish to use the paid version of this service, I would suggest opt for Airtel Unlimited GPRS plan which will cost you 98INR and you can access Facebook along with all other sites.

Now enjoy Facebook on Airtel using any mobile device, from anywhere without the need to activate GPRS.

3 Amazing NASA iOS Apps for Space Enthusiasts

We are always intrigued by NASA and its astronauts because they boldly go on endeavors that many of us can think of only in our dreams. NASA’s website is full of loads of information, stunning imagery and some really cool downloads.

NASA has also launched some real cool stuff for the iOS users with various kind of NASA designed apps that will fulfill your inner astronaut instincts. Here are 3 of the best apps related to NASA that will give you information about outer space, scientific phenomenon’s related to space and things like elements around us.

NASA Lunar Electric Rover Simulator


Normally NASA creates educational and news app for users but this particular iOS app is totally different. It is a lunar rover simulator with which users can play around on their iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. I think it’s a very challenging freebie, users are given tasks of maneuvering their rover across moon’s surface going through different hurdles.

The lunar rover controls are awesome and smooth as hell, you can choose from difficulty levels once you feel confident that you have got hold of the game. Apart from the gaming thing, app also provides users information about the previous and present lunar rovers that are currently there in NASA. You can download NASA Lunar Electric rover Simulator for free from Apple App store.

NASA Television


What’s amazing about this NASA TV app is that it not only provides you an archive of past NASA events in streaming video rather it offers users to tune-in live into NASA events. The app has a built-in scheduler that allows users to plan their NASA TV viewing almost a week ahead of normal schedule. I am sure that with this app installed on your iOS device you will never miss out any space launch, space walk or space station docking. You can download it for free from Apple App store.



HubbleSite for iOS is designed to deliver some stunning and jaw dropping imagery taken from Hubble telescope to your device. You can vote your favorite images on the app and there is a tab that will provide you detail information about the Hubble telescope. Using this app imagery you can also set wallpapers on your device. Download HubbleSite for iOS free from App store.

Do let us know in comments if you are aware of a apps related to NASA.

Track Storms and Weather Updates on Your Android Device with 2 Amazing Apps

Storms and Tornadoes are no doubt a force of nature that cant be avoided altogether, even with all the technological advancements in the weather forecast industry the best we can do is get out of the way of this nature’s ferocious phenomenon.

Although our weather channels provide minute-to-minute update of any weather calamity but if you own an Android phone then you can carry some pretty useful storm tracking and weather forecasting apps in your pocket. Here is a brief run down of these apps:

My Cast Weather Lite


You will find loads of forecasting apps, storm tracking and radar apps on Android marketplace but one app that will definitely catch your attention is My-Cast Weather Lite.

The app is basically a radar storm tracker but it offers features like forecasts, weather alerts, maps and current weather conditions. App provides local weather alerts based on your location and also gives an easy to read forecast.


My Cast Weather Lite also provides an RSS news feed for weather as well that you can find in the social section of app. You can download My Cast Weather Lite from Android marketplace.

Rainy Days for Android


This particular weather app is not a full fledge package, rather it is merely a radar app that gives you weather updates and conditions on a map. The app takes radar information and simply superimposes it on Google Maps.

The radar information available on Rainy Days app is very much detailed, it is also possible using this app that you can zoom-in and check out the weather conditions right above your home.

You can download Rainy Days from Android marketplace for free, the only thing lacking in this app is weather updates in any kind of dangerous situations. But overall it’s an amazing app with a really cool interface.

Do let us know in comments if you are aware of some good weather apps for Android devices.

Tata Sky Plus HD Review

India has seen enormous growth in HDTV sector in recent days and specially when all kind of latest technology is coming to India, we can’t ignore the HD segment for entertainment. All major online video sites like YouTube started offering HD videos and now when we shop for new TV, we make sure that it comes with HD capabilities and HDMI cable to connect your laptop to your TV.

Anyways, the point here is people in India are getting tech savvy and unlike old days, they started preferring quality over quantity. We all know that high definition videos gives you best experience when you watch a video. In India, many TV channels including Star TV network started offering HD version of channels. If you shop for a new set top box, it’s important to opt for a HD set top box instead of conventional set top box.

Some time back we received a review piece of new Tata Sky HD set top box and we used it for 2 weeks. Luckily we received the review piece around world cup and we enjoyed the ad free World cup on new Tata Sky HD plus. Tata Sky HD plus is one featured pack set top box which allow you to record your favorite serial so that you can watch it later.

This feature sets Tata sky HD plus apart from all other set top box in the market. Here are some pictures of Tata sky plus HD:

tata sky plus HD tata skyplus hd 2

tata sky [plus hd 3

You can find the complete unboxing pictures of Tata Sky Plus HD on my Flickr account.

Features of Tata Sky plus HD:

  • Tata Sky HD plus offers certain features which let it stay ahead of it’s competitor:
  • Record TV up to 500 GB.
  • Record any channel while watching other channel
  • Rewind while watching current show
  • Parental control
  • Easy to use Remote control

I have been using normal Airtel DTH connection for long but after using TATA sky HD plus, I will be changing my DTH connection soon. More over one major difference which I noted while using TATA sky plus HD is the response time. When you change channels, unlike my current Airtel DTH connection, it changes channel within ms. Though for now, I can’t compare Tata sky HD with Airtel HD connection as I have not used the later one. Though if you are planning to buy Tata Sky plus HD and looking for recommendation, you should grab it right away.

Tata sky HD is hassle free purchase as engineer will come to your house and will set up everything for you. You can find price and other booking details of Tata HD on their official site.

If you are an existing Tata Sky HD plus user, do share your reviews and feedback about their service.

What Font: Identify the Fonts on a WebPage

Sometimes, you see a site while surfing and you love the font of that site and want to download it but unfortunately you don’t know the name of the font. What Font is a Google Chrome extension which identifies all the fonts used on a webpage and lets you know about the font in detail. This extension is very useful for the reason I told above. With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. It is that simple and elegant.

WhatFont Chrome Extension

It is the easiest way to identify web fonts. Knowing about the font(by using this extension) is not difficult. Let me tell you how can you do it.

1. Install the extension. Link.
2. Click on the What Font icon left to the “wrench” icon.
3. Hover on the text and you will see the font in a little black box.

4. Click on the text and you will see the full info about the font.

That’s it! Its is that much easy. This extension is very useful for web designers and developers who could use it to find out what font a certain web page is using. It also very useful for newbie bloggers who don’t know much about how to make the written content on their blog look appealing to the readers. A very simple tool, but it will help you a lot when it comes to web designing and regular writing.

So, what do you think about it? Know any other such tools that is so simple to use? Do let us know in the comments.