Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen

Delicious which is one of the famous social bookmarking service by Yahoo was supposed to be shut down. YouTube Founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, acquired Delicious and it’s a good news for delicious users that your bookmarks will not be deleted and so is your account. Though you have to use Opt-in feature to create your account and migrate it to new company. As a user, nothing will be changed but if you don’t migrate your account, from July 2011, you will not be able to access your delicious account.

The URL is going to be same and so is the design. Though we may expect a new design after July 2011.  And also delicious will no longer be a part of Yahoo and it will become a part of AVOS internet company.

How to retain your Delicious account?

In order to keep retaining your delicious account, use this page and create an account.

delicious-bookmark-migration Your username will remain the same and you need to create a new password. That’s it, once you have done, your delicious account will be safe and will not be deleted.

Delicious is quite popular among old internet user and even I have thousands of bookmarks on my delicious account.

Do let us know if you are using delicious or any other bookmarking service to bookmark ?

As a delicious user, I would love to know your opinion on this news.

3 Cool & Exciting HTML5 Games for Your Internet Browser

HTML5 have really revamped the markup language as it use to be, with the addition of new tags and multimedia capabilities the web development have surely taken a big step forward with the aid of HTML5.

Users in the past have always relied on flash games for browser-based entertainment but with the inclusion of powerful HTML5 in the web domain, application and games on the web are now more exciting and useful.

I have compiled a list of three impressive HTML5 games that you can play on any internet browser having a built-in support for HTML5, these browsers are FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. So here is a brief review of these exciting and fun-filled HTML5 games:



This particular game transforms your entire browser window into a monochrome world with very smooth animations and responsive controls. Using keyboard and a mouse you have to navigate through a screen before proceeding to the next level. You have to navigate your character through mazes and puzzles experiencing all the HTML5 brilliance. VII is no doubt graphically pleasing and with a wisp of technical goodness and the best part is that you can download it for free.

Sand Trap

Sand Trap - Put It in the Pail

Although most of the browser games take advantage of various physics engines available for both Java and Flash, but Sand Trap employs its very own built-in HTML5-based module. Each level in the game contains a maze and all of them are filled with a little bit of sand. You have to rotate the maze so that you can syphon the sand into a container place underneath the maze.

It is a very addictive and in some instance a complex game, and I think this game is primarily for physics gaming lovers. Moreover, if you happen to own a tablet then this game would become more interesting with inclusion of touch interface.

Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider-main-interface

Based on the classic gaming title Line Rider, the game allow users to create custom tracks by using drawing tools and later on ride and share them. As a motorbike rider you have to reach the end of the level that is a pretty easy task. With a careful use of lean controls and throttle you can help the rider to maintain position on the bike through the entire level. Google Chrome users can install an extension in-order to access the Canvas Rider game instantly.

Qik Video Chat Connects iPhone with Android over Video

It’s not often we see some of the biggest rivals together. Its not that makes of iPhone and Android are creating anything new together but a company which makes iPhone and Android apps has come with the latest version of their live video calling app between iPhone and Android users.

Qik Video Chat

Qik is here with the latest iteration of its popular video calling app – Qik Video Connect Plus.

Qik Video Connect

The latest version of this app works across Android version 2.1 to 2.3.3 and across all iOS devices such as the iPhones, iPod Touch, Ipad 2. Any apple device with a camera will support this app. With this latest iteration Qik has also introduced video mail for its app users and is currently available as a free trial until June 1, 2011. After which you will have to pay for the subscription to be able to send video mails and you will continue to receive video mails for free.

Qik Video Connect Android iOS

Qik PR stated: Qik Video Connect is the only mobile video calling solution that also enables video mail.  Can’t connect live?  No problem.  Send a video mail and say—or show—it live and in person. Qik Video Connect offers some cool ways to share videos with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, on YouTube or your blog. And you don’t even need a front-facing camera on your phone—just show them what’s happening around you.

Android 2.2 Users Note

Qik will only detect the rear camera on an Android 2.2 phone so Android Froyo users who wish to use this service from Qik please contact Qik Support at Their developers promise to issue a fix that will add the missing front camera support for your device.

Qik now also offers improved battery life and smother video and much better picture quality in its latest release thanks to better integration with the iPhone and Android devices and their hardware.

Additionally Qik had this to say;

The following devices support VGA quality resolution during Video Chat over Wi-Fi:  Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Player, Samsung Galaxy S, and Telus Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate 4G.

Download Qik from iTunes for free for a limited time period – June 1, 2011 after which you will have to pay $3 to use it.

BookmyShow Launches its Android App

India’s largest entertainment ticketing website, BookmyShow, has finally launched its own Android app. Bigtree Entertainment’s BookMyShow has been the one-stop destination for movie and non-movie options like events, plays and sports which offers advance booking of movies, showtimes, movie tickets, concert tickets, plays, events, discounts, cinema tickets online, cricket T20 tickets.

The company covers for over 850 screens across 87 cities, and has partnerships with all major Indian production houses and studios with real time ticketing for major cinema chains like Inox, Big Cinemas, Cinemax, Fun Cinemas etc.


The app has been designed to provide a simple and user-friendly experience which lets the user to easily select & book all the favorite movies with just a tap. The app also provides movie & cinema listings, movie synopsis & details, showtimes with support for multiple secure payment options and is expected to get an upgrade soon, to offer play, concerts and sports tickets.

The BookmyShow app is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

So now you can book tickets for all your favourite movie shows right from your Android smartphone.

ScreenSaver App: Free Screensaver for iPhone

It isn’t everyday that you come across free applications on Cydia for new themes, screensaver for iPhone and wallpapers. Today I’ll be sharing with you an app that you can download for free from Cydia and use it get iPhone screensaver.

The app itself is simply known as ScreenSaver, and all it does is provide you a list of files to chose from and use them as a screensaver for iPhone. ScreenSaver was launched a few days ago, and since then it has been downloaded a lot of times. It is yet another iPhone app that can be used for the customization and adding screensaver for your iPhone.

ScreenSaver Screenshot

ScreenSaver app is actually quite interesting, because of the way it makes the screensaver for iPhone. It doesn’t actually download anything, but uses stored .mov files in its library to play it when the iPhone is locked. In turn, this works as an iPhone screensaver, coming on when you lock your iPhone.

Of course, this will effect the battery as it will be playing a .mov file when your iPhone could actually be saving battery. But, that’s not the point here, it’s about customization of your iPhone, your jailbroken iDevice. You can also add your own shortened .mov clips by copying them to the path provided by the app /var/mobile/Library/ScreenSavers/. Watch the demo video of the ScreenSaver app after the break.

This is a free Cydia app, and can be obtained by searching for it in the Big Boss Repository.

Tell us what you think of this little app that can make your iPhone even more attractive.

Samsung’s Shockproof, Waterproof Camcorder – Samsung W200

Samsung is one of the leading brands in telecommunication as well as in electronic industries. Its product describes its definition better, for Samsung I hope no one needs any introduction to this brand. Samsung is already beating Nokia in handsets market. Let’s see what products will Samsung reveal in the near future.

Recently Samsung has launched its new pocket camera (camcorder) to record videos. A camcorder is generally a video recorder that combines a video camera and video recorder into one single product. It is portable and can record live motion videos and avoid voice and distortion as much as possible.

Samsung  Camcorder W200
Samsung Camcorder W200

The Samsung W200, with shockproof, waterproof and dust-proof features can be something really useful when going outdoors. Specially for people who go on adventures all the time, this is an ideal gadget. You don’t have to worry when it slips from your hand and falls on to a rock or into the water. Check out the complete specifications after the break.

Features of Samsung camcorder W200

  • 2.3-inch QVGA LCD having 230k dot resolution
  • 5 mega pixel BSI CMOS sensor
  • MicroSD/SDHC card slot
  • DIS(Digital image stabilization)
  • Video resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Dimensions 60x113x19.7 mm
  • F/2.2 bright lens
  • Waterproof(3 meter), dustproof, shockproof(2 meter)
  • Anti fog coating
  • 5.5 megapixel images
  • HDMI output
  • USB
  • Battery 1300mAh
  • Battery life 2 hrs

Price of this camcorder is $159 and availability is not yet known it might be available from May onwards. Do you use a camcorder? Let us know what you think of this one.

Comparison of HTC Sensation Vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

HTC is wearing a crown of Android smartphones these days as they’ve been launching a big line-up of smartphones in the market with slight of difference between them.

Sony Ericsson handsets are also popular because of their awesome sound and image quality. But these days Sony Ericsson is not listed in top rating market list because they are not having huge list of smartphones. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is something that you will surely fall in love at first sight.

Here I am comparing two most powerful Smartphones, one is by HTC and other is from Sony Ericsson which will help you in deciding what to buy.

HTC-Sensation-4G Vs. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
HTC-Sensation-4G Vs. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

Operating System and Processor

HTC sensation has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor with 3D like transition in the menu. The device is having latest version of Android OS, version 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system with the latest HTC Sense UI.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is also powered with 1 GHz Scorpion Processor, Aderno 205 GPU, and comes factory shipped with Android OS, version 2.3 (gingerbread) O.S., TrackID music recognition and the Timescape UI

So, both the phones run on equally powered processors and also run on the same operating system. Only the UI on both the phones are different, this is where brand value comes in. Thus, it will matter on what phones you’ve used before and on your personal feedback.

Display and Camera

HTC device comes with a S-LCD Display, 4.30- inches of capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. Multitouch input method, proximity sensors, ambient light sensor are some of its features. The main camera is a 8.0 Megapixel one with Dual LED flash, auto focus and face detection capabilities. It also has a secondary VGA camera for video calling.

On the other hand, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has a LED Backlit Capacity 4.20- inch super LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with screen resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Other features include accelerometer sensor for autorotate, timescape UI, proximity sensor for auto turn off. Camera of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a 8.0 MP with Auto Focus, but with the Exmor R Censor technology and LED flash has an image resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels with no additional secondary camera.]

In Display and Camera, surely the Xperia Arc is the winner, because the display has higher resolution and the camera is way better compared to the one on the HTC Sensation.

Memory and Dimensions

HTC sensation has 8GB of internal memory and 32 GB of external memory card support. Dimensions of the phone are (126.1h x 65.4w x 11.3d) mm and it is just 148 g in weight.

Whereas the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has an internal memory of 512 MB and external card slot of microSD which can support 32 GB of memory. Dimensions are (125hx 63w x 8.7d) mm and is 117g in weight which is really sleek and you will love to see its slim style.

Hence, the Xperia Arc is the winner again, if you like slim and light phones that is.

Miscellaneous features

HTC device supports connectivity of Bluetooth v3.0 and has Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n. Micro USB, GPS and A GPS support, Push email, video playback and FM radio.

Sony Xperia Arc has Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. GPS and A-GPS support, FM radio, Push Mail Service, Smile recognition feature, SMS, MMS and Document viewer.

Features on both the devices, when it comes to applications, is very similar as both run on the the Android operating system.

Battery and Price

HTC Sensation has a Li-ion 1520 mAh power battery that supports stand by time of 350 hrs and talk time of 6.66 hrs. It is available in Black and brown color with price of Rs. 29,999.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is powered with standard Li- Po 1500 mAh battery that has stand by time of 430 h and talk time of 7h and is available in midnight blue and misty silver for Rs. 28,900.

Again the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc has a better pricing, with a little of extra feature!! It’s all on you what you decide on getting with your hard earned money.

Between these two smartphones which would you consider as best? Do share your opinion with us.

3 Free Online Tools To Send Anonymous Emails

Many people have to send anonymous emails either because of personal reason or to inform about illegal activities. You can also use these services when you are using any public computer and don’t want that your email ID or password get saved. The reason for using fake emails can be because of good reasons and for bad reasons. It’s up to you how you prefer to use it. I came across few of such free services which allows you to send anonymous emails quickly without any hassles. Check them out right now:


Send-email is an easy and quick way to send anonymous emails, you just need to enter message, email address and CAPTCHA. Click on send and your email will be sent in seconds. The mail won’t be having your email ID instead it would be “Free Email Service” in FROM section.

[ Link ]

Send email

Must Check Out:


It’s same like Send-email, you don’t need to enter your personal Email ID. Another good part you don’t have to enter CAPTCHA also. There is a drawback of this service, sometimes they send email a bit later.

[ Link ]



This is something for people who love to play prank as it allows you to send mails via any Email ID, your friend’s or your boss. But it will add a line “This email was sent via Anonymous email service for free.”. You can remove this line by being a paid member.

[ Link ]

If you love to prank people with fake emails or use anonymous email services for some good cause then do share with us which free online service you use?

Samsung Galaxy Tab GT P1000 Review: Should You Buy One?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab, is certainly not a masterpiece, but as a gadget enthusiast I loved playing and using it! It’s handy, portable, almost as portable as a mobile phone, but doesn’t get there. The Galaxy Tab was Samsung’s entry into the tablet arena, something that every big or small gadget company is trying to get in to. When it was launched, it was quite a success, but then there already was the Apple iPad standing on top of a mountain with a bigger display and the Apple brand image.  This is a review for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which I laid my hands on at the CallingAllGeeks Headquarters last week. I did not play with it much, mostly because it doesn’t have that many features and partly because I am well acquainted with the Android OS.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Every other geek/gadget freak wants to get his/her hands on one of the successful tablets available today and show-off/use/play with it. At present there aren’t that many contenders in the market for the same price as the Galaxy Tab, unless you would want to pick something from the HCL or one of those Chinese booths. For a tablet, the Galaxy Tab isn’t all that big in size, it’s got a 7-inch screen and a rather thick body. The design isn’t anything unique either, but it does feel quite strong when held in hand.

Now I’m not going to go on about all it’s features and how they perform and what it can do and so on, because we all know that nobody is going to go through 10 pages of review of something that isn’t so fascinating. Oops, sorry, my bad..the Samsung Galaxy Tab is a wonderful..errrrr…device. I really don’t know what to call it, you can’t call it a tablet because it just isn’t big enough to be called one and you can’t call it a phone because it is quite big to be carried around in your pocket, plus it’s fat! No I’m not speaking bad about the Galaxy Tab, it really is something, fun to play games on, fun to watch movies, is sort of portable(if you carry it in a bag) and has dual cameras unlike the original iPad and can actually be used for video chatting over 3G. Anyways, here is my Samsung galaxy tab review, unbiased and honest:

Galaxy Tab Looks, Design and Form Factor

Samsung Galaxy Tab Top View

The Galaxy Tab isn’t a beauty, but from a certain point of view, it does look good. Being just 7-inch in size and having an all-touch interface, it’s not easy to design something that would stand out. But Samsung has done quite a neat job in the design section, giving it a white back panel to make it distinguishable from other tablets. It also has a nice feel, unlike other tablets with cheap plastics. At the front of the Tab, you’ll find four built-in keys that light up when you press the unlock button, you can also tell that they are present when the tablet is not switched on. It’s not the slimmest tablet around too, as it is quite bulky to carry around in your pocket. It is also quite thick at about 0.47 inch, as mentioned before, but that doesn’t really hinder it’s usage and instead feels more sturdy when held. Being just 7.4 x 4.7 inch does have it’s advantages, such as it can be used with just one of your hands and a total weight of about 370 grams is something to be proud about. So overall, the Galaxy Tab will not get you noticed much, but the thickness, weight and the small 7 inch screen certainly makes it a decent tablet or whatever you want to call it.

I would however suggest you to get a casing for the Galaxy Tab, it will come in very handy. Portability, in my opinion is a downer, you’ll have to stuff it in your backpack or get some custom designer jeans with huge pockets!!

Display, Camera and Video

Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera

Samsung decided to not use it’s display prowess with the Galaxy Tab, as this lacks Samsung’s SuperAMOLED or any Super display and instead is packed with a normal LCD display. I’m not saying that the display is bad, surprisingly it’s quite good, and the brightness may cause your parents to wake up at night and knock on your door. The screen resolution is a good 1024 x 600 and works really well when watching videos, gaming and viewing photos. The capacitive touchscreen is also very sensitive and works well, but you will have to cup your hands around the tablet to see what you’re seeing when outside in the sun. The display is crisp, even better than the display of the original iPad, which makes it ideal for reading e-books and play games on.

The camera on the Galaxy Tab is, well there are two, the front one is a 1.3 megapixel VGA camera and the back one is a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash. The main camera takes good steady shots, but the flash is not that powerful when taking pictures in the dark whereas the front camera barely does the job. Coming to the video shooting part, well, I’d suggest you get a handycam for your adventures, because this is not going to help you very much. Although the video camera shoots at 720 x 480 and the outputs are good, the lack of HD video recording is a let down. If you don’t mind not having HD recording then this should be no problem and thanks to the 16GB of internal memory you can store your videos and pictures and transfer them to your desktop anytime.

Hardware, Performance and Features

Samsung Galaxy Tab Back View

Coming to the Hardware, well it’s not too bad as it runs on a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor, which in spite of being fast sometimes hung or made the tablet very sluggish when browsing, installing apps etc. Yes, apps, now that’s something I can tell you I enjoyed! I love the Android operating system, and the Galaxy Tab runs on Android 2.2 Froyo, which even though is quite buggy, gets the job done.  Being a blogger, I first checked out all the RSS reader apps, few favourite websites of mine and just some random articles on the stock browser that I found interesting. The stock browser is OK, I mean it does play flash content, but it’s sluggish while scrolling and sometimes while zooming, although this only happens with pages having lots of content. Gaming is not bad either, although I can’t tell you the experience was great, mainly because the games weren’t made for the tablet, they were just made for the mobile phones and have been only scaled to work on the  tablet. Graphics is okay, nothing impressive, but the screen clarity makes it look good and yes Angry Birds works perfectly! Thanks to the 512MB of RAM things seem to be just fine. The galaxy tab has Bluetooth version 3.0, which even though being very fast doesn’t come very handy because most of the devices currently available still utilize version 2.0. So overall:

  • Gaming: 3.5/5
  • Browsing: 4/5 (sluggish sometimes)
  • Graphics: 3/5
  • Processing: 3.5/5
  • Features: 4/5

Practicality, Usage and Pricing

Samsung Galaxy Tab Front View

I personally don’t think that the Galaxy Tab is practical! It just doesn’t cut as a fully fledged tablet or a mobile device, it’s stuck somewhere in between. I mean the features are good, the battery life is great (although charging is slow) and you won’t break it if you drop it. But when you pay about $450 with contract or $600 without and get a gadget that has only a 7 inch LCD screen, isn’t portable like it should be then what’s the whole point. I’m not saying I hate the Galaxy Tab, and I’m not saying I love it too. Using the tablet in broad daylight even with full brightness is a pain, because of it’s glossy screen, it’s almost impossible to see what you’re looking at. On the other hand, when inside, the display is just too good, even better than that of the original iPad. You can use the tablet for almost a whole day without having to worry about charging it, that too with Wi-Fi on, GPS on, lots of gaming, browsing and playing around. The one thing that is a let-down is the pricing, it’s just too expensive for a 7-inch tablet with Wi-Fi and optional 3G. Official pricing below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab AT&T: $549 with Contract
Samsung Galaxy Tab Sprint: $199 with New Contract, $429 with existing account
Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile: $249 with New Contract, $499 with existing account
Samsung Galaxy Tab US Cellular: $599 with Contract
Samsung Galaxy Tab Verizon: $199 with New Contract, $499 with existing account

Price in India: Rs. 26000 offer price from LetsBuy, otherwise Rs. 32,920

Final Verdict

My Final word, if you really want to get your hands on a tablet and see what it’s like then you can get yourself the Samsung Galaxy Tab. If you’re not in a hurry, then you can probably save some more money and get yourself the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10.1, which evidently is more of a tablet, being slim and with the 10.1 inch screen. The Android operating system is great, but we all know it’s buggy and from my personal experience crashes a lot. I don’t know about others, but if someone gifted me the Galaxy Tab I would take it, I’d never buy it!!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a very good first attempt by Samsung, but not all first attempts go well do they?

PicPick- Free Screen Capture and Image Editing App for Windows

Generally a blogger needs a screen capture and image editor handy application to create image tutorials. If we talk about this type of software then mainly two apps come in mind and these are Screen Hunter and Fast Stone Capture but none of these application is free.

What if I tell you about a free application which is far  better than both these paid software? PicPick is such a wonderful free software with which you can not only capture screen but also edit captured screen and can create interactive image tutorials without using any heavy drawing software.

PicPick Screen Capture Software

Features of PicPick Editor

  • Screen Capture

PicPick is a powerful screen capture application with which you can capture entire screen,a part of screen,scrolling window,active window or freehand capture. You can set keyboard shortcuts for every type of screen capture.

  • Efficient Instant Image Editor

You can edit your captured screen image in built-in image editor of PicPick and use all essential tools to create instant image tutorials. You can use drawing tools,typing tools,brush tools,fill tool etc. You can save your edited image in different image formats such as jpg,png etc.

  • Built-in Color Picker

PicPick has built-in color picker tool with which you can pick color of any spot of desktop. It provides RGB,HSV and HTML color values and you can apply it anywhere.

  • Magnifier

With its magnifier tool you can see any desktop area magnified in its magnification glass.

  • Pixel Ruler

With its Pixel Ruler tool you can measure length of any desktop object in pixels easily.

  • Protractor

You can measure any angle on desktop using its protractor tool.

Thus PicPick is not only an image editor and screen capture application and it can be used for various desktop works.

Get PicPick For Free