Easily Track Your Music Sessions with Like.fm

If you are a fan to listening good quality music, you sure take pride in the fact about which songs you are listening to and sharing it with others as well. Like.fm is an online web based service which learns the taste of the users’ music habits and can help them share these trends with others.

Getting started with Like.fm is very easy. To start off, you need to sign up for the service, which hardly takes a minute. You can also login using your Facebook credentials which will assist you later in posting on the songs you’re listening to directly as your status and share it with your friends.

After sign up, you will be taken through a simple three step process which will install a browser based client, a desktop client and finally publishing on the dashboard on what music you listen to. The web browser plugin captures the type of music you listen to when you visit websites like YouTube, Grooveshark.com etc. The desktop app captures the music listened to via iTunes, Windows Media Player and other media players.


You can visit the dashboard to add people to it so that you may be able to view what others are listening to and share with them on what you are listening to. Moreover, you can also use the Discover option to discover famous people and charts around the globe. The likes of people and lists included in the Discover option are Billboard Hot 100, a famous music chart, The Hype Machine, SoundLust etc. This feature makes getting up to date about the latest trends and famous songs very easy for List.fm users.


List.fm is a really good service which helps users easily share their musical habits with others as well as following what others are listening to. List.fm is completely free for use and can be accessed from the link given below.

Checkout Like.fm

9 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPhone 5[Humour]

The summer has begun and it can be really tiring and hot to be sitting in the office and working. A quick dose of laughter lightens things and gets those evaporated motivations and ideas back to life. Specially bloggers seem to take this harder, as the heat can really make you extra lazy and sleepy. Here’s a comic that will make you laugh about, feel silly and get you back on your feet and make those fingers rule the keyboard again.

We’re all eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5, any small rumor based on that gets us ticking and we start getting more anxious. Now we aren’t really certain of a fixed date of launch for the iPhone 5, hoping that it will happen at the WWDC on June 6th. But then again, things may take a different path all together. We’ve all heard about the various rumors on the iPhone 5, including a bigger display, more power and NFC. The iPhone 5 predictions are a plenty and they sure are appealing enough to make anyone want to own one.

Amidst those wonderful predictions, there are also people that believe that the iPhone 5 could be better equipped. What you’re about to see below will certainly make you laugh, but I’m pretty sure it won’t make you not get an iPhone 5 when it’s out. Sure, the title says 9 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 5, and that does hold true for the following 9 reasons.

Warning: Highly comical content below!!

There you go, 9 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone 5.

What do you think of this? Would you like to add any other reasons? Did you have a good laugh?

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New Vimeo App for iPhone with Video Editing and Sharing Released

Vimeo is another alternative to Youtube, a video sharing website to let your imagination flow and be creative. They have been known to provide very good video editing tools and options when it comes to online video editing.

If you prefer using Vimeo to edit and upload your videos online, you now have the choice to do it on your iOS device. Vimeo recently launched their very first official app on the App Store for all those video enthusiasts. Using this app, you can turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a video editing tool for free, whereas Apple’s iMovie will cost you $4.99 to enjoy similar and less features.

What the Vimeo App for your iOS device can do:

  • Download and manage all your videos on Vimeo and view/edit them on your device
  • Upload videos taken/edited in either SD or HD formats
  • Pause/resume uploads and get reminded when a video is paused
  • Replace existing videos
  • Edit title, description, tags, privacy and credits
  • Share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Email or SMS
  • Add your clips to your Groups, Channels and Albums
  • Stats on daily plays, likes and comments

The editing that you can get done with the help of this app include adding transitions, effects, titles, music and your own recordings. You can also use this app to record video with focus control and grid alignment and continue editing the same right away. According to the press release, this seems to be just the begining and that the company plans to bring more features such as search, AirPlay support and more. An Android version is also in the making and the iPad will soon get an iPad only version too.

You can download this app from the App Store without fiddling through your pocket and that’s a huge plus point. A free video editing app is good news for video editors on the move. You’ll require iOS 4.0.1 and above, will function best with iPhone, iPod touch (4th gen), iPad 2 Wi-Fi/ Wi-Fi + 3G.

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Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension

Love Google Chrome? Now you will be having one more reason to love Google Chrome as I am going to share a very useful extension of Google Chrome which will help you to customize your Home page and to get more productive.

Incredible StartPage is a Google Chrome Extension which gives a complete makeover to your start page. It is colorful, includes different options and very easy to customize. Check out the screenshot below:

Incredible Startpage Extension
There are three different panes which includes:

  • Closed Tabs: Lists of Websites you closed recently. You can recover recently closed tabs
  • Favorite Bookmarks: Lists your important bookmarks and provide you different options to make bookmarks easy to access.
  • Bookmarks/Apps: It includes the bookmarks in which are in your bookmark toolbar but it doesn’t include your folders, they are hidden. You can also drag and drop important bookmarks to right side pane to open easily. You can easily manage and open Chrome Web Apps with this option.

Apart from three panes, this extension gives you features like:

  • Notepad: Similar like Sticky notes to take down your notes. You can also post notes to Google/Gmail/Google App accounts. It also allows you to sync across different computers via chrome sync.

Incredible Startpage1

  • Theme Option: You can choose from 5 different theme schemes and also change the background wallpaper of bookmark pane. The wallpaper are fetched from Flickr API and you can select from 5 different keywords like start, cloud, sunset, nature and custom, You can also change the color of font to black or white.

Incredible startpage2

  • Advance Option: Here you can customize notepad fonts, notepad saving option, number of columns and closed websites number display and lots more.

Incredible Startpage3

Few must have Google Chrome Extensions:

Overall I enjoyed to explore Incredible StartPage extension of Google Chrome and I would recommended to every Google Chrome user who gets bore with same start page every day. Now make your start page interesting by installing Incredible Startpage extension for Google Chrome and do share your feedback with us.