New Twitter App Update let You Utilize iPad 2 Dual Camera

You know that the iPad 2 has two cameras, and to make use of both the camera’s Twitter has come out with an update that supports both cameras. The update hasn’t made it to the older iPads or the iPhone 4, but iPad 2 users can update to the latest version and enjoy some direct picture/video uploading.

The update was released yesterday, and with this update, you can take pictures or shoot videos directly from within the Twitter app. Once you’re done taking pictures of things you like, you can then directly upload it to Twitter and share it with the world. Of course, to do this you’ll need to be a proud owner of the new iPad 2, which at the moment is the only iDevice that gets this support. Now we all know that the iPad 2 will definitely sell a lot, and the update will definitely come in handy when you have to share something very quickly with the world.

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Apart from the iPad 2 being able to utilize it’s camera’s, the new Twitter update also fixes some bugs. A certain bug that caused the compass to pop-up occasionally when monitoring change in location has been disabled and some other minor crash issues are now gone.

Download the latest update from the Apple App Store. You’ll be notified of the same on your iOS device.

Turn YouTube into a Personal DJ using Amazing Web Applications

Normally whenever we are searching for a particular song on the internet the first place we go to is YouTube because it’s that kind of place where you will definitely going to find the kind of music you are looking for.

Although YouTube provides the option of creating playlists but if you want to make the process easier than there are loads of apps on the internet that allow you to do this in an easy yet simple way. So if you tend to be a music lover and want to use YouTube for listening to diverse free music, create playlists or keep tabs on your favorite singers and artists then here are some of the web apps and websites that will fulfill your desire:



MuzakBox is a very easy to use web app that takes a very simple and easy in creating a playlist for users from YouTube. All users have to do is choose an artist that they want to listen to and MuzakBox will do the rest of the stuff. It pulls all of the songs from YouTube of an artist that you have entered and create a single list. But this service is not for the people who want to listen to diverse kind of music because it essentially makes a list for one artist only at a time.

YouTube Jockey


Well YouTube Jockey is basically an Adobe Air app that allows users to create one playlist in a single instant. Users can search for songs and then add them to their playlist but the good thing is that users can choose that whether they want to display the video of any particular song or not. Plus the app also saves your playlist automatically so that you don’t have to bother to compile it again when you open the app next time.



StreamDrag is another innovative web application that allow users to create variety of playlists of music that is available on the online video service. No registration is required to use the service but signing up give users the option of managing and saving multiple playlists. All users have to do is search for their favorite songs and load them up on their playlist. Once playlist is created and is up-and-running, users can share their collection of songs with their friends via various social networking platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Delicious.

BlogBard: Convert Blog Text into Speech and Listen

blogbard-1 Reading blogs is common these days. However, with the app which we’re discussing right now, you can literally listen to  blogs instead of reading.

BlogBard is a free service which allows users to get the blogs which they love read back to them. BlogBard converts the text blog into speech which can then be listened on any device e.g. PC, smartphone or tablet. BlogBard, however, requires a web connection to provide this service.

BlogBard allows two ways of adding the blogs which you want to listen. Firstly, you can manually type the URL links of the blogs which you want to listen. Secondly you can log in to your Google Reader subscription and BlogBard will automatically pick up your blog subscriptions and convert them to speech and enable listening to them.


BlogBard can convert any RSS enabled blog to speech. Mobile users with iPhone can access and listen to their feeds via their iPhones. Feeds can also be downloaded via iTunes store. If you’re a blogger yourself and want to give your readers this service that they can listen to your blogs, you can embed the BlogBard player in your blog’s website and your readers can listen to your blog as well.

BlogBard is a useful utility for anyone who relates himself to reading blogs on the web. Visit BlogBard.

FlipOver: Mute/Lock Your iDevice When You Flip It

Jailbreaking your iDevice, although it’s considered illegal and stuff, can sometimes be very useful since you’re iDevice becomes more customizable. Apple wants you to do things their way, providing limitations for everything. Jailbreaking lets your iDevice out the Jail and exposes it to a ton of extra and awesome feature. Recently the Celeste App was released, providing the long awaited Bluetooth sharing functionality with everyone.

Here’s another app that brings a really useful functionality to your iOS device. It’s called FlipOver and it brings that HTC like functionality, which lets you mute or lock your idevice when you turn it over. As soon as you turn it back over, your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad will un-mute and unlock automatically.

That’s a really nice functionality yet again added to your favorite iDevice by means of Cydia. And the procedure isn’t hard either, you don’t have to add any repo or anything and there won’t be any extra icons on your homescreen. All you have to do is open Cydia and then go to the search box and type in FlipOver.

Once installed, after paying $0.99, go to the settings folder and enable the only two options Mute or Lock under the FlipOver tab. You can see how it’s done in the video after the break. You’ll also get to adjust the sensitivity and the refresh rates to tell your iDevice at what angle to mute/lock it.

You’ll need to Jailbreak your device and it’ll have to be running on iOS 4.0 or above to make use of this app.

What do you think of this app? Tell us if you use any other useful Cydia apps like this.

Unofficial Compact Flash Card reader Comes to iPad

When iPad 2 was announced, we expected it to come with card reader. Though this is something which never happened and we expecting it be released in next version iPad [iPad 3]. For now those who are looking to get CF card reader for your iPad 2, here is a good news for you:

3 in 1 camera connection kit which was announced on Micgadget is now reported to work with iPad first generation and iPad 2. Remember it’s a 3rd party accessory for your iPad.

Here is a video demo of this 3 in 1 Camera connection kit working with an iPad:

You can read more about this iPad CF reader on official page and you can purchase it from its official store for $29.90. The only sad part is this accessories doesn’t work with USB on your iPad because it emits less USB power and this device needs power of more than 20mA. This is something sad and in future, I would love to see a USB connector for iPad. Life will be so easy when we can connect USB device ( Harddisk or USB pen drive) with an iPad and extend iPad storage.

Do share your thought about this accessory and as pitched by MIC, this is targeted for professional photographer but I can see that even any normal user who using any Gadget using CF card, might like to try his hands on it.

3 Ways to Recover Lost iPhone Passcode

When ever we talk about safety, we always suggest that you should have a strong password. Even for mobile phone, it’s good to have a passcode so that no one but you, can access your phone data.  Though It’s very much possible that someday you can’t seem to remember the password of your iPhone and you are locked out. With our usual email, social network logins you simply click “Forgot my Password” and follow through the steps to restoring access to your account. But what do you do when you have set a “Restrictions Passcode” on your phone a few months ago when you bought your phone and now no matter what you do, you can’t seem to remember what is the passcode you had set earlier..

restrictions passcode

For many of us smart phones are a very integral part of our daily lives. Losing your passcode of your iPhone might seem like the end of the world. Don’t break your head against the wall now because the steps to restoring access to your account are quite simple. You have a couple of solutions to consider and we have compiled these ‘solutions’ for you.


Solution 1

You can restore your iPhone as a new device through iTunes. But you won’t be able to restore it from a previous backup because the lost password would be saved in the backup.

Solution 2

The second option is to restore your phone using the Mac OS X Tool – iPhone/iPod Touch Backup Extractor located here!

Step 1: Download iPhone Backup Extractor, open it and let it extract itself. You will then want to click ‘Read Backups’. A list of your previous backups should now populate. Just select the backup that you want to extract the passcode from.

Step 2: You should now be looking at a list of apps that have been backed up. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click ‘iOS Files’, and then ‘Extract’. I recommend extracting it to your desktop so you can find it easily.

Step 3: Extraction will take a minute. Once completed, open the folder it created called ‘iOS Files’. Look for the file named ‘’, and open it up.

Step 4: As you scroll down this list of properties, you should see a key titled ‘SBParentalControlsPin’ and to the right of it a value. This is what your Passcode is, enter it in your iDevice, and thank Simon Blog for sharing this little tidbit with us.

Jailbroken Users Note

You can also locate your lost iPhone passcode via SSH. All you have to do is navigate to ‘var/mobile/Library/Preferences’.



Have you ever got into such situation where you have lost your iPhone passcode? If not, you are lucky but you should bookmark this post for saving yourself in such situation.

Samsung App Store 100 Million Downloads Sweepstakes: Download To Win

The Samsung App Store was started back in June 2010 with the launch of it’s first Bada powered phone the Samsung Wave(GT-S8500). It’s not even been an year and Samsung says that they have hit 100 million app downloads. That’s an important milestone achieved by Samsung, since the official launch of it’s Bada OS for smartphones. There are about 13,000 apps at present available for your Samsung phone.

Samsung has seen very good response for its Wave series of phones running on Bada OS and hence this high number of downloads. The most downloaded apps are Magic Torch, Need for Speed Shift and Asphalt 5. Looks like most of the Wave owners could be some serious drivers. Samsung Apps are currently available in 120 countries across the world and France seemed to have had the highest number of downloads. Germany and Spain also were in the top 3 and made almost 40% of total app downloads.

According to Samsung’s Vice President of Media Solution Center, Kang-Hyun Kwon;

We are anticipating that Samsung Apps will show a rapid growth in 2011, especially with a variety of the upcoming bada device line-up. Through consistent service improvement and high-quality app selections, we will continue to offer optimised application services for Samsung smartphones.

To celebrate the 100 Million downloads, Samsung is organizing a Sweepstakes for loyal customers and people who download/purchase apps regularly. Damn!! I wish I owned one of these Samsung phones now; Wave, Wave II, Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 575, and Wave 723. If you happen to own one of these phones then you need to carefully read the following 2 or 3 lines. The Offer is a weekly prize draw for anyone who downloads an app from for the time period between March 25 and April 30 2011. If you’re lucky enough, you can stand to win a Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player, USB drives and free Samsung App vouchers.

So go ahead and start loading your Samsung Bada phone with apps to increase your chances of winning. For more information on the Sweepstakes visit this page.

Facebook Spam The beautiful Marika Fruscio shows her breasts on Italian TV!

Like all the time we are sharing another Facebook spam which will automatically like a video when you click on it. This spam is something which will make you like a Video, when you try to click on video to play it and it will be shared on your Facebook wall without your permission, or you actually liking this video. Though the video is not a spam as after 2-3 clicks, video will load which you can also find on YouTube. Since Video is adult in nature, we are not giving link to video.

Vide title says: The beautiful Marika Fruscio shows her breasts on Italian TV!

Here is a screenshot of this spammy video:

Facebook-breast-spam So if you ever spot such message on your friends wall, try not to click on the link and see the video. And also notify your friend, so that he can remove the link from his wall.

Update: Now you will find the same link spreading on Facebook in different language with the title:

Quand elles ont envie il est dangereux de refuser

Un vrai fou ! 🙂

Stay safe with facebook and don’t forget to join us on Facebook for more facebook updates.

How to Take Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy tab

We just received Samsung Galaxy tab in our headquarter for the review and we have been playing with it since then. So far my experience with galaxy tab is very pleasant and will com up with my review soon. Though before that I will keep sharing some tips and tricks for Galaxy tab users and in this quick tip, I will be sharing how you can take screenshot using Samsung galaxy tab.

Like iPhone, you don’t need a software to take screenshot, simply hold the back button and press the power button once. This will take the screenshot of current screen and image will be saved under Gallery > Screen capture.

Here is one screenshot which I have taken using Samsung galaxy tab:


Oh yes, you will get a prompt saying “Screen captured, saved as image file”. This a quick tip for all who are using Galaxy tab and want to take screenshot of their tab screen to share with friends or for reviews.

If you have any tip which you would like to share for Samsung galaxy tab, drop us an Email at [email protected].

NVIDIA Introduced GEFORCE GTX 590 as the Fastest Graphics Card

Finally NVIDIA has officially announced its dual GPU GTX 590 having impressive hardware components such as 1024 CUDA cores, accompanied by 3GB of GDDR 5 graphics memory running at 1707 MHz.

Check Out: AMD Radeon HD 6990 Dual-GPU Graphics Card launched- Specifications

Speculations had been in the air since the arrival of dual-GPU Fermi graphics card technology that NVIDIA would soon bring such Graphics card. According to press release,

NVIDIA today introduced the GeForce® GTX® 590, the fastest dual graphics card available today which also happens to be the world’s quietest too. Powered by dual NVIDIA Fermi™-class GPUs on a single card, the GTX 590 is designed for űber enthusiasts and those looking to build the ultimate PC gaming rig.


Stunning Features of NVIDIA GeForce® GTX® 590

  • Dual GPU card (two GF110 GPUs)
  • 1024 CUDA cores
  • 2×48 ROPs, 3GB of GDDR5 memory (2x1536MB)
  • World’s fastest performance for DX11 games
  • Special cooling system with dual vapor chambers

“The GTX 590 is the best dual GPU product ever built,” said Drew Henry, general manager of GeForce GPU business at NVIDIA. “With leading performance, support for multi-monitor 3D gaming, Quad SLI, and an acoustic envelope that begs to be heard for how quiet it is, the GTX 590 epitomizes what a perfect dual graphics card loo

Price Range: Starting at $699 USD ( Asus, EVGA, Gainward, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, POV, Palit, and Zotac )