Pulse News Mini RSS Reader for iPhone Majorly Revamped

Bloggers need to know their niche related news when on the move and RSS reader apps have always helped us in many different levels. There are plenty of them out there, but not all of them catch the attention of a reader. Pulse News Mini RSS reader is different, it has been one of my favorite apps on both iOS and Android. The user interface has a different feel to it, somehow it makes the user feel professional while still giving that distinct only-geek app feeling.

The Pulse News Mini RSS reader is more like a magazine with lots of graphic content that makes readers stay and read a little longer and know things better. Recently, it’s developer, Alphonso Labs Inc. released a totally revamped version, as far as the content goes to the App Store. The new version of Pulse News Mini gets a whole new interface that is faster, more multi-tasking friendly and RSS feed management that is just so much fun. Before this it was much harder to browse through your feeds, but in the new version it’s all so well managed.

So what exactly is new in this latest update? Well, below are some of the major new features:

  • Personalize your mobile news reading experience by selecting up to 60 news sources across five customizable pages.
  • You can select a “pack” to auto-populate an entire page with the top sources for your favorite news category such as politics, finance, sports and more.
  • Like, share and comment on items in your Facebook newsfeed from within Pulse. Easily browse social content from YouTube, Vimeo, Digg, Reddit and Hacker News.
  • Improved performance means sources update and images load faster, and scrolling is smoother and more fluid.
  • Search results now include many new newsfeeds with images and more relevant titles.
  • The App now saves stories read offline on Pulse and syncs them to Google Reader when the app is online later.

That’s a whole lot of new changes for an App that won’t cost you a dime. Although, this version will only be supported on iOS version 4.0 and above. Previous versions will soon get the update. You can download the Pulse News Mini app from the App Store.

Turn your iPhone 4’s LED light into Flashlight with Free App

The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone to get the LED flash for its camera. Why not put it to some good use by downloading this free Flashlight App. Made by Surpax Technology, Flashlight ¤ has a very clean and simple interface allowing you to use iPhone 4 as a torch/flashlight. Also supports a variable strobe/blinking mode.

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Nintendo’s 3DS Portable Consoles Face ‘Black Screen of Death’ Error

We are struck to see that users of 3DS portable consoles, Nintendo’s new presentation are facing an entirely new bewildering problem. The problem in simple words is as follows : While you are enjoying game on this console, suddenly the game disappears from the screen and a message pops up on the screen asking you to hold down the power button, turn off the power and then turn the system on. This not only renders the gamer dumbfound for a while but also user feels cheated. Users have dubbed the problem as ‘black screen of death’.

The problem is a blow in the face of Nintendo, producer of the high quality consoles, considering the market reputation of the company. It seems the problem is substantially widespread as it is being hotly discussed on NeoGaf, Digital Spy and AVForums and other websites and forums.

Check Out:

When we discussed the issue with many users we got mixed complaints as some said the problem was only one time and after following the instructions asked to follow in the error message the problem did not recur but some reported  the problem  remained persisting. Some users also suggested to beat the problem by reformatting their SD cards to the FAT32 file system but some said this did not work.

black screen death nintendo

Nintendo puts its stand in these words:

“If anyone is experiencing any problems with their Nintendo 3DS console, we recommend that in the first instance they download and install the latest system update, now available online. If the problems still persist we recommend they contact their local Nintendo Customer Service centre to investigate the problem further.”

If the problem persists and users fail to find a sure shot solution for the problem it will cost Nintendo high. We can hope a solution from God Squad (a troop consisting of serious and amateur gamers,company personnel and everybody which tries to solve the problem) will be soon for the gamers.

Kindle Gets Google Translation With Kindlefish

If you happen to own a Kindle E-reader, then you must be knowing that one can’t use Google’s translation services on the device. The Kindle carries the prestigious honor of being the most sold device on the Amazon market. Although it was the Kindle 3 that performed the best, the Kindle too comes from the same line-up, so it’s okay to assume that the Kindle is now owned by a huge population.

Now what if you’re stuck in a situation where you may need to translate something to understand better or if the webpage you want to view is in another language and all you have is your Kindle. You know you can’t use the Google Translation service because that just won’t work on the Kindle. No worries all you Kindle users out there, because a new web app called Kindlefish will save you the trouble. The app is developed by a certain SeattleFlyerGuy.

Know More about Kindle:

  • Amazon Introduced Two New and Better Kindle
  • Amazon Launches Kindle for Web

The whole process is quite simple, and is a very good Google Translate alternative. All you have to do is visit the web client http://kindlefish.t15.org on your Kindle and start translating instantly. It’s obviously not going to be fast, because the Kindle, lets face it, doesn’t have enough juice in it. Kindlefish uses the Google Translate’s prowess and implements it into it’s web client allowing you to use Google translate services. The web app provides about 3 default language options that you would normally use and almost all the languages except a few Asian and those containing non-Latin alphabets.

To use, just visit http://kindlefish.t15.org.

[ Via Lifehacker ]

How to Open Password Protected PDF Files on iPhone or iPad

If you have ever tried to view a password protected PDF file on your iOS device, in the Mail app or Dropbox you might have noticed that your iPhone displays a blank image and fails to open password protected PDFs. This tutorial will show you how to open such files by using the free iPhone application iBooks or other paid applications that you might already own.


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5 Fun iPhone Games That Shouldn’t Be Free


Have you spent a little too much money on iPhone games? With thousands of games in the iTunes App store it’s almost impossible not to spend your hard earned cash on the latest games. For some of us thrifty users, even spending $.99 on a game is too much. Here is a list of some of the hottest iPhone games being offered for free. However, grab them quickly as they are only free for a limited time!



Sliding Heroes [Link]:

Square Enix is one of the most prolific game development companies to date. They have just recently made their hit RTS game for the iPhone for free! This game is packed with 130 levels, 30 maps, diverse unit classes and two separate modes to keep you occupied for hours.


More iPhone Games:

Special Force Gun Battle [Link]:

An addictive game in which you must race against the clock to assemble different guns or risk being killed. The game effectively makes you tense and nervous like the real act!  There are 24 different kind of guns such as pistols, machine guns, and more. In addition, you can earn military ranks (up to 21) and compete against other Players in online multiplayer game play.



Splitter Pals [Link] :

A unique game in which you must cut different objects to get Splitter and his friends home safely. You must strategize and carefully plan as each level will have a limited number of cuts allowed. There are a total of 60 levels to keep you puzzled for a while.



Atomic Ball [Link]:

This game is a serious upgrade to the classic brick breaker-style games we used to play only a few years ago. This game is packed with 60 levels, explosive power-ups and different themes to keep your eyes and fingers dazzled for hours.



Crazy Bikers [Link]:

For those who ever liked the iPhone game Mad Skills Motocross, this game is definitely for you. In Crazy Bikers, you are tasked to perform as many stunts and tricks as possible. This game includes 16 tracks spread across four locations and get’s you started on becoming the next big thing on ESPN’s X-Games.

Try these free games on your iPhone and tell us which one you like most?

Last Night Never Happened – Morning After App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

It’s possible that on weekends you party a little too much, get carried away and end up posting embarrassing tweets, status updates and photos of yourselves and your friends. You might have forgotten that everyone including your family on Facebook and Twitter can see it. Now the tech world can help to cut your losses and save your reputation, Last Night Never Happened can also help you wipe out all the graphic account from your Facebook and Twitter streams of how you made out with that girl on the bar counter.

Last Night Never Happened is the life-saving app that will help you avoid letting those posts spread on the internet and save you a lot of embarrassment. It’s a very well made, versatile app which deletes posts, photos, comments, tweets and direct messages from your twitter or Facebook accounts. Unfortunately, you cannot delete much from Facebook. Erasing your night’s activities are restricted to photos and comments.

You just have to connect this life saving app to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and you can choose how far back you want to delete your activities. You can choose the time frame from one hour, going upto 48 hours and choose which posts you want to delete – Tweets, Facebook photos and comments. You can now say goodbye to all the embarrasing things you ended up doing over the weekend and this morning after app will magically fix your account and possibly your life.

Last Night Never Happened is an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app from 22seeds and you can grab your copy here! or via iTunes here!

How to Cancel Sent friend Request on Facebook

How many times have you sent a friend request to someone and regret sending it. I’m sure the first thing you would like to do is Cancel the friend request. Earlier you can click on Edit friends and search for friends and click on X to cancel the request. But with new Facebook design, this is something I’m missing or probably I’m not looking into right direction.

Here I’m sharing a simple tip which you can follow to cancel and sent friend request on Facebook. Go to the profile of person whom you have sent a friend request and on left hand sidebar, under profile pic look for option which says Cancel friend request.


Click on it and your friend request will be cancelled.

It’s a quick tip but as a Facebook user, you might find it useful for you and others. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for more such updates.

Video: iPad2 Flex Test

iPhone Repair Experts from iFixyouri have made a video showcasing the durability and strength of iPad 2’s glass which as per 9to5Mac is thinner by 27% over it’s predecessor iPad 1. They flex the glass on both iPad to test strenght of the glass. iPad 2 holds up very well and doesn’t break under stress, unless really pushed too far. Check the video and see for yourself.

Before you watch it, iPad users please don’t try this with your precious iPads.

The iPad 2 seems to be as strong as the iPad but has much higher flexing tolerances. But real world situations would involve lower chances of being damaged from flexing and chances of it from being dropped on it’s corners and breaking are much higher. A series of tests where the iPad 2 is dropped from a height with different loads may have yielded more realistic results.

This tests really puts “thinner is weaker” theory to rest. With the quality of Apple products being nothing short of ‘top notch’ one can expect nothing less than an ‘awesome quality product’ from Apple every time. It would’ve been wiser to conduct a series of tests where items of varying sizes and weights were dropped on the iPad 2. No one generally, accidentally bends their iPads and damages it. Therefore we still feel that this test is half baked. It could’ve been done in a better way.

This time around, the glass on the new iPads are not manufactured by Corning, it’s made by a Japanese company – Asahi Glass. This new glass is apparently stronger than the ones found on the original iPad.

Suffice to say iPad 2 owners can rest easy, considering iPad 2 glass is indeed stronger and durable and apparently ‘iFixyouri’ conducted multiple drop tests at their office in Boston and there wasn’t a instance where the iPad 2’s glass broke under impact.

via [9to5Mac]

Color: A $41 Million Dollar iPhone App Now released on App Store

There are some mobile applications that totally revamp a particular phenomenon and Color is just that kind of an app that will eventually change the location-based photography thing. One of the most hyped and talked about iPhone app has formally been launched and is named as Color. The app is supported and backed by a staggering $41 million in venture capital and above all, it is supported by an entire website, Color.com that has cost the creator of this app an additional $350,000 bucks. But the question that the people in the industry are asking is that whether this app is good for such a huge price tag.

Color App Features


Color app is basically designed for location-based sharing of photos and it works on a simple picture sharing procedure. If you are taking pictures of objects around you using Color app and others are also taking pictures using the same Color app within 150 feets of your location then a photos mesh is created that is automatically posted within the app.

The developers of Color app have commented on their website that this entire process of creating a photo mesh and posting it in the app happens automatically and users don’t have to go through the process of attaching, friending or uploading the photos.

The concept behind Color app is very innovative assuming that the users buy it. The app will indeed work wonders at events like concerts, weddings or family functions where lot of people get together and do their photography eventually creating a huge photo collage.

Drawbacks and Concerns

But unfortunately this concept of Color app also have some immediate apprehensions, the most evident is that this app will work only if other people are using it nearby. Although the app is also available for Android devices as well but the probability of a group of people taking pictures at the same instant of time, using Color app in a same event is pretty less.

Well I think it will take sometime before this concept will take-off and till then Color app will be at stake of bigger players in the market like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that might implement this concept as well.

Color app is available as a free download in the Apple App store.