iPad 2 Gets Facetime along with Front Facing Camera

Those who have been waiting for iPad 2 must have expected it to come with some new features and one widely expected feature is Facetime. iPad 2 is finally announced with Front facing camera and Facetime.

Using iPad 2 Facetime you can make video calls to another iPad, iPad to iPhone and iPad to mac. Apple is going to keep the same price for iPad 2 as iPad. (See iPad 2 price). Facetime for Mac was launched some time back and now it’s available with the price tag of $0.99.

Those who are new to Facetime, it will let you make free video calls to other iOS device like iPhone, Mac and now iPad over Wi-fi or 3g connection free of charge.  For old iPad users, you can install Facetime on jailbroken iPad using ifacetime.

We have already covered some great Facetime tutorials for beginners and if you have missed any of them, you can refer to:

Do let us know if iPad 2 Facetime feature will tempt you to buy and iPad 2 or not? Also check out what’s new in iPad 2.


iPad 2 Price, Starts Shipping from March 11 in U.S

We just covered what’s new in iPad 2 and now the best part is iPad 2 pricing. iPad 2 price remains the same as iPad and so is the battery power.

iPad 2 will start shipping in U.S from March 11th and in 26 other countries from March 25th. As expected India is not in the list of those 26 countries. So for all who are looking to buy iPad 2, you need to import it from outside.

Before we move ahead with more iPad 2 news, let’s talk about pricing of iPad 2.

ipad 2 price

  • iPad 2 Wifi model: 16GB- $499, 32GB- $599, 64GB- $699
  • iPad 2 Wi-fi+3G model: 16GB- $629, 32GB- $729, 64GB- $829

I’m planning to get iPad 2 and I might go for iPad 2 Wi-Fi +3G model 64Gb . Do let us know which iPad 2 model you are planning to buy?

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How to Display Developer Tab in Office 2010 Programs Ribbon

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version of the excellent suite of document tools offered by Microsoft. Amongst other things these tools comprise of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In these tools you can see a ribbon at the top of the program. Here a tab titled “Developer” lets you control certain advanced features offered by Microsoft Office 2010.

By default, the Developer tab is hidden. You can perform the following 3 steps to display the tab. The following steps correspond to Excel but should be equally helpful in displaying the Developer tab for other Office 2010 programs.

Step 1:

Enter the program’s options from the File menu in the top left.


Step 2:

In the resultant window, click on the “Customize Ribbon” option in the left pane. In the right-most list, check the box next to the “Developer” option. Then, click on the OK button.


Step 3:

You will now be able to view the Developer tab in Excel (or any other Office 2010 you performed these steps in. You can verify this by exiting the program and reopening it; you will find the Developer tab will now be visible by default.


And that is all.

As mentioned earlier the same steps can be applied to other Office 2010 programs to have the Developer tab displayed by default.

HTC Desire, Desire Z, Desire HD and Incredible S Will Soon Eat Gingerbread

HTC phones have been wildly affected by the Android evolution and after the fall of Windows Mobile they have been introducing almost all of their phones with the Android OS. That’s a good thing, since Android has revolutionized the mobile phone and tablet industry in so many ways. Many new phones have been recently introduced by HTC that have some truly amazing hardware and specifications. Some of them like the HTC Desire series and the Incredible S which were recently introduced come with Android OS 2.1 and 2.2 respectively.

<Image Credit>

As Android recently updated it’s latest version Gingerbread to version 2.3.3, it’s wise that HTC also up the ante of Gingerbread and give it’s users something new to munch on. So recently HTC announced that it’s Desire range of phones and the newly launched Incredible S will soon be given the Gingerbread treatment. Also HTC will also be launching the Desire S and Wildfire S with Gingerbread 2.3. There’s no actual date mentioned for the Gingerbread update, but a HTC personal told SlashGear;

We are excited to announce that the Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire and Incredible S will receive the Gingerbread update in Q2.

So stay tuned as we’ll let you know when it goes live.

How to Force Quit a Frozen Application on Mac OS X

Earlier we have shared how to Force quit a frozen iPhone application and In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to quit a frozen application in Mac OS X. A lot of times I have found Safari to be unresponsive due to the Flash plugin crashing. Not just Safari, but any other app can unresponsive and when they do you will know just how to force quit them.

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Apple Planning to Launch Gesture-based Lock Screen for iOS Devices just like Android Phones

iPhone users have always been boasting about the innovative lock screen that is incorporated in these phones. I am always fascinated by this lock screen feature of iPhone but recently I saw an Android powered phone of a friend and was fascinate by its lock screen feature because it was having virtual dots, like a combination on a safe that you have to complete in order to unlock your phone.

So Apple got the idea and according to some inside resources the Cupertino-based tech giant has been working on a totally new gesture-based lock  screen for all of their iOS devices. With this gesture-based lock screen available on iDevices, users will need to setup a dedicated pattern and while unlocking they have to input that same particular pattern. It means that users will get free from the hassle of setting up a password or a 4-digit code to lock their iOS devices effectively.


Apple has already dished out this new lock screen for their employees “Apple Connect” application. Till now it is not clear that whether Apple will make this new feature available for normal iOS device users or not.

Moreover, according to some sources Apple is also planning to bring this gesture-based locks to their latest mobile payment systems on the various EasyPay Machines. One more concern is that this Android like lock screen patents are with Google so this feature might not make its way for common iOS devices users. Do let us know in comments that whether you will like this gesture-based lock screen for your iOS devices or not.


Starfront: Collision iPhone Game Review

If you loved Starcraft for the PC and Mac you’ll love Gameloft’s latest incarnation for the iTunes Apstore. Starfront: Collision is an RTS game that takes the player onto the planet Sinistral, where an epic battle begins over control of the rare Xenodium crystals.

Starfront’s game mechanics are very similar to any RTS game. You’ll begin each map with only a few units and will need to mine for resources to build up your home base. Once you start collecting enough resources you’ll be able to build more structures, and subsequently train and upgrade battle units to destroy your enemy.

A big chunk of the game will be spent in the campaign mode with up to three playable races. You will begin as the Consortium. They are humans who land on Sinistral to mine for the Xenodium crystals. Soon you will take the role of the indigenous insect-like Myriad who is trying to stop the Consortium. Finally the advanced-robotic Warden race will appear to try to manipulate things in their own favor.  Each race is equally balanced and will have different set of upgrades and army units that will give them their own unique feel.



Controls are intuitive and easy to use. Just tap on the screen and drag to pan the area and pinch your fingers to select multiple units. After you select your units you can tap to force them to attack or tap and hold for them to move without attacking. There is also a sidebar that will be used to build structures. Actions were performed with ease and I was surprised that I could do everything on my iPhone as if it was a computer. Some of you may be worried about the iPhone’s small screen as it does hinder gameplay. But Gameloft ingeniously created the controls so that nothing seemed cluttered at all.

In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a single-player skirmish mode and an exciting multiplayer mode. The skirmish mode will feature seven different maps for you to play against any of the three races. Multiplayer mode was my favorite and can support up to four players on of five different maps.



The graphics are stunning and vivid. Starfront takes advantages of the iPhone’s Retina Display and presents beautifully 3-D rendered environments. Gameplay is not laggy and is incredibly smooth which makes me wonder how they fit everything into such a small package. As with other Gameloft titles, music design is excellent and features an orchestra soundtrack that makes the gameplay feel epic.

Starfront: Collision is a must have for RTS fans. The game is intriguing and exciting and with multiplayer options it raises the gameplay value immensely.

Currently, Starfront: Collision is available as a free download but players can only play one campaign mission. If you want to continue playing you will have to shell out $6.99 via in-app purchase but with that price you’ll unlock all the campaign missions (17 in total), skirmish mode and the online multiplayer mode.

iTunes Link:

iPhone Gameplay Trailer:

Have you played this iPhone game? Do let us know your review of this game.

TuneIn Radio: Best Radio App for Mobile Devices

If you happen to be a music lover you’d definitely want to have a Radio app on your phone so you can listen to your favorite genre of music and find out what new songs are playing around the world.

Certain phones like the iPhone don’t come with a radio, so you’ll need to utilize certain internet streaming based Radio Apps to get the job done. Of course there are lots of free Internet Radio apps that you can download and use it on your device. Even people with radio’s on their device hardly ever use it because you get broadcasts from only that certain area. Internet radio on the other hand handles almost all available Radio stations across the world and requires an active internet connection.

One such Radio App that I’d like to discuss and recommend to all those music lovers is TuneIn Radio. The best thing about this App is that it’s available across many different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows etc. And to make things better, TuneIn Radio is available for free on most of the platforms and provides you with the ability to choose between over 40,000 radio stations from all over the world. And it’s not just music, you can also listen to live Podcasts, Talk Shows and much more.

Why do I recommend this to you? Well, first of all it’s a very easy to use application and isn’t heavy on your phone and won’t take lot of storage, secondly if you’re connected to the internet via a fast Wi-Fi connection then you can listen to the radio non-stop without facing any buffering problems. I use this almost everyday and not once I have had to wait for the music to load. The sound quality is amazing even at 64kbps, but you also get the option to stream music at 320kbps if you want to make use of those brand new headphones that you spent a fortune on!!

For iOS devices like iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad the TuneIn Radio App will cost you $0.99, requires iOS 3.0 or later and can be downloaded from the App Store.

For Android Devices, you can either search using your phone’s Android Market or download it from the Android Web Market. Doesn’t cost a penny and requires Android OS 1.5 and later.

For devices running on Palm’s webOS(basically Palm Pre and Pixi) you can download the TuneIn Radio App from here. Requires webOS version 1.4.0 and yes its FREE.

If you happen to own a Samsung Bada OS device like the Wave and Wave II you can download TuneIn Radio from Samsung Apps.

To get TuneIn Radio for Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry you’ll have to visit TuneIn from your device and download it directly.

Also available for Google TV, Yahoo TV and Roku. For more information visit TuneIn.

Do try out this amazing radio app and give us your feedback and also other such Radio Apps.

Better You Tube Google Chrome Extension Makes You Tube Video watching Simple

There are loads of Google Chrome extensions available on the internet that enhances the users browsing experience, some of them are just for fun while some are very useful. So recently I came across a very useful Google Chrome extension called as BetterYouTube. Basically this You Tube extension enhances the video streaming process on YouTube by eliminating the clutter and giving a very minimalist look.



BetterYouTube extension alters the entire look of You Tube page by stretching video and moving it to the screens center for a very comfortable viewing. These are the things that Better YouTube extension does:

  • Centralizes comments
  • Removal of ads from the entire Homescreen
  • Removing promoted videos
  • Auto hiding the suggestions
  • Remove ads from the search

With this extension installed, users can focus on the video with a very clean looking page. So if we summarize all the BetterYouTube features then we can say that it moves the video to the center position and automatically resizes it so that users can view it comfortably. Moreover, it also centers comments and also auto-hides the video suggestion that can be accessed any time from top-right corner of that particular page. But this auto-hiding thing of video suggestions is a feature that most users will not appreciate because this will make searching for videos distributed in parts a hassle. But overall I think this is quite a useful and cool utility for users who spend a lot of time on YouTube.

Do let us know if you know about any other useful Youtube chrome extension?