HP Mini 210 Specifications and Features

HP Mini 210 is a netbook from one of the greatest laptop companies, Hewlett-Packard(HP). It has a 1 GB RAM and 160 GB hard disk. It uses Intel Atom Processor N450,1.66GHz. It has a resolution of 1024 x 600(10.1 inches). It uses Microsoft Windows 7 Starter 32-bit as the operating system. It has 3 USB Ports and a 5 in 1 card reader. It has a webcam with microphone. This netbook is very light with its weight at just 1.22 kg.

It has Bluetooth and Ethernet. It uses 6-cell Lithium-ion as the battery. It has a WSVGA LED Display. Now, let me summarize the above.

1. 1 GB Ram and 160 GB hard disk.
2. Intel Atom Processor, 1.66Ghz.
3. Resolution of 1024 x 600(10.1 inches).
4. Microsoft Windows 7 Starter 32-bit.
5. 3 USB Poets and a 5 in 1 card reader.
6. Webcam with microphone.
7. Weight = 1.22 kg.
8. Bluetooth and Ethernet.
9. 6-cell Lithium-ion battery.
10. WSVGA LED Display.

The price of HP Mini 210 is around Rs. 16,000.

This netbook has some great features and a low-cost so if you are looking for a netbook you should think about this one. Do comment.

Remove Voicemail button from iPhone with NoVoiceMail Cydia Tweak

If you are one of those iPhone users whose carrier does not support Voicemail service or does support but you don’t use it anyway, then here’s a Cydia tweak for your iPhone that you’ll really like. NoVoiceMail is a free app that hides the voicemail button from iPhone’s Phone.app. Thanks to folks at BlogsDna to let us know about this useful Cydia App.

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Imgur: Fantastic Way to Upload and Share Multiple Images

We need instant image sharing many times specially when we have to share screenshots. There is a lot of websites to share images online but there are many restrictions in most of the image sharing websites. Suppose we want to upload an image on TinyPic, we have to enter CAPTCHA code every time we upload an image. Besides most of the websites do not support multiple image upload and we have to upload images one by one. There are only few websites offer free and multiple image upload and they do not delete your images.


Make Your Images Attractive:

Imgur Easy and Lovely service for image sharing

Imgur is a website with which you can upload multiple file either from your computer or from specified internet URL. The upload is fine and never been interrupted. We can also resize uploaded image according to our needs. The user interface of this website is attractive and it uses flash version as default which shows the upload progress bar. You can also switch to HTML version if your browser does not support flash version.

Top Features of Imgur Image Sharing service

  • Upload image file without any hassle such as CAPTCHA
  • Upload multiple image files
  • Upload image from image file URL
  • Allows you to use direct link of image for website layout
  • Nice flash interface
  • Image custom resize option
  • Meet the large community of Imgur by browsing uploaded images
  • Direct image bookmarking options such as Twitter,Digg,Facebook,Reddit etc.

Website Homepage

So if you use image sharing, don’t forget to give a chance to Imgur and share your experience.

What is Thunderbolt?

Thunderbolt, the collaborative venture of Intel and Apple, was introduced today in the new line of Macbook Pro’s by Apple. Apparently the next big thing, it is quoted to be the most powerful, most flexible I/O technology in a personal computer.

This technology aims at replacing interconnects like FireWire, USB, and others with connections of up to 10 Gbps of full-duplex bandwidth per channel. Thunderbolt is based on the fundamental concept: create an incredibly fast input/output technology that just about anything can plug into. This line of thought has been incorporated by allowing multiple, high-performance, PCI Express and DisplayPort devices to attach to a computer through a single physical connector. Continue reading What is Thunderbolt?

6 Free & Beautiful WinterBoard iPhone Themes for Jailbroken iPhone

Whether you have a Mobile Phone or Laptop, everybody loves applying beautiful and decent looking themes on them, according to taste. iPhone is full of applications and various themes, as the there is a huge choice for you to select themes, but here I have compiled the list of 6 beautiful iPhone Winterboard iPhone Themes.

Steps to Follow for Installation

  1. You need to Add modmyi source in Cydia
  2. Search for the theme, and click on install
  3. Activate the theme from Winterboard in Settings option.

For installing these themes on your iPhone, your iPhone must be Jailbroken. Here are the iPhone themes:

Matte Nano

Matte Nano
Matte Nano











I am sure, you will love all these themes on your iPhone. If you have any other beautiful theme for iPhone, Do share with us.

VLC Streamer: Stream and Watch Videos on Your iPhone/iPad

Apple removed the very helpful VLC Player from the App Store last month due to copyright infringement. So there wasn’t any way to download VLC Player for iPhone, unless you already had the app installed when it was released. Soon after, another VLC App was developed for download from the Cydia Store on a Jailbroken iOS device. Now what if you don’t want to Jailbreak your device, but still want to be able to watch all those movies on your hard drive? You can do so with the help of an app known as VLC Streamer.

Although it’s not an official VLC App, developed by Hobbyist Software, it’s as good as having the original VLC Player on your iOS device. VLC Streamer doesn’t require you to store any movies, videos or music on your device as it streams the movie over an active Wi-Fi connection. A really good option if you don’t like to load your iPhone or iPad with too many movies. To make this work you’ll need to download a desktop software from Hobbyist Software that helps create a network between your desktop and your iOS device to stream movies seamlessly. You can use VLC Streamer to watch movies in almost all the formats that VLC can play. The Desktop helper is a simple tool and installs itself, after that the VLC Streamer app will automatically connect to your desktop and you can start watching movies right away.

There are two versions of the VLC Streamer App, a Free version with ads and another one without ads that will cost you just $0.99 to download from the app store.

The VLC Streamer helper is available for download on Windows, Mac and also Linux.

Download the VLC Streamer Free from Apple iTunes and the VLC Streamer from Apple iTunes. The App is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requires iOS 4.0 and above.

Android Honeycomb 3.0 Gets Ported to Nexus One, Still in Alpha Stage

It comes as a no-surprise, at least to me and all those people who’ve watched the Nook Color running Android Honeycomb. Recently the complete and final version of the Android SDK was released but unfortunately the developer who managed to run Android 3.0 on his Nexus One used the Preview SDK. Didn’t Google say that the Android Honeycomb is a tablet only OS, looks like it’s not.

Well, the port isn’t a complete success as most of the important things that need to be running on a phone don’t seem to function with the Honeycomb on board. Of course the developer used the Preview SDK and thus you really can’t expect most of the things to work at this stage. Wi-fi, Data connectivity, accelerometer, sound, camera, bluetooth and many other things don’t work. The 3D performance is very buggy and slow, but hey it still works on a Nexus One. That’s something really interesting!!

This marvelous port came from the famous XDA-Developers as usual and the developer will probably try and develop it better now that the full SDK is available for download. Although I don’t think it’s very practical to run Honeycomb on such a small screen and with the tablet optimized UI, but hey..weirder things have been happening. Watch the video of the Nexus One running Honeycomb after the break.

If you happen to own a Nexus One and want to try out the Android Honeycomb 3.0, you can visit this Forum at XDA-Developers, and download the port. If you get it running on your Nexus One, do tell us about it!!