Can We Play PlayStation 2 Games on PC?


Definitely we can play PlayStation 2 games on PC if our PC hardware is good enough to do this. We can really enjoy most of PS2 games with an amazing and unique PC emulator PCSX2. A community of developers is rapidly improving this free Windows software. Now this emulator is much efficient to run many PS2 games.

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psx2pc-gameplay pcx2-gameplay

To use this emulator properly we need a minimum PC hardware requirements as given below:

  • Minimum Core 2 Duo 3.0 GHz Intel Processor ( better if it is over clocked)
  • Minimum 2GB RAM
  • A fine working graphics acceleration device with 1GB video memory supporting pixel shader ( such as ASUS GeForce GTS 450 )

If your PC is able to fulfill these minimum requirements then you can surely think to play PlayStation games on your computer with PCSX2 emulator

You can download PCSX2 for free

How to play PS2 games with PCSX2

  • Download the emulator package
  • Install it and get configuration guide from PCSX2 website
  • After configuring emulator properly, load PS2 game from DVD drive or load a PS2 ISO image to play.

This emulator is rapidly in beta so be updated with latest version of emulator and don’t  forget to report a bug to PCSX2 website.

How To Transfer Tata DOCOMO Prepaid Balance To Other DOCOMO Users

You will be happy to know  that we you can share talk time with anyone using TataDOCOMO and it is very easy to do this. Tata DOCOMO offers BuddyNet service with which you can avail this awesome scheme. For using it first you have to join BuddyNet

After being a BuddyNet do the following steps

  • Type a message BT<space>Mobile number of friend<space>Amount of balance transfer and send it to 54321
  • After a few seconds your friend’s DOCOMO mobile number will be recharged with requested amount of balance transfer


  1. Sent SMS to 54321 will be charged Re.1 and you can also get your amount back by sending this SMS again for free
  2. Don’t use this service if transferable amount is less than Re.1  because if you do so the SMS will be charged without a successful transaction
  3. If you want your transferred amount back to your account then type RBT<Space>Transaction ID and send it to 54321 and your transfered amount will be refunded to your account

So go to DOCOMO to enjoy this service

Create Google Chrome Themes with CRX Theme Creator

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers because it makes browsing fun and easy with lots of useful and entertaining extension. Apart from useful extensions and plugins there are various themes available for Google chrome but if you don’t those theme then you can create your own Google Chrome theme with CRX theme creator.  You can personalize your theme, or if you are a brand owner, you can use it for your branding purpose. If you are a geek, you might not want a miss to learn something new.

CRX Theme Creator is free software and it provides you various features to create a customized Google Chrome theme of your choice that to very easily. Here are few simple steps to create your own Google Chrome Theme:

How to create Chrome Theme using CRX Theme creator:

  • Download CRX Theme Creator from Official Website.
  • Once Downloaded you will require a PNG format image which can be used as Google Chrome theme image.
  • Now run the program CRX, you will see the preview of the image selected.

Google Chrome Theme Creator

  • You can now customize the image, color, tab, toolbar etc.


  • Once customized, you can click on “View Theme” to check out the preview of created theme.
  • Now click on “Pack Theme” and you are done.

Google Chrome utilities:

  • Game Button: Play Tons of Free Games on Google Chrome
  • Google Chrome Browser Gets Voice Search

Now you can enjoy your customized theme on Google Chrome. So, even if you are not creative, CRX theme creator will help you to create amazing and attractive Google Chrome themes for free and it’s true fun to create themes in CRX Theme Creator. Give it a try and don’t forget to share your creative feedback with us.

Turn Your iPhone into an ECG Machine with iPhonECG App

This new iPhone App and also a clinical device attaches to your iPhone and does wonderful things that normally you’d have to pay a huge sum for. The app is called the iPhonECG and i’m sure just by the name you’d have known that attached with the case this app turns the iPhone into an ECG reading machine. It also works with the iPod Touch and the iPad, though obviously not as a case.

The case connects to the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad via Bluetooth and it’s supposed to hit the market with a price tag close of $100 including the app. The case is developed by a company called AliveCor and has two electrodes behind the case that isn’t as great as a real ECG machine but does the job quite well monitoring your heart rates and patterns. Check out the video below and see how it works:

The device will be showcased at CES next week. Thus, once it’s launch you won’t have to spend a lot on medical checkups of your heart, that is if you trust this device.