Adobe Photoshop Express for iPhone and iPad Updated

Adobe Photoshop Express is a great tool, which carries the prestige and editing powers of the original Adobe Photoshop and selectively embeds them into the iOS app. It lets you use simple hand gestures to edit and upload photos online using your iPhone and iPad.

It uses the storage facilities of to save all your photos and use and edit them whenever you want. Now there’s a new version, the Photoshop Express App has been updated to version 1.5 and now requires iOS 4.2 and higher to run and utilize the operating systems multi-tasking and Retina display on the iPhone 4.

Adobe Photoshop Express provides a variety of editing tools such as one-touch effects, crop, rotate, flip, adjusting colors, contrast, adding filters like soft focus and sketch and let’s you undo, redo and also keep the original as it is and save a copy.

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Also with the new update you can keep your photos for uploading to, Facebook or other sites and then do other things on your device. It also has it’s own photo capturing tool and takes photos using your iPhone camera.

You can download this easy to use and reliable photo editing App from the App Store and it’s free.

Let us know what other photo editing tools do you use on your iOS device?

WidgetLocker: Add New Sliders and Widgets on Android Lock Screen

Normally you just get one unlock slider for the Android’s lock screen, one for the sound and another for unlocking the screen. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could directly access other useful widgets without unlocking the screen, such as the phone dialer or Messages or Gmail. This new app from a developer Teslacoil would help you with this and let you customize your Android Lock Screen.

It’s called the WidgetLocker and it will allow you do customize the Android Lock screen by addition of new sliders, App shortcuts and widgets on the Lock screen. You can also hide your notification bar using this app and to add more items on the lock screen you’ll just have to long press like on the home screen. The app is really beautiful and has many other options too, but comes with a price. It’s not free as it’ll cost you about $1.99 and only supports Android OS version 2.1 or Android 2.2.

More Android Apps:

You can download the app from the Android Market on your Android Phone by searching for WidgetLocker or from Official Website. You could also use this Barcode below to download it directly via your phone using a Barcode Reader App.

What do you think of this amazing and useful app? I found it very useful. Do try it out.

5 Free Sharing Apps for iPhone Users

iPhone is very useful especially for professionals who can keep track of work on go. iPhone apps provides you ease to maintain fianance, check emails, read feeds and more. There are few apps which many of the iPhone users ignore but they are very useful when it comes to share important files, documents via your iPhone.

Here are 5 free iPhone apps which will make sharing files easy on iPhone.


This is one of my favorite app to share files via iPhone.  DropBox allows you to share and share files via email or any other app. You can also check out pictures, videos, presentations and export files to other iPhone apps. You can also save the videos and images clicked via your iPhone to DropBox.


[ Download Link ]


This is an interesting way to share your music files, messages to your friends. When you want to share messages you just need to bump two phones together. You can also message to your friends who are away by adding them as a friend and sending message.


[ Download Link] allows you to view and share files and folders easily with anyone. It supports word, Excel, PDF, images and Box web docs. It provides you option to save files on iPhone and iPad while you are offline and you can also add/reply to comments on files and folders.


[ Download Link ]

Files Lite:

Files Lite helps you to store and share files via email and PC easily. It supports file formats like Microsoft documents, PDF, RTf, HTML, Apple iWork and text documents, images, videos, audios etc. But you would be requiring a Wi-fi connection to share files and documents.

Files Lite.jpg

[ Download Link ]

Briefcase lite:


It helps you to connect and browse to Mac and other network. You can share file with other briefcase iPhone users and upload files and transfer files to Mac and view remote files too.

[ Download Link ]

5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

In today’s world, computer has been indispensable to accomplish any type of job or duty. It is very much essential to keep your computer in healthy condition. Or else, whatever the configuration of your computer may be, if it is not maintained properly, then its performance will be affected for sure. Following are some of the major steps you should follow to speed up your computer.

 speed up your computer
speed up your computer


To make the processing of your computer easier, undergo defragmentation, while retrieving and making changes to a file. This process will keep all the fragments of a changed file together and in line so that the pressure on the processor will be less.

This tool can  prove to be pretty helpful in defragmenting your hard drive :

Smart Defrag


Do not let your computer to be a pray before viruses. They will use the power of processor to strengthen themselves and eat up the memory too.

If they will not be checked at right point of time, these viruses will start infecting all the other files on your PC and leave it almost useless. So always keep your PC protected from viruses by installing a powerful anti-virus program.

If you can’t afford a paid version then here you can download the best free antivirus for your protection :


Boot up optimization

This can be done pretty easily, what you need to do is edit the stuff that starts up when your pc boots.

Go to run and type msconfig and hit enter. Now select the startup tab and choose only the needed applications to boot at the start up. Un-select all other application those are not essential to boot up.

This action will minimize the pressure on the processor at the start up.

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Memory management

Memory being is the most important portion of the computer it needs to be managed with proper care.

  • Delete all the unimportant and duplicate files and programs stored in the memory.
  • Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall all unnecessary programs.

Disk/Drive Scans

After being used for some time, the disks in your PC develop bad sectors. When the processor passes through these bad sectors, then the PC gets crashed. So check your disk regularly.

For this I would like to recommend a paid application suite called Uniblue Power Suite. It’s worth the cost!

But if you know any free tool which can prove to be pretty efficient in speeding up your computer then do share it with us, your fellow geeks.

5 Best ways to speed up your computer

How to Use UltraSurf Proxy Software to Access Blocked Website

Earlier I informed you about a proxy software call Ultrasurf which will help you to unblock any websites. Ultrasurf is a light weight software which helps you to unblock websites using proxy. Here I’m sharing a quick tutorial on how you can use Ultrasurf to unblock any website. Ultrasurf works with all the browser but by default it works with Internet explorer.

How to Use Ultrasurf?

Download and open Ultrasurf

ultrasurf-screenIf you are connected directly to Internet you will see status as Successfully connected to server.

How to Connect to Ultrasurf server behind proxy?

If you are behind proxy, you will be required to make changes in settings to connect Ultrasurf to it’s server. Specially in collages where admin offers squid or IIS proxy to connect to internet, you might need to change proxy settings.


Click on options > Proxy setting > Manual proxy settings

and enter proxy settings which you need to enter to connect to Internet.

How to change Browser settings to connect to Internet using Ultrasurf?

If you are using Internet explorer, you will be able to connect to internet without making any changes using Ultrasurf. But if you are using Firefox or Flock browser, you need to change your proxy settings of browser to  to connect to Internet.


So far I have found Ultrasurf to be one of the best way to connect to Internet using proxy and surf all blocked websites. You can also take help of 5 best free VPN client to access all blocked websites.

Do let us know if you use Ultrasurf or any other software to access blocked websites in your campus?

Easily Browse Files on Apple Devices with iPhone Explorer

iPhone Explorer is an iPhone browser for Mac & PC that lets you browse the files and folders on your iPhone like a normal USB flash drive or pen drive. It lets you use an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as if it were in disk mode or a flash drive.

You can use the easy drag-and-drop methods to add or remove files and folders from the iPhone. It is compatible with all iPhones and iPod Touches including the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 firmware.It requires iTunes to be installed on your machine before you could use it. This application is really very useful if you are using any of these Apple Devices.

iPhone Explorer

Highlights of iPhone Explorer

  • 100% Freeware

iPhone Explorer is 100% free, fully functional and does not have any subscription or other limitations.

  • Works on both Mac and Windows

iPhone Explorer works on Mac OSX 10.5 and OSX 10.6, and it’ll run on Windows XP, Vista or 7. It works with both 32 and 64 bit systems.

  • Works with or without Jailbreaking

iPhone Explorer does not requires you to jailbreak your device since it hacks into your iPhone. It has ways to control the iPhone even better than iTunes, and the best part is, all you need to do is plug any iPhone, iTouch or iPad into the computer and start browsing your files and folder with its intuitive drag and drop interface.

Features of iPhone Explorer

  • Modify files & folders on iPhone
  • USB iPhone Disk Mode (Use an iPhone as a Thumb or Pen Drive)
  • Preview Files before Transferring
  • Works with all Apple Devices
  • View Pictures and Photos
  • Very Small Footprint
  • Access to Email, SMS, Voicemail and Address Book
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Automatic Upgrades

iPhone Explorer for Mac


  • Mac Requirements:
    • Mac OSX 10.5, 10.6 or later
    • iTunes latest
    • A USB Connector for the iPod device
  • Windows Requirements:
    • Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
    • iTunes 9 or later
    • A USB Connector for the iPod device
  • iPod Compatibility:
    • iPad (all generations)
    • iPhone (all generations)
    • iPod Touch (all generations)

Download iPhone Explorer

You can download the iPhone Explorer from their official website. The download links for both PC and Mac OS are given below:

Do let us know your opinion about iPhone explorer ?

Themeit App for iPhone, the Theme Store via Cydia

Recently Cydia was updated with Manage Account feature that lets you backup and restore all your applications, now they’ve added another cool new feature that makes browsing for themes very easy. An all new themes section has been added to the new Cydia update and to make use of this feature a new startup has launched a theme only app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad . The App is known as Themeit and it also has it’s own website and a teaser video to show you what themes are all about.

This app functions via the newly updated Theme feature of Cydia and gives users a taste of  some really awesome themes. I really enjoyed their collection, even though the app is quite new, it has some decent collection of really good themes.Watch the video below to know more about this app;

You can download the Themeit App from here, also visit their website Themeitapp.

BSNL Introduces 3G Data Plans for India iPad Users

BSNL is the fastest player in the 3G revolution, In India they have got 3G at the first rank. BSNL has again topped the list by releasing unlimited 3G data plan for iPad users. Whereas iPad is yet to be officially launched in India, but there are some users who are already having an iPad or willing to buy it. This offering will be recognized as a new campaign from BSNL.


iPad is the tablet which supports micro SIM, so taking care about it, BSNL is offering micro SIM required for iPad.

BSNL is well known for its cheap and affordable plan prices. This time 3G data plans for iPad is ranging from Rs.99 to Rs. 999 without any data cap. If you are going to purchase a new micro SIM for you iPad it will be costing you Rs.100 and you will get 1GB 3G data usage for 6 months on subscription.

Price details for BSNL Customers

  • BSNL Prepaid Customers
    • Unlimited Data plan for Rs. 999 (Validity: 30 Days)
    • Unlimited Daily usage plan Rs.99 (Validity: 1 Day)
    • Limited Data Plan Rs. 599 for 6GB and 1p/10KB (over usage) (Validity: 30 Days)
  • BSNL Postpaid Customers
    • Activation Charges: Rs. 100
    • Unlimited Data Plan for Rs. 999 (Validity: 30 Days)

Price of the 3G data plans for iPad is affordable and you can surely go for it. What is your opinion about the pricing limits?


3 Best Websites to Download Royalty Free Images

Download Royalty Free Images

Whether you are a Graphic Designer, Media professional, Health expert, catering to Advertising sector, whatever may be the field you are working in, if you are in search of a good relevant image, definitely Google Image Search is of great help to you.

Millions of users are getting the benefit of this technology for free. But you need to be sure that you have the rights to use the images that you obtain from Google/Yahoo image search. And thus in order to make sure that you face no copyright problems in future, here are 3 websites that you can surf in order to download royalty free images that are available for you to use.

Websites to download Royalty free Images



Gettyimages, which caters to digital media throughout the world, is filled with royalty-free stock photography, editorial images, footage, music and multimedia, so that the communicators would be able to get their required pieces without any hassle.


Corbisimages is loaded with images mostly from health, nature, sports sector and it is also helpful for them who search for images from current subjects.


It has compiled millions of secured, royalty-free images, vector illustrations, visuals, audio tracks and Flash files in Istockphoto.

The site is rich with collection of over 4.5 million images, vector illustrations, flash files, visuals and audio of over 75,000 performers.


You can use images of PhotoXpress both for personal and professional purpose. Whether it’s meat for web site design, brochure illustrations, advertisements, editorial illustrations or anything else you can download 10 high quality images a day for free.


Enviable options of royalty-free photos and illustrations for websites, newspapers, magazines, video and television productions, iPhone applications, PowerPoint presentations, forums, blogs and school works are awaiting you in Freedigitalphotos. And yes, if you want an image of high resolution to be used for printing or graphic designing purpose, you have to buy it. The site also has a bright opportunity for photographers to share and sell their photos.

So, I guess these sites should be more than enough to cater all your needs for downloading royalty free images If you do use any of the other websites that we haven’t listed here, but find it pretty useful then please consider sharing it with us!

5 Useful Safari Extension to Increase your Productivity

If you use Safari browser than you might be aware that Safari 5.0.1 provides you the option of using extensions, which is very useful for geeks. There are lots of extensions available for Safari browser and if you are still using the old Safari version than I would suggest you to upgrade to new Safari version and experience the useful extensions. If you are not aware how to enable extensions in Safari then you can check out our previous Safari Extension article.

Here I am listing 5 must have Safari Extension which will help you to increase your productivity and save your time. is one of the most popular URL shortening service and it’s safari extension is equally useful. It helps you to shorten URL quickly. You just need to click on extension button to get current viewing page URL shortened.

[ Download Link ]



Little Snapper gives you option to comment, rate and snap any article/page you are reading with just click of a button.

[ Download Link ]

Awesome Screenshot:

Awesome Screenshot.jpg

Awesome Screenshot extension helps you to take screenshot of any page very easily. It also gives you options like adding arrows and shapes, bluring image, change colors, text etc.

[ Download Link ]



WebWatch extension helps you to track time you spend on any website. It shows you timer just near the address bar, if you want you can reset the timer.

[ Download Link ]

Live CSS:


Live CSS extension helps you to change the CSS of web page. when you will click the extension button, it will open up the editor box to edit the CSS.

[ Download Link ]

If you are using Safari Browser and aware of more productive extensions then do share with us.