Timewerks: Time Tracking & Billing App for iPhone

If you have to deal with clients than you might always want to keep track of projects, invoice or bill. What if you are out and you want to enter or view data of any client? I came across an iPhone app which will help you to keep track of all important data of your client. It’s Timewerks which efficiently handle your client information, project details, Billing and more.



Here are the useful features of Timewerks:

  • It helps you to track time which you spend on each project with the help of stopwatch, even if application is closed
  • Easy to track and ass timesheet hours
  • Help you to keep invoice, bills, expenses etc handy
  • You can create, print and send email to your clients with your company logo.
  • Supports multiple currencies and easily calculate sales tax.
  • It also accepts credit card payments with the help of integration with CC terminal
  • Manages clients records

These are just few useful features, there are more features in Timewreks. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The only factor which you might to think about is its price which is $ 9.99 but there is lite version of TimeWerk is also available and if you think that it’s worth spending and suits your requirement then here is the download link of iTunes to download Timewerks.

5 Online Tools to Check Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Twitter is best way to keep in touch with information and blogger. Everyone wants lots of followers on Twitter, it seems to be a kind of status symbol online. Sometimes you do have lots of followers on Twitter but suddenly they start decreasing. There might be many reasons like spamming, useless tweets, too much of personal tweets etc.

If you want to know who has unfollowed you on Twitter then here are few tools which are free and quick way to find out who has unfollowed you.


Tweeteffect don’t require any auth login or registration, it’s too quick to find the number or Twitter user unfollowed us. It also gives you the final update that how many followers you lost and how many you have gained. Apart from your account, you can also check other’s account details also. So if you want to spy on someone, do try this out


[ Link ]


For accessing GoodByeBuddy, you need to sign in with your Twitter account. It provides you the graph of your account details like followers, friends etc and also provide you the list of Twitter users unfollowed you. It also gives information when you checked the stats of your Twitter account.


[ Link ]


Quitter is bit different than other tools, it will provide you an email which you give you number of Tweeps unfollowed you and give the names of those Twitter users. You will receive daily email for the list of unfollowers and for this you just need to enter your Twitter ID and email ID and you are done.


[ Link ]

Lost a follower:

Lost a follower tool is same like Quitter, it will send you an email whenever you will lose any follower with Twitter user name and your last tweet before they unfollowed you. This feature will be helpful for you when you want to analysis why people are unfollowing you.

Lost a follower

[ Link ]

Who unfollowed me:

This tool will provide you the list of the unfollowers in every 15 minutes. You don’t need to wait for emails or direct message. You even get an opportunity to call out when someone unfollowed you.


[ Link ]

Do you keep track of followers who quit? If yes then do try out these tools and if you are aware of more than do share with us.

5 Useful Blog Editing Apps for iPhone

iPhone apps are to increase your productivity. If you are blogger you must be aware that what how it feels when we miss any important update to share with our readers. But if you have an iPhone, use it efficiently and publish the post right from your iPhone. Here I have listed 5 blog editing applications which will help you to publish your post from your iPhone.


BlogPress is one of the popular apps for iPhone. It supports Blogspot, WordPress, TypePad, Drupal, Joomla, Tumblr and many more. Apart from editing and publishing articles, it also provide features like Twitter and Facebook integration, Geo tags and Google Maps, ease to upload pictures and edit articles.


Price: $2.99

[ Download Link ]


iBlogger is compatible with Blogspot, TypePad, WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal etc. It also supports the plugins to provide you ease in configuration and compatibility for blog hosting services. Easy to configure and you can also change the signatures in settings. It does allow you to add pictures, edit and publish post too.


Price: $9.99

[ Download Link ]

Blog Writer:

Blog Writer provides you both blog editor as well as RSS feed in one application. It supports Blogspot, WordPress, MSN Live Space and Metaweblog. Provides multi-language support, edit and publish post including pictures. Supports Geotag feature and embed it in posts.


Price: $1.99

[ Download Link ]


I don’t find TypePad so useful when we compare it with other paid blog editing apps but if you want to choose for a free app then you must give a try to TypePad. It is useful to connect with TypePad and do provide all basic features like writing post, editing post , adding images etc.


Price: Free

[ Download Link ]

More iPhone apps for Bloggers:


As the name suggests, WordPress app for iPhone only supports WordPress blogs. It does provide all useful features which you want while publishing any article via your iPhone or other iOS devices. It supports editing or publishing posts, adding images, tagging etc.


Price: Free

[ Download Link ]

These apps are free as well as paid, you can download any one of them according to your requirement. If you are already using any blog editing app for iPhone, do share with us.

10 Websites to Download Free eBooks

Internet is a gold mine of free eBooks available on several websites. You can search and download many free eBooks available. Below are the 10 awesome websites those offer free eBook search and download at a very large scale. On these website you can also download eBooks for your mobile phone in mobile compatible formats such as ePub and Mobipocket.

Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is a large source to download free available eBooks. With Project Gutenberg you can download  not only eBooks for PC as well as specialized mobile formats such as Mobipocket. You can also get eBooks for iPad,Kindle,Android etc. [link]

Google Books


Google  Books is a rapidly growing online free and paid eBooks source. You can read free eBooks on Google Books. You can also get preview of paid eBooks on Google Books. [link]



Mega-PDF is online eBooks search engine which shows eBooks from various sources. You are not redirected to any third party download page and you get download link directly. [link]

Read Print


Read print is a knowledge database for teachers and student or anyone eager to gain knowledge. You can read books online here. [link]



Free-eBooks.net is a huge resource of free eBooks available. You can download books in PDF,Mobipocket,ePub or plain text format. [link]



It is also a very good source of free online books and it does not redirect you to any third website. [link]



It is an incredible source of free eBooks. It provides detailed information on a book and you can browse eBooks by authors,titles,genres,language. It offers eBook download in many formats such as ePub,iPod,Mobipocket,Rocketbook,Sony reader,jar,HTML,PDF etc. [link]



With Smash-words you can download a lot of free eBooks and also buy paid eBooks in different formats e.g. ePub,Kindle and Palm doc. You can also publish an eBook on this website if you have rights to publish it. link

PDF geni

pdf geni

PDF geni is an internet eBooks search engine. It searches free PDF eBooks available on different websites and shows the direct link of eBooks. [link]

Feed Books


Feed books is a good website to get free eBooks. You can download eBooks in different formats such as ePub,kindle and PDF. Besides you can also register and publish your own eBooks on this website. [link]

I am sure that now your search for ebooks will get easy with above websites.

Two Best PDF Reader Applications for Symbian S60 Mobiles

Symbian OS is not so lucky in case of good PDF readers. There are not many options for users because most of PDF readers are not working well. After reviewing many PDF viewer Symbian tools I have selected two good working PDF readers for Symbian S60.



It is an excellent tool works on sereis60 3rd and 5th both editions. This tool is free. It is a fast working PDF reader having advanced pro features.It is compatible to large PDF files. You can read any specific page i.e. you can jump to any page of PDF. You can search text in PDF file. It supports most of touch screen Symbian mobile phones. It is also available for iPhone and iPod touch.

Some example supported Phone Models

Nokia E72,Nokia N95,SAMSUNG i8910 HD,Nokia 5233(touch),Sony Ericsson Satio etc.

Download this Application

Adobe Reader LE


It is developed by Quick Office in collaboration with Adobe. It is not a free S60 application.It supports large PDF files. It works on Symbian S60 3rd and 5th versions.Besides English You can read PDF in French, Italian, German, and Spanish. It gives a cool experience of PDF reading on mobile phone with smooth scrolling,keyword search,zooming etc.

Some example supported Phone Models

Nokia N97,Samsung i8910,Nokia 5800 etc.

Buy this Application

If you are using any PDF application then do share with us.

5 Software to Reveal Asterisk Hidden Password

If you are the one who prefer to have different accounts online for different needs then I am sure you would be having lots of accounts for personal emails, official emails, messengers etc. And if you are a person who spent your maximum time online then you would be using lots of useful online tools.

Remembering password of so many accounts is difficult but if you have saved your password in your browser then you can reveal any password which is seen in asterisk (*****). Here are such software which can reveal the password behind the asterisk.

Asterisk Key:

This is one of the most popular software to reveal asterisk passwords. Asterisk is so easy and user-friendly that there is no surprise that people prefer to use it. You just need to open the program for which you need the password and click on “Recover” and you are done. It also provides you multilingual option for recovering passwords.


[ Download Link ]

Worth Reading:


MessenPass can recover all popular messengers including Gtalk, Digsby, Yahoo messenger, Windows live messenger, MSN messenger, AOL, Trillian, MySpace IM and more. The best part as soon as you will start MessenPass, it will automatically detect the messenger and displays the password by decrypting it.


[ Download Link ]

Show Password:

It is a simple and quick way to find hidden password in aksterisks. Just open the tab or window having the password to be recovered, move the mouse cursor to it and you will get the password in characters. You can also set the password and set it in hidden asterisk for security.


[ Download Link ]

Password Viewer:

Password Viewer is portable executable thus don’t require any installation. To reveal the hidden password, you need to just need to click on “Hand” icon and drag that to the password input field in browser. As soon as you will drag, it will provide you the character in the password box.


[ Download Link ]

Password Spectator:

Password Spectator is quick to install. To reveal hidden asterisk password with Password Spectator you just need to open the browser/tab having the password you want to reveal and then press and hold the ctrl Key. Now move the mouse to mouse to password box and press the left mouse button.


[ Download Link ]

If you are the one who often forget your password then don’t forget to try above software and if you are using any other software do share with us.