5 Free Chrome Web Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Google always try to launch products which help to increase productivity and it goes same with Google Chrome web apps. Google provides few very useful web apps for Chrome which helps you to stay productive. Here I am listing few of them, which I feel most useful and do save our time.

More Apps to increase productivity:

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5 free productive web apps for Chrome:


When it’s about productivity, you can’t ignore Evernote. Evernote helps you to note down your ideas, important topics. You can also add pictures, audio files, PDF, attach webpages and more. All your notes can be easily synchronized with any version you use.


[ Download Link ]

Picknik photo editor:

As a blogger we need to edit images very often. Picknik do that very effectively that is it provides all useful feature to edit any image. Apart from that it also connects to photo sharing websites like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa etc.


[ Download Link ]


Box is based on cloud content management solution and thus allows you to share, manage and access files online anytime and anywhere. You can share files with URL, upload files online and can access from any device including Android, Blackberry, iPhone etc. You can also share folders with your team.


[ Download Link ]


Not an Evernote fan to note down daily task? Then Todo.ly is for you to manage your daily task. You can easily manage your tasks into projects or subprojects. It is easy to use and you can easily search the tasks because you can adds due dates to your task which makes sorting of tasks easy.


[ Download Link ]


Ge.tt helps you to share files in real time that is you don’t need to upload the files and then share. You can share the files instantly. Ge.tt also gives you statistics of any files, photos which you shared on social networks including Twitter so that you can track the number of download of your files.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using any Chrome Web application then do share with us which one is your favorite?

FileHippo Update Checker: Get Notified About Updated Software’s

One way to make sure your system is secure and bug free is by keeping updated version of any software. There are many software’s which notifies you when ever a software is updated. Out of all software’s, I love the FileHippo update checker from Filehippo. Filehippo is one of the reliable website to download software’s and they have created this software to check latest version of software “ FileHippo update checker”, which is a desktop based software.

This software check your system for all installed software and match with latest version (Online) to notify you when an update of any software is available.


Along with essential updates, it also shows beta updates in another column. Usually I skip beta updates and wait for stable release. Though this is my personal choice and you can download beta updates.

Download Filehippo update checker.

2 Geeky Ways to Change Folder Background in Windows XP

You may be habitual to change Windows desktop background image easily via desktop properties. Have you ever thought to change background of a folder? We can change the background of a folder easily in Windows XP.

Below are two simple methods to change the background image of a folder in Win XP.

By  desktop.ini file

  • First make right click on the folder and go to its properties > Customize > change icon
  • Choose an icon for folder and a file named desktop.ini will be automatically created
  • Desktop.ini is a hidden system file which exists in  folder but we can’t see it. To view desktop.ini file go to upper option bar of explorer and select folder options. Here tick on the “show hidden files and folders”. After doing this you will be able to see the desktop.ini file.
  • If you are still unable to see this file then;
  • Copy and paste this code in a notepad file
  • [ExtShellFolderViews]
    IconArea_Image=E:DRIVE DTITANICMY IMAGES224042007(003).jpg ( example image path)
  • Change example image path with your desired image and save this notepad file as desktop.ini

You will be asked to replace existing file and you have to replace it. Now you can see the image as folder background.

Second easy and quick way

Using customize folder wizard

It is a little executable customization file with which you can easily change the background of a folder.

  • Download the Customization file here
  • Copy this file into the folder that background you want to change.
  • Execute the file and browse  images to set as background.


Thus you can change the folder background easily. You can share any other trick to change the folder background in Windows XP.

How to Hide Files & Folders From Spotlight Search on Mac

This tutorial will show you how to hide any file or folder Spotlight search results. Spotlight privacy settings, once configured, will keep your personal data safe from prying eyes.

You might have often noticed that when you search for files and folders on your Mac using Spotlight(Cmd+Space) some results unintentionally crop up in the results. Here’s a simple solution to enable spotlight privacy.

Follow these steps to Hide files/folders from Spotlight:

  • Search anything in Spotlight(Cmd+Space) and click on Spotlight Preferences Link in the bottom.
  • The first tab displays various categories. Use this list to hide content like Mail messages, contacts & certain file types such as Images, PDF files etc.


  • Now getting back to hiding specific files.
  • Click on the Privacy Tab. Here is the list of files and folders which Spotlight will skip during searching. So click on the plus button at the bottom of the list to add anything to the list.


  • You can put all your personal data in one folder and just add the folder to this list so that they are not displayed in results.

Simple enough, right! If you have more Mac related queries feel free to use the new CAG Help forum.

4 Best Emulators to Play PlayStation1 Games on PC

Gaming emulator is a software which can virtually work like console gaming machine such as PlayStation,Nintendo etc. Developers are working smartly on gaming PC emulators and these emulators are improving day by day. Literally PlayStation 1 emulators are most successful if we talk about all gaming platforms. We can play PS1(PSX) games without a graphics card on PC.


Below are the best 4 PC emulators to play PSX games.


It is the best working PlayStation 1 emulator. It is a free emulator and can run most of PS1 games. Its configuration is easy and you can configure it by its separate configuration utility. It have fully customizable game controller and also supported by PC USB gamepads.

pSX Emulator

It is another very good working PSX emulator. It can emulate many games but not all games. Your monitor must be configured on 32bit to use this emulator otherwise it will not work. You can play game using PC gamepads.



Adril-PSX is a cool working emulator after ePSXe and its user interface is very attractive with a lot of configuration options. It works without using any plugin. Use the latest version of DirectX to use properly this emulator. It supports PC USB joysticks.


Connectix Virtual Game Station

It is a fantastic emulator to play PSX games on PC. Formerly it was developed to play games on Windows 98 but later its Windows XP patch released to make it compatible for XP. This emulator is not free and you can use its DEMO to give a try.

Try them out and if you are aware of more emulator then do share with us.

3 Free Educational iPhone Apps for Kids

iPhone is not only useful for adults it is useful for kids too. Earlier we shared with you easy drawing app for iPhone and I am sharing few useful applications for kids which they can enjoy on iPhone. These applications are fun and easy to learn new things. Kids can learn and enjoy both at same time. The best part you get all these apps for free.

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Here are 3 free iPhone applications useful for kids:

Read Me Stories:

Read Me Stories is perfect way to learn new things while reading stories. Each story gives new words to learn and how to say them. Stories also have new concepts of learning. There are new stories available every day and you can also purchase books from Amazon.

Read Me Stories

[ Download Link ]

Shape Puzzle Free:

Shape Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle which helps kid to learn new words and objects by assembly of pictures and makes them easy to remember. The designs are attractive and colorful to attract kids and there are different puzzles and scenes available.

Shape Puzzle

[ Download Link ]

ABC Phonics Animals:

It’s very important that kids should pronounce the words properly. ABC Phonics Animal helps them to learn new words, spellings, sounds and images that too while having fun. ABC Phonics provides pronunciations of the full word, animal sounds, letter recognition with sound and lot more.

ABC phonics

[ Download Link ]

All these apps are compatible with iPad and iPod Touch also, so kids can enjoy on any device. If you are using any educational app then do share with us.

Download Google Voice App for iPad and iPod Touch

Google voice app for iPhone launched few weeks ago but it was not supporting iPad or iPod Touch but now Google is launching new version of Google Voice which will support both iPad and iPod Touch.

Google Voice app

You can enjoy all basic features of Google Voice app on iPad and iPod Touch like reading voicemail, sending and receiving test messages etc. You can also take advantage of Google voice’s Click2Call feature for Google Voice calls.

Apart from basic features here are more interesting features:

  • With Push Notifications, you can automatically disable Text forwarding to avoid multiple notifications.
  • Send all callers directly to voicemail by switching to “Do Not Disturb” in Setting tab.
  • Sending text messages would be easier because you don’t need to press “OK” button anymore.
  • You can easily make calls from address book now via “Dedicated Contact” in Dialer tab.

There are few more bugs fixed in new version to provide you a good experience with Google Voice app. Just like earlier iPhone Google Voice app, this app is available in US only. If you are in US, you can download the new Google Voice app from Apple iTunes.

How to Manually Unlock iPod Nano or Classic Without Password

The iPod Nano and iPod Classic can be locked with a 4 digit numeric password. A lot of times we forget this password or some kid accidentally locks the iPod without noticing the password. Here’s a quick solution to manually unlock iPod without password. You will not lose any music or other media files.

Check out more about iPod:

If you have access to the computer with which the iPod was synced, then you can just connect the iPod to that computer and click on Sync to remove the iPod’s Password. That’s all. After sync the iPod should be unlocked.


However, if you don’t have immediate access to that particular computer here’s an alternative solution which works on both windows and Mac OS X. This solution works on both iPod Nano and iPod Classic but not for iPod Touch.

Steps to Remove iPod’s Password:

Step 1: When you connect your iPod to any computer the disk should appear in My Computer(windows) or Finder(Mac). Proceed to next step if it does. Else launch iTunes and Select Enable Disk Use & Manually Manage Music and select Sync. This will not erase any files and can be done on any computer.

Step 2: Enable viewing Hidden files on your computer. If you don’t know how to check out these guides:

Now Open the iPod Disk in Finder/Explorer and goto iPod Control > Device and delete the file “_Locked” and eject iPod.

Voila! Your iPod should now be unlocked with all the music and photo files intact.

If it still doesn’t work just restart your iPod by pressing the Select and Center buttons until you see the Apple logo.

Don’t buy any professional software to unlock your iPod as all the apps out there use this same method. When you can do it yourself, why pay for it.