Uninor ISD Calling Plans for Different Regions


Uninor is offering a variety of ISD calling plans for its subscribers. You can utilize different tariffs for calling in different countries besides there are specific tariffs for specific stats. Below is the full detail of Uninor ISD calling tariffs.

Note: Must check the availability of tariff in your city as well as its usability for specific country


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in: Gulf countries
  • Tariff cost: Rs.31
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call at Rs 6.99/Min


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in: US and Canada
  • Tariff cost: Rs.69
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Get 30 min Free for calls to U.S/Canada


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in:Singapore/Malaysia
  • Tariff cost: Rs.79
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Get 30 min Free for calls to Singapore/Malaysia


  • Applicable for: Bihar,Jharkhand,Gujrat,Kolkata,West Bengal
  • Usable in: US and Canada
  • Tariff cost: Rs.29
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call at Rs. 1.99/min


  • Applicable for: Bihar,Jharkhand,,Kolkata
  • Usable in: Nepal
  • Tariff cost: Rs.44
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call at 11p/sec


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in: Bangladesh
  • Tariff cost: Rs.27
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call at Rs 2.99/min


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in: US/Canada/UK Fixed/China/Hongkong/Singapore ,Bangladesh,Malaysia,Thailand ,Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman Fixed, Qatar Fixed, Philipines , Libya Fixed, Qatar Mobile, Philipines Mobile, Oman Mobile, Myanmar.
  • Tariff cost: Rs.111
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call at 1 paisa /second


  • Applicable for: Karnataka
  • Usable in: Universal
  • Tariff cost: Rs.46
  • Tariff validity: 1 year
  • Benefits: Dynamic discount i.e company will decide how much discount on any ISD call you should get


  • Applicable for: Kolkata,West Bengal
  • Usable in: Bangladesh
  • Tariff cost: Rs.202
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Get free 120 mins for any Bangladesh number


  • Applicable for: Maharashtra and Goa,West Bengal,Kolkata
  • Usable in: Bangladesh
  • Tariff cost: Rs.34
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: Call any Bangladesh number at Rs.1.99/min


  • Applicable for: All India
  • Usable in: US , Canada, UK,China, Hongkong & Singapore,Bangladesh, Malaysia & Thailand,Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Indonesia, Japan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman Fixed, Qatar Fixed, Philipines Fixed,Libya Fixed, Qatar Mobile,Oman Mobile, Myanmar
  • Tariff cost: Rs.22
  • Tariff validity: 30 days
  • Benefits: 1paisa / sec US , Canada, UK Fixed, China, Hongkong & Singapore 4p / sec Bangladesh, Malaysia & Thailand 11p/ sec Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka, Indonesia, Japan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Oman Fixed, Qatar Fixed, Philipines Fixed 18p / sec UK Mobile, Libya Fixed, Qatar Mobile, Philipines Mobile 25p / sec Libya Mobile, Oman Mobile, Myanmar

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QWERTY Keyboard Case for iPhone from Boxwave

Here’s a new QWERTY Keyboard Case for the iPhone, just strap it on and there you go, well not exactly. You get a fully functional full QWERTY keyboard that connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth and charges itself using a USB cable.

The additional keyboard is by a company called Boxwave and they’ve named this wonderful attachment as the Keyboard Buddy Case, which acts as a slide-out keyboard and also as a protection case for the iPhone.

Once the Keyboard Buddy is attached to the iPhone, it doubles the size and thus adds a few more ounces to the weight too. Not too bulky though, unlike other iPhone keyboard cases out there this is quite slimmer and on a full charge lasts upto 45 days. This would be very helpful for people who want to get an iPhone but aren’t comfortable with the on-screen QWERTY.

More iPhone Accessories:

The Keyboard Buddy Case is available at Boxwave.com for a totally worth price of $ 69.95 including free shipping within the U.S, ships worldwide too.

Do you think this is a worthy piece of Hardware?

5 User-friendly Translation Applications for Windows

There are many translation software for Windows and we have reviewed many translators. In this article we have collected 5  working and worthy to download software which can translate text from different languages into languages you want.You can try online or offline Demos for these software.

  • Babylon


Babylon is the most popular multi-language translation software and it is used worldwide to translate different languages. Translation with Babylon is quite easy and you have to press Ctrl and right mouse click to translate any word. Besides you can also import text or text document to translate. Babylon can auto detect languages to translate.( Babylon can also translate in Hindi.)

Get babylon

Worth Reading:

  • Power Translator


Power Translator is really a powerful Multi-language translator for several languages. You can translate any text by just hovering the mouse over text. Besides you can translate emails,chats and websites with this awesome translation application.

Get Power Translator

  • IdiomaX


IdiomaX is a wonderful translator and seamlessly used for business activities such as sending email in different languages. IdiomaX is a bundle of five powerful translation applications including IdiomaX Translator,IdiomaX Office Translator,IdiomaX Web Translator,IdiomaX Translation Assistant,IdiomaX E-Mail Translator.

Get IdiomaX

  • Systran


It is another multi language translator. You can translate text from word,Internet browsers such as Firefox,emails and chats. Integration with browsers and Word is its great feature.

Get Systran

  • Lingvosoft


Lingvosoft is an easy to use and user friendly translator software. But this translation software does not have Multi-language support and you have to buy separate translators for separate languages. Overall it is a very good translator which supports speech translation,copied text translation and mouse selected text translation.

Get Livingosoft Translator

Feel free to share your favorite language translation software in comments.

3 Free and Reliable Antivirus Apps for Android

Security is very important when it comes to technology, either or PC or mobile phones. For PC security there are many antivirus software available, if you are not aware of reliable antivirus software then check out following articles:

Just like PC, it is important that you select the antivirus software for your mobile too. Here are few good antivirus apps for your Android phone which will keep your data safe and you download all these apps for free.


Lookout Mobile Security is one of the most popular antivirus apps for Android. It removes all viruses, malware from your mobile phones. It keeps track of all software installed and easily scans them. It also provides “find my phone” feature which helps to search lost phone.


[ Download Link ]


Just like Lookout, SmrtGuard also provides the “Find My Phone” features apart from that it also provides Audio Ping, Call/Spam Blocker, SimCard Guardian. SmrtGuard also gives you option of push notification via Google Push service.


[ Download Link ]

AVG Antivirus:

Antivirus scans and removes all viruses and malware before downloading any app from store. It can also locate lost device via GPS. It has features like creating, displaying messages and manages applications remotely. It also provides protection from SMS spammers.

AVG antivirus

[ Download Link ]

Do you find antivirus application useful for your mobile phones? If yes then which one you prefer to use?

7 Useful PC Gaming Forums For Video Game Lovers

I’m not a hard core gamer but there are few games which I always play. One of them is Counter strike and Age of empire. There are many official PC gaming forums for above two game but I also like to know about new games and what games are popular and most talked. So, I thought lets make a list of some popular gaming forums for gaming lovers like you and me to find new games.

In case, if you are first time coming here, you should check our : 5 useful Websites for Videos game review.

This list is not in any particular order and I made a list of those forums which are currently active. In case, if one of these PC gaming forums is not so active or you are using any new forum, which is active let us know via comments. Such forums are very useful to share your gaming experiences and get some tips and tricks to play games.

My Collection of PC gaming forums:

There are hundreds or may be thousands of such forums exist. Some are specialized forum created by any Good lover and some of them covers all the game.

  • Playfire Forum ( PageRank 5)

Playfire Forum

It is a very useful place for gamers to get any type of help on video games. You can connect with gamers from worldwide.

Forum Link

  • Gamespot Forum ( PageRank 9)

Gamespot Forum

Gamespot website has integrated gaming forum and it is a quite unique help center for various type of gaming platforms.

Forum Link

  • Gamesforum Forum (PageRank 3)

Gamesforum Forum

It is a gaming mania for all type of gamers and every serious gamer will like to join it.

Forum Link

  • Gamehourz Forum ( PageRank 4)


It is a big crowded assembly of global gamers and you will definitely get benefited with this forum if you need any type of help on video games.

Forum Link

  • Egameaddiction Forum ( PageRank 3)


A heavy gaming forum and it is growing rapidly. You can meet a lot of crazy gamers on this forum.

Forum Link

  • Gameslapper Forum ( PageRank 3)


A good forum for getting help on mainly PC games.

Forum Link

  • Gameon Forum (PageRank 3)


It is nice gaming forum and every gamer should give it a try.

Forum Link

Now do let me know about any other valuable gaming forum so that I can review and add it to this forum list.

Mobile Mouse Pro : Use iOS device as a Wireless Mouse

There are lots of applications out there that turn your iOS device into things that normal devices will find impossible to even think of, and yet another application joins the army. It’s called the Mobile Mouse Pro, is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs and unlike other Mobile remote applications can control a lot more things than just the keyboard and mouse.

Mobile Mouse Pro

Mobile Mouse not only acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse, but also can be used as a remote to control a huge army of applications compatible with the device. Thus, it also acts as an application launcher for media apps and provides media controls too. What you get is a wireless keyboard, an accelerometer based mouse, and medial controls. Mobile Mouse is available for free, but you’ll have to shell out $1.99 for the Mobile Mouse Pro to enjoy all it’s features.

This app is also available for Android device and latest version is 2.6 at the time of writing which is compatible with iOS5.

Mobile Mouse Pro tutorial

Here is a quick video tutorial which explain shows complete features and how to use Mobile mouse pro.

Have you use any other app like mobile mouse to use your iOS device as mouse?

8 Websites to Download Software for Free and Legally

There are a lot of free and trial software available on many websites. Here are top 8 websites to download software for free and it’s legal to download software from these websites. This websites are very useful because they make your search and software download task easy.

  • Sourceforge.net


It is the official website of Open Source developers and ultimate treasure of powerful but yet free software such as Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Gimp, VLC media player etc. We can’t compare this amazing and respectable project.


  • Freewarefiles.com


Freewarefile.com is a website with which you can browse thousands of free software to download. These are fully free software i.e. freeware and no shareware. It is an amazing resource for anyone who is seeking for free softwares. Homepage

  • Freewarehome.com


It is another great website to download freeware software. This website is easy to navigate and you can easily search desired free software with its advanced search. You can download from different categories such as programming, system utilities, education, games, graphics etc.


  • Bestfreewaredownload.com


Bestfreewaredownload.com is a huge collection of free software available. Besides providing direct download this website gives proper detail and rating info of available freeware.


  • Filehippo.com


Filehippo is a nice project of freeware software collection and we can find a lot of free and valuable software.


  • Download.com


Download.com is of the largest download website and when we search keyword “DOWNLOAD” in Google then we can see it as a top result. On download.com you can find most of free software available on internet.


  • Softpedia.com


Softpedia.com is equally useful as Download.com and it also have a lots of  collection of free and trial downloads. Besides windows you can download software for MAC, Linux and mobile OS.


  • Snapfiles.com


Snapfile offers both free and shareware downloads. It is a good resource to search free ware software.


Do let us know more such sites which will help you to download softwares for free and legally?

Save Webpages to Read Later with PaperSpan

While reading articles, news or interesting stuffs online we do come across few web pages which are useful but we are too busy to read that time. But such useful web pages are worth reading later when you get time.

I came across such a useful tool, PaperSpan which helps you to save the webpage and then allows you to read later whenever you are free. The process is quick and easy.

Also Read:

  • To start you need to register with PaperSpan website. Registration is very quick.


  • Once you get registered, you will get a link which you need to drag to your browser bookmarks.
  • After adding bookmarklet, you can save any webpage you want to read later by clicking on it.


  • You can also add, delete, edit the web pages and move to new folder.


  • If you have the URL of webpage you can also save it manually.


PaperSpan also provides a nice Google Desktop Gadget to access your saved web pages quickly and you can also use “Fav House” feature to mark your favorite web pages. So, next time if you are in too busy to read a useful web page then don’t forget to save it for later.

Try PaperSpan out and do share your feedback with us.

How to Close Crashed Program in Windows

So are you a Windows user? Does your system hangs most of times? Well this is what happens with me. And I believe that maybe happening with most of you. Most of the times, Windows programs goes unresponsive but with a simple and quick trick you can close any crashed app within seconds.

Windows Crashed
Windows Crashed


1) When a program gets unresponsive, open task manager (press ctrl+alt+del) > applications, right click on the crashed program and select “Go To Process”.

2) After doing so, you will see something as show in the snapshot below. Just simply click on “End Process” and hit “Yes”.

3) That’s it. Didn’t I said it’s quick and simple?

What if Windows explorer (My computer, Documents, folders etc) goes unresponsive?

Well the above process applies here but with one more step. After closing the Windows explorer, the desktop will go blank with just a wallpaper on screen. So what to do? After ending process, click on “File” in the Upper left side of Task Manager and select “New Task (Run)”. A text area will appear, write “Explorer” and hit “OK”. Everything will appear again on the screen.
So now whenever any of your program crashes, close it with this trick or try upgrading to a Mac. Read Why you will love a Mac.
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Use EICAR Test String to find Antivirus Effectiveness

When ever you will search for best antivirus on Google, you will be bombarded with tons of options. Most of ant viruses company will claim that your system is infected with viruses and your current Anti-virus program is ineffective to detect viruses and spywares on your system.

Here I’m sharing a quick tip which will help you to find if your currently installed Anti-virus is effective or useless. For this test I’m using Nod 32 antivirus software.

In this test, I would be using EICAR test string, This test file was developed by European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research to test the effectiveness of any Anti-virus and this is harmless for your computer.

How to use this test?

To use this test, create a notepad file and paste this text


Now save this notepad file and scan it using your antivirus. If your antivirus detects this  as virus or threat, this means your Antivirus software is working and is effective. Here is a screenshot using my Antivirus:


In case if your antivirus failed to detect this is threat or virus. It’s time to change your Antivirus.

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