Watch Music Videos On YouTube Easily Using YouTube Music

How many of you visit YouTube only for watching videos? Probably all. It is easy to use search box to find videos of your choice but what about other top videos and latest released videos. There is a good news for music fans. YouTube recently renovate its music page and added some superb flavors.

On the page you can find the top videos without any fuzz. You can find top music videos on this page. Below it there is a category for “Today’s hits”. Similarly you can find categories for Pop, electronic, country and folk, rap and hip hop, world music, classical, rock and many more.


To play the videos just click on the “play category name” link next to the category name. A random playlist will be created. You can also queue videos by hovering your mouse over video thumbnail and click the play button appeared by the action.

The most appreciating part of this section is it is clutter free, without any ads. You can easily find videos according to your interest. According to YouTube, they will soon release a new feature which will called “Events Near You”. It will help you to find live music happening in your area.

Checkout more about YouTube:

Check out YouTube Music [via The Official YouTube Blog].

FontFonter: Check How Websites Look in Web Safe Fonts

How many of you know that there are some fonts which are not safe to use? The benefit of safe fonts are they are easier to read, compatible with all the browsers and devices and looks good. There is a tool known as Fontfonter that lets you watch websites with Web FontFonts (Web FontFonts are special kind of fonts that are optimized by hand for the screen). FontFonter lets you preview websites in WebFontFonts.

One reason to use Web FontFonts is they work in every major browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, IE in Mac or Windows. They also work on iPads and iPhones.


To get started with the tool , type the web address of any website or blog and press “FontFont it!” button. It will process the website and displays the website along with the yellow toolbar. You can replace San serifs and Serifs fonts  with the available safe fonts.


This site doesn’t support JavaScript, cookies, mobile browsers, Opera and Internet Explorer. So it is not possible to analyze each websites.

Overall it is fun and easier for developers to change and preview the safe fonts one by one on their projects. It analyzes the site very fast and has a very simple interface.

Visit FontFonter and check websites in web safe fonts.

Face to Find: Search Videos On Facebook Easily

All of you know that Facebook is one of the largest social networking site having millions of users. Facebook touched such a height that a movie is coming on Facebook titled “The social media” which is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook.

It is an amazing place to find and share good videos and photographs among friends and family members but searching video is not that easy. Facebook default video search only search from the video shared by your friends or recent videos.

If you want to search for videos on Facebook then there is a nice search engine known as “Face to Find”. It is a nice tool to search videos quickly by only entering the keyword. You can watch the videos in full screen. It also allows you to like the video and post comments.


On the top menu, you can find links today’s most viewed videos and most recently uploaded videos. It displays time of video and it also displays how many friends like the video previously. Apart from watching videos, you can also download it in your computer. This tool supports multiple languages. Also it is very simple to use and one of the best tool to find old videos uploaded by any user.

Worth Reading:

Check out Face to Find to search for Facebook videos quickly. Do share with us which Facebook tool you use to search videos?

Watch YouTube Videos in Clutter Free Interface Using ViewPure

YouTube is an amazing service to watch music and other kinds of videos online. I use this site daily for entertainment as well as learning purpose. But I really hate ads flashed inside the videos and also I don’t like other clutters such as comments, related videos, etc near the video.

Viewpure is a web service that removes all the clutter from YouTube video and runs it in a neat interface. You can also create a custom environment for video viewing, example you can generate personalized URL ([URL]) and also password protect your video.


Given below is the screenshot of “Pure video viewing” video playback. There are some useful links given at the top. You can darken the background from white to black .Also you can create short link for the YouTube video. If you want to share the clutter free video on Twitter then click on “share”.


If you scroll down the home page to the bottom, you’ll get a Viewpure bookmarklet. Just drag and drop this bookmark;et on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now go to YouTube website and click on the bookmarklet. It will redirect you to ViewPure and play the video in neat interface. Simple and easy. No signup is required to use this service.

Tip: To fully enjoy the video, darken the background and click the F11 button in Windows. You can watch the video in a neat, full screen mode. Want to come back? Press F11 again.

Go to Viewpure for clutter free YouTube video experience.

10 Weird Keyboards for Extraordinary Geeks

If you love to do ordinary things in an extra-ordinary way then you would love to see the strange looking keyboards. We spent maximum time on our system and if you love to work in bit weird way then you must check out these strange keyboards and mouse and it was kind of fun for me to list such kind of keyboards.

Here are 10 weird keyboards:

  • Safetype

Safe Keyboard

[ Link ]

  • Fully Ergonomic PS/2 Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • DX1 input system


[ Link ]

  • Flexible keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Wii Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard


[ Link ]

  • Frogpad


[ Link ]

  • Combimouse


[ Link ]

  • The abKey Revolution


[ Link ]

  • Gold Plated

HHKB-Gold-plated-keyboard- [ Link ]

When I saw these keyboards, I thought that these might be some geeky imagination and not for sell but when I saw the price tag and the uses of these keyboards that too with warranty, I was forced to believe that there are geeks who prefer to use such strange keyboards.

If you are not interested in such kind of keyboards, you might prefer to check out:

  • Razer Tron Legacy gaming accessories will take you to a whole new world of gaming
  • Enjoy Games with Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110

What you think about such crazy keyboards? Would you prefer to have one?

Tweepi: Best Free Twitter Management tool

We have lots of free and commercial Twitter management tools which let you perform certain action. Most of them keep the same functionality but with Different interface.

In this post I will be talking about one very useful Twitter web application name Tweepi which will let you follow, Cleanup, Flush , Autofollow your Twitter friends and followers.


Here is an overview of different application and action which you can perform using Tweepi.

Geeky Follow:

Geeky Follow let you find and follow users who share the same interest as you. This is one very useful tool to connect with users who are sharing same interest and in the same niche as yours.

Geeky Reciprocate:

Geeky reciprocate let you follow those twitter users who are following you but you are not following them. In short it will give twitter love to your followers.

Geeky Cleanup:


This is one of the best tool which I find at Tweepi. This tool will let you see all your friends and various stats associated with them. You can sort them based on different parameters and unfollow them directly. I usually unfollow people who have not tweeted from long or people who follow to follower ratio is too high.

Along with all 3 we have another tool called Geeky Flush which is also very useful to clean your Twitter profile.

I hop you will enjoy using Tweepi, do share which Twitter management tool you are using and which one you suggest for others?

MyFavBands: Track Your Favorite Band Or Artists Online

If you are a music junkie who never wants to miss a chance to meet your favorite artist performing live in your city then MyFavBands helps is a useful site for you. It is a free online service that tracks all the artists and bands across the world and notifies you if it finds any activity of that band in your city in near future.

All you need to do is sign up with the service and add the new band or artist by entering the name in the box given. There is a nice search autocomplete feature which suggest you the name of artist while typing. This site also displays latest released album of your favorite artist.


This site fetches data from iTunes and t also sends email notification for upcoming events in your city (optional feature). Apart from all these things, you can also see the bio of an artist or a band by clicking on the name of an artist.You can also know about the old released albums of that artist.


You can also buy the music online or stream it online if it is available. If you want to get feed notification then you can also subscribe to feeds of particular artists. With lots of handy features, this is a must try site for music lovers.

Check out MyFavBands.

Do share more such sites with us.

5 Handy Blackberry Applications to Increase Your Productivity

There are main two reasons to grab new gadget, either to show off or to increase productivity. If you prefer to use Smartphone to make your work easy and get productive then you would like to check out CallingAllGeek’s previous article about Mac applications to increase your productivity. Apart from Mac, there are few applications for Blackberry applications to which will surely make your task easier and make you more productive.


Evernote is awesome and most useful app which helps you to recall anything. You can use it to remember your ideas, images or you can also use it for recording voice memo. It is very easy to sync all the notes easily with Mac or Windows from your Blackberry.


Download Link

BeamExplorer File Manager:

BeamExplorer File Manager makes content management of your device easy. You can easily copy, paste, delete and rename the files. Also allows you to search, create all important documents like Word, Excel, PPT etc. Overall, its very user-friendly and free application to manage files on Blackberry.

Beam file manager

Download Link


Lister as name says helps you to make and manage multiple lists easily and user-friendly. You can easily create list without using Blackberry menu or add optional due dates reminders and use hotkeys to navigate very easily. Lister is also a free Blackberry application.


Download Link

Call Control:

This is my favorite application, I can easily block unwanted calls which used to waste my time. Call Control is an paid application, which you can trial for 14 days before purchasing. It is worth paying for blocking private and unwanted calls, create and update personal blacklist and whitelist.

call control

Download Link

reQuall Blackberry

reQuall Blackberry is available for free which helps you to note down your ideas, tasks and commitments. The best part about reQuall is that it gives you alerts according to the locations you are in. So, if you are in a mall, you can get the alert for your shopping list. You can get reminders through instant messages or Emails.


Download Link

I am sure you will surely save your time with these blackberry applications. Now when you more productive you can easily get more social with awesome Social Networking Blackberry applications.

Do share with us which are your favorite Blackberry application to increase productivity.

Download Videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo And Other Services Quickly Using Clipnabber

If you love to watch videos from video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Megavideo, Vimeo etc.and you intended to download those videos on your computer then there are several ways to do that. Most of the tools supports YouTube videos only. There are only fever tools which supports most of the video services.

ClipNabber is free to use web application by which you can download YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Megavideo videos easily and quickly. All you need to do is open the Clipnabber website, paste the URL of the video of any video sites and click the “nab” button.


Three download buttons appear. You can download the videos in FLV, MP3 and mobile phone format.

There is a Clipnabber bookmarklet available to quickly download the video. Just drag and drop it on your browser’s bookmark bar. Now open any video on your browser and click the bookmarklet on the bookmark bar. You’ll be redirected to the Clipnabber website and it will display the download buttons. Click on any download button to quickly download the videos.

This service is free to use and there is no sign up required. It supports videos from more than 100 video sharing sites and it also supports HD videos.

Check out Clipnabber to instantly download videos from more than 100 sites.

Complete list of Yahoo Hidden Emoticons

Yahoo Messenger is one of the oldest and popular messenger. I have been using Yahoo messenger from years. Yahoo messengers come with default emoticons which are very useful. Just to let you know yahoo messenger is full of hidden emoticons which you can use to spice your chat experience.

Here is a view of Default yahoo messenger emoticons which you can use :

yahoo-default-emoticonsNow here is a screenshot of hidden yahoo emoticons which you can to enhance your Yahoo chat experience:


Initially you might need to take help of the chart but later on you can use shortcuts to quickly add emoticons.

You can find the full list of hidden emoticons here.

Do let us know which messenger you are using more? Is it, Yahoo or MSN?