2 Useful Cydia Apps that You Must Try on Your iOS Devices

Ability to Jailbreak your iOS device have multitude of advantages and the coolest of them all is that you can install apps from the Cydia app store. Normally these apps are those that due to some odd reason cant make their way into iTunes app store.

Although Apple have introduced multiple new features by launching iOS 4 and the versions after that but there are certain things that you can do only by downloading apps from Cydia store.

MultiIconMover Cydia app

MultiIconMover Cydia App

Normally you can organize the applications on your iDevice by connecting it with a computer, but if you don’t have the access to your computer then moving apps icon on your iDevice homescreen becomes quite a hassle. So with MultiIconMover you can move multiple icons at the same time on your iDevice.

To use this Cydia app, you first have to press down an icon till the time it becomes active for move/delete, once it is active then select as many icons as you want for the move. You just have to move one of the active icons to desired location, press the home button and all the other selected apps will also move there.

Activator Cydia app

Activator for iOS Devices

Previously, this particular Cydia app use to come equipped with a built-in multi-tasking Backgrounder. But now as Apple has included multi-tasking in iOS powered devices so to get the maximum out of this app you have to download the standalone version that is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

What this app really does is that it allows you to create shortcuts and custom gestures in-order to access certain features and apps. Ranging from toggling ON/OFF both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, iPod controls or locking the screen, you can preset the exact gesture for a certain task. The Activator built-in supported gestures include pressing the Power or Home button, shaking your iOS device and disconnecting or connecting the power.

Do try out these apps on your iDevice and give us your feedback in comments. Also let us know what other cydia apps are you using on your iPhone?