2 Free Password Strength Tools to Design and Gauge Passwords

Breaching or in more technical terms, cracking a password is sort of a sport in the computing world. So in the present digital age where we rely heavily on online existence, setting up a secure and a strong password is quite necessary. These days normally all the reputable and well designed websites have a password indicator that basically tell users that whether their password is strong enough to withstand attacks from Hackers, crackers or even black hats. Here are some of the password strength tools that I find really useful and trustworthy:

The Password Meter


It is by far the most popular password strength checking tool available on the internet, this particular tool breakdowns the password into various parts and then put your password into a measuring scale that is customized and pre-set. Each and every element of the password is assigned points and later on they are summed up to give a total value corresponding to the password strength. Users can employ The Password Meter to design and construct a very strong and an un-crackable password.

Strength Test


This particular web tool checks the probability of letters in a password that whether they are landing similarity to each other or not and based on that probability check, the tool rates the password weak or strong. As per the rules, passwords should be as random as possible. Strength Test tool uses a term called as ‘entropy’ which is an estimate that is entirely based on letter combos in the English language dictionary.