2 Useful Web Browsers for iPad

iPad comes with Safari as a default browser and despite of adding many useful features in updates, I still feel Safari is certainly not the browser for iPad. There are many paid and unpaid browser options, which are available in the apps store.

Browsing the internet on the iPad is very much like going through a newspaper or a magazine. Because of its lightness and its larger screen, iPad is a perfect device if you want to read through the contents on internet or you want to consume media.

App store is brimming with various internet browsers for iDevices but there are some that are not so popular in-spite of having some really cool features tagged to them. Here are two really innovative and useful Web browsers for iPad that you should definitely add to your internet browsers app archive, Two Web and 360 Web Browser.

Useful Web Browsers for iPad

Two Web


Lot of Dual-window web browsers are available on the Apple App store but most of them are not for free. Two Web browser is a dedicated dual-browser app for iPad that is available as a free download from the Apple App store. The app allows you to surf through web-pages side-by-side, the only drawback in this app is that the moment you will close the app it will forget about the WebPages you visited recently. Two Web app can be downloaded from App store for free.

360 Web Browser for iPad

360 Web Browser for iPad

For tech savvy internet users, Appleā€™s built-in stock browser Safari is a bit lightweight and not so feature-rich. So to cater for the need of high-end users, developers have launched a new browser based app called as 360 Web Browser that contains advance features and provide users a higher-level of control.

360 Web Browser for Firefox

The browser have some features like Firefox sync capability that allows users to sync bookmarks and tabs from Firefox on your iPad to anyother mobile device. The Browser also supports multi-touch gestures for full screen viewing, page navigation and launching plug-ins. 360 Web Browser

The browser also has a pop-up round menu bar that include almost 20+ features. This iPad app has a full version which is $1.99 and a Lite version that is for free. I recommend that you should first download the Lite version, take it for a spin and then go for buying the full version. You can download 360 Web Browser Lite version for free from App store.

There are many other browsers for iPad is available for download in app store and here are some of them which you may consider:

There are other browsers as well like TwitpadOne and Tabulous that offer some innovative features and good options base. Do use these browser and give your comments.