2 Cool 3D Launchers for Your Android Phone

3D viewing and performance is still a novel concept in the smartphones field but manufacturers are increasingly trying to integrate the 3D technology in smartphones by beefing up the hardware that will improve this performance.

Though games are a good parameter to judge the graphical power of your Android phone but if you really want to gauge your Android phone’s power then a 3D launcher will let you do it. Here are two graphically rich 3D Launchers for your Android phone:

MX Home

MX Home launcher

Many of the Android phone users boast on the fact that they have numerous homescreens to fiddle with, but I think this multiple screen thing becomes a bit tiresome in some instances. So my first pick is MX Home launcher which introduces 3D “Cover Page” that contains a clock and access to the most important apps on your phone like Internet, Contacts and Dialer. There is a battery life indicator as well along with some other gadgets and the 3D click also has a very subtle effect.

There are a bit of problems with the customization like cover page manipulation but on the whole the launcher is a good addition to your Android homepage. MX Home 3D Launcher requires Android 2.1 or an above version.

Regina 3D

Regina 3D launcher

Though a new entry in the launcher realm, Regina 3D has managed to make some waves on Android marketplace by offering some real high-quality 3D interface without having a price tag.

You will find a resemblance between Regina 3D and HTC Sense, the bottom dock is very much similar to HTC Sense and the large clock of Regina 3D Launcher is also similar to HTCs one. The 3D effects are very much noticeable but they are a bit subtle, when you move between Homescreens a cool 3D transition is displayed. Plus when you switch between display modes the widgets undergo a flip animation. Customization is a bit of problem in Regina 3D but if you spend lot of time in customizing your Android phone then it wont be a big thing.

You will be surprised to see very limited number of 3D launchers available on Android marketplace, these are some that you should definitely download because they are free of cost.