15 iPad Pros and Cons : Think Before You Buy

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The Apple iPad is a revolutionary tablet and no doubt almost all the products Apple launched under their brand name in last few years, has become a huge success. Not only, technical people but also general brand conscious people are jumping for Apple product and buying it.

Without any doubt, Apple iPad is an amazing piece of device and if you happen to be a Tech savvy user, you can easily utilize iPad for it’s maximum productivity. Though, newbies who are just planning to buy an iPad, they are not sure of iPad pros and cons and if they should really invest money into buying an iPad. Specially, when there are many cheap android tablets are available in the market.

Before, I start let me tell you I’m an Apple lover and I don’t hare android. In fact some of the app on Android are truly amazing but when ever I talk about usability, I always found issues with Android tablets in term of app crashing and so on. Where as, iPad usability and user experience is amazing. I initially bought iPad, then upgraded to iPad II and now I’m looking forward to grab the new iPad. For a geek, Apple iPad worth every money and if you are a frequent traveler, having an iPad with data plan will keep you on all the time. And you will be able to do many important office work on iPad screen.

Here are few Pros and Cons of iPad , which you must consider before buying iPad:

Pros of Apple iPad:

  • 10 hour battery life
  • Built in Speaker and microphone
  • Awesome App Store with Pandora of iPad apps.
  • Wi-fi + 4G
  • Good inbuilt storage: 64 Gb, 32Gb, 16 Gb
  • Retina Display
  • A5 CPU for great performance
  • 5 Mega Pixel Camera
  • Facetime for Video conferencing
  • Video chatting at 30/fps
  • Assisted GPS

Cons of Apple iPad:

  • Missing Flash support
  • No USB support.
  • No Multitasking
  • No Drag and Drop file management
  • No SD card reader.
  • iTunes dependent for syncing with system
  • Can”t connect as disk drive to computer without apps.
  • Expensive compared to other tablet in the market.
  • Supports HD connector Kit but another $39 for the same.
  • Quick update will make your iPad look like old generation stuff.
Well, these are some of the pros and cons of iPad that I can think of. For budget conscious people, Android OS is great but if budget is not an issue and you need a tablet for performance, productivity, design and look, The new iPad has no compeition. It”s worth each and every penny you spend on it. After using it for one and half year, I have no second thought recommending you to buy an iPad as your first tablet.

You won’t get all the features in single device and iPad is no exception, What is your insight about iPad? Is it worth buying?

12 thoughts on “15 iPad Pros and Cons : Think Before You Buy”

  1. Fact check: 1. Are you honestly trying to say that HDMI is the only input available on televisions now? 2. Multi-tasking is coming in OS 4 this fall. 3. I would feel very stupid holding up an iPad in order to take pictures. 4. USB is supported in part with the camera kit.

  2. I agree with Jervis. There are composite cables you can buy to connect to most TV’s & Multi-tasking is well on it’s way. Only 2 things I’m disappointed in is no SD card slots and I won’t be able to tether my iPhone to it (I’m not paying extra for the 3G model plus monthly fees on top of my iPhone). Otherwise, this is a pretty solid piece of technology.

  3. I really agree to jervis961 about the ipad. Really it would look stupid holding something large as the iPad for photography. Well it really needed a webcam and no flash support is disappointing. For the USB and multitasking, there are solutions as mentioned by Jervis961.
    For the future, I would like it to be like a computer so that it is more like a tablet PC than a multimedia device!

  4. if u want a GIANT IPOD TOUCH with better safari.. but no flash videos? thats all it is a big ipod touch.. no even a camera? wtf they should of made it a bit better ill wait for the real windows verison.. that will be proper on the go computer and all that..

  5. I was thinking about an ipad until i realized that it’s a giant ipod touch.
    For the smart people in this world, buy a tablet computer.
    -it’s portable
    -has a touch screen
    -supports flash
    -can get them with built-in web cams
    -all different sizes
    Get more for your money, forget apple.

  6. I bought my 64g ipad on Friday and am amazed. I wish I had invented it..it’s the best thing next to sliced bread. I travel alot with work and this goes EVERYWHERE. It has airplane mode, so that I can still work while in the air. I am really impressed with this new gadget.

  7. well from reading, i think it’s just a waste of money i mean because they just could of just made the iPhone that is still REALLY big and never should have made a iPad tho!! but i mean if they think they could make more money than Hey gon on ahead!!! do what you gotta do to make that money!!!

  8. Yeah the ipad is just like a bigger version of an iPod
    touch but it’s sooo cool! And seriously why would anyone wanna make
    calls or take pictures on it when it’s big? It would look stupid.
    Although it sucks that you can’t watch flash videos I would use it
    for other things.. I have a laptop but it’s too big to carry around
    all the time and I have an iPhone and I love it but sometimes I
    wish it was bigger for my aps and now wa-la! Ipad!:)

  9. Good day to all,
    I just came from best buy & I returned to them the 64gb ipad with wifi & 3g that I tried for exact 14 days.
    I jailbreak with the help of my friend, so I can do whatever ifanboy boasting & its not really 10 hours, the most is 8 hours.
    Then its too heavy to use for watching & reading that even my 2 kids love their own ipod touch 4 and nook that I bought for them but they don’t like the ipad.
    I have also the Tmobile version of Samsung galaxy tab that I rooted & its super great for me that even my wife & 2 kids love to use it with unlimited messaging & unlimited internet with free wifi tethering for just $39.99/month. Its much clearer, faster & it has lots of stuff the ipad cannot do…
    Only 1 thing that we like from ipad – lots of applications – thats all…
    I have experience with tab & ipad & lots of apple products & ipad is just a big ipod touch (3rd generation) not the latest one with retina display & 2 cameras…
    Those people who will say its great is just a iFANBOY that even theres lots of shortcomings & problems, they will still say its good & can make their life happy even its not… I call those people S T U P I D…
    Have a great day & don’t always believe in what APPLE tells you, save some brain for yourself…
    God bless you all…

  10. I don’t understand why apple won’t make a touch screen tablet out of the MacAir. I’m not a Mac user but think a product like that would blow everyone out of the water.

  11. I believe in pretty straightforward philosophy… K.I.S.S With many tech geeks reading this you should know what this means. For all of the tech geeks that don’t know what that great anagram means. It is Keep It Simple Stupid! Let’s put a little perspective on this in the corporate world. For you to activate this lovely device you needs an iTunes account. Apple DOES NOT support corporate iTunes accounts. That means you need to use your personal iTunes account on a company owned device. Now here is the real catch if you have the iPod and iPhone and now you want to get the iPad you need to figure out a way to get the purchased music or apps from the iPad to your iPod or iPhone. There is no easy wat to do this and Apple is not helping people solve this little issue. Then if your company decides to let you go, they’re going to wipe your little iPad and everything on it. Including all of your music and apps you purchased with your own money. Since you were not able to centrally store them and retrieve them to put on your other devices before the device is wiped you’re screwed. All of your music and apps are gone.
    Besides you shouldn’t be using up company bandwidth and time playing on this waste of money.
    This device will only cause alot of headaches for every IT department around the world!

  12. You have no idea about android do you?
    if you did then you would realize it is not just a cheap alternative to ios, it is open and free.
    You own android when you buy a tablet. Unlike os where techinically apple owns it not you.
    Also yyou dont even need a computer to write and compile applications for android.
    You can get free apps that allow you to create what you want.
    I would not pick up an ipad if it were £10 because it is closed.

    Apple will always be closed source because thats been their model for years.
    And I didn’t even BUY an android tablet. i bough a hp touchpad and installed android 4.0 ICS
    Along side webos. it cost me about £200 off ebay and cost nothing for android.

    yes i know you post is 2 years old but they still apply.
    Apple is too slow to innovate im afraid.
    Android did not copy them they made a product that would
    appeal To people like me.

    The end

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