11 Most Useful Gmail Gadgets You Love to add In Your Sidebar

Gmail not only offers mail service but they offers more than that and very few people use it.You can add Gadgets to your Sidebar and make more fun using it.You can Tweet ,Digg,Use Facebook, Calculate your query and do many more things From your Gmail account using Gmail Gadget.

Before using Gmail Gadgets You have to add Gadgets tab  on your Gmail setting page.  Go to Setting page ->labs and enable Gadgets. Now from this  tab you can easily add your favourite Gadgets by URL. You can find more  Gadgets  on iGoogle page.

Here List of Some useful Gadgets .

Currency converter:

Currency Converter GadgetA Real time Currency Converter That Converts your Currency to foreign OR Foreign to yours OR any type of Currency.If you got Email that have Value of Currency in another country format than you convert it in yours easily using this Gadget.

Currency Converter Gadget URL is:

Remember The Milk:

Remember The MilkThis Gadgets can easily manage your task.you can schedule time of your meeting, party,Blogging or anything you want.It will Remind you when your Task is available.

Remember the milk Gadget URL is: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/services/modules/gmail/rtm.xml


Digg GadgetYou can access your Digg account and view current hot topics shared by Peoples.

Digg Gadget URL is:  http://digg.com/goog/ig.xml



Twitter GadgetJust Tweet  from your Gmail account and connected with your social network.If you receive some useful information in your mail and want to share with everyone than this Gadget is instant solution for this.

Twitter Gadget URL is: http://www.twittergadget.com/gadget_gmail.xml

Bit.ly URL Shortener:

Bit.ly URL ShortenerShorten long URL in just one click.

Bit.ly Gadget URL is: http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/107368512201818821991/bitly-shortener.xml



Wikipedia :

Wikipedia Gadget Get useful information ,Search your query just Right from your Gmail account.

Wikipedia Gadget URL is :http://www.google.com/ig/modules/wikipedia.xml

Google Docs:

Access your Google Docs And read documents you written or shared by your friends.

Google Docs Gadget URL is:http://google.com/ig/modules/docs.xml

Chuck Norris facts Gadget :

norris facts GadgetAdd Some laugh in your life .Get Daily updates of Chuck Norris facts.

Chuck Norris Gadget URL is: http://marsupialmusic.net/stu/scripts/chucknorris.xml



MySpace Gadget

Access your my space account just right now from Gmail Gadget and connected with your friends.

MySpace Gadget URL is : http://hosting.gmodules.com/ig/gadgets/file/100080069921643878012/myspace.xml


Facebook GadgetUpdate your status quick from Gmail gadgets.View shared quotes from your friends.

Facebook Gadget URL is : http://www.brianngo.net/ig/facebook.xml

Google Calendar:

Google Calendar GadgetCheck appointments and your Scheduled works right from your Gmail account.

Google Calendar URL is: http://www.google.com/ig/modules/calendar.xml

Do let us know if you know any other useful Gmail gadgets which we missed here.

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  1. Nice list of gadgets salman..going to add wiki,bit.ly and fb to my sidebar …thanks for sharing…

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