Zapd App for iOS Creates Mobile Optimized Websites Instantly

Zapd App for iOS Creates Mobile Optimized Websites Instantly

Well in the past whenever an ordinary user wanted to create a website they normally head over to platforms like Geocities, but now with the inclusion of gadgets like smartphones and Tablets making a website has become pretty easy thing to do.

Zapd app for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is yet another unique kind of an iDevice app that claims that users now can create mobile optimized websites through their iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad in a matter of minutes. Initially I was skeptical that how can it be but by using it and reading the reviews I was pretty sure that this app does exactly what it claims to do.

How to create websites using Zapd?

It is a very innovative and a cool app and users can start creating websites that are optimized automatically for mobiles. There are a total of 20 built-in themes and user can choose from any of these themes. The procedure is very simple, you have to enter your site’s name and then add the contents that can be text, links or photos. Whenever you open the photo widget the camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch opens up. There is a crop box available as well that allows users to edit their photos with a custom zoom level. Text can be added instantly with and the order in which the text appears on the site can also be changed.Zapd-for-iphone-user-interface

How To Publish the Site using Zapd?

Next step is the publishing, in order to publish your website on Zapd you have to setup an account either using Zapd or using your Facebook log-in. On the bottom of the main page, there is a sign-up button, clicking on it will start the registration process that is very quick and swift. There is an option of viewing the published site as well before actually publishing it via Zapd server. Postcard option allows you to attach a short note with the website link that you will send to your friends.

Once the site is published, Zapd allows its user to also modify the contents without hassle, but once modifications are done then updating the site is very necessary. I think the future updates of this app will be something that everyone will be looking forward to. So download the Zapd app for your iDevices immediately and start creating amazing websites.

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