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If you are a Mac user you must already love the Time Machine feature. We always want similar tools for other services as well. A new startup “Original Victories Inc.” has utilized just this idea for YouTube and made the YouTube Time Machine – You can watch videos from any year from 1860 to 2011.

Developers have always been creating newer tools based on YouTube. For example, last year we saw YouTube Instant tool. Hot on the heels of that has been released. lets you travel back in time and watch any videos created in that year. It doesn’t matter when the movie was uploaded. For example, if I uploaded a video from 1947 yesterday, it would still appear in the year 1947 when you use the timeline on website to browse the videos. You can also filter the videos based on genre or category.

The whole idea behind the website seems very creative and fun to me. If you want to watch random videos just keep clicking on “watch next video” to see more videos from that year. Alternatively, you could filter them by genre like Video Games, Television, Commercials, Current events, Sports, Movies and Music.

Fun fact. Did you know the creator of YouTube instant was called by Google and given a job offer to work with YouTube. Who knows the same might happen to creators!

So what are you waiting for, check out this new service by pointing your browser to

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