Youtube Added One click to Start Video hangout with Google+ Friends

Youtube Added One click to Start Video hangout with Google+ Friends

Google+ hangout is one of the most talked feature of Google+. Google+ hangout offers many feature and seems like Google is integrating Google+ with most of it’s service. Today Google added a new feature in YouTube, using it you can watch any Youtube videos with your friends on Google+ hangout by clicking the share button below any Youtube video.

Below every YouTube video, you will find a button to watch video with your friends and you can click on start a Google+ hangout to start sharing videos with your friends.


I tried this YouTube Google+ hangout feature and at this moment it’s currently not perfect. Many times, video didn’t loaded into Google+ hangout Youtube feature. In case if you are not aware, you can also watch YouTube videos with your hangout group by starting a Hangout and clicking on YouTube icon on Hangout page.


This will surely make Google+ hangout more interesting and more reasons to use. Since Youtube is leading video sharing service and powered by Google, by integrating it with Google+ hangout, Google has created awareness about Google+ to it’s YouTube subscriber base.

Facebook are you listening?

Facebook always missed out a dedicated video portal and despite it permits users to upload and share video, Facebook should probably come up with their own Video sharing portal. I have been using Facebook videos from long, but then I always miss having a dedicated portal like Youtube for Facebook.

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