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Yahoo Messenger Video Calling now Supports iPod Touch 4G

Yahoo Messenger Video Calling now Supports iPod Touch 4G

Earlier this month Yahoo’s Messenger App for iPhone arrived with video calling functionality over 3G and Wifi. We had been eagerly waiting for the update from Yahoo to enable the video chat on iPod Touch 4G ever since our iPod Touch shipped. The update is finally here.


The advantage of Yahoo Messenger over Facetime is that Yahoo supports video calling over 3G too. Moreover, you can use yahoo to make video calls between computers as well as phones. Right now FaceTime allows you to make FaceTime calls to Mac only and not Windows computers. Yahoo messenger removes that limitation and is available as a free option.


Right since the time we got our new iPod Touch 4G we had been waiting for more video chat options to come. A lot of them have already existed for iPhone 4 but for iPod Touch 4G only FaceTime was available so far.

The latest update from Yahoo fixes a few bugs and allows video calls to and from iPod Touch 4G. Hit the update button inside the App Store or download the Yahoo Messenger App from here.

Go ahead and try making video calls using Yahoo. Let us know how you like it and what do you like better out of FaceTime and Yahoo Messenger?

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