Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

It’s a revelry time for Gamers and online social animals. Microsoft recently confirmed the news of introducing its Xbox Live service platform on it’s all new Windows 8 operating system. With many strides into bringing bliss to the users of Windows 8 through its innovative user interface, it has made sure the gamers are not left recluse to the computing world. It is a big step by Microsoft in order to foresee Windows running across multiple devices.

Xbox Live confirmed for Windows 8

The company has disclosed few details about the integration as of now. However, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview includes Xbox Live Hub which allows a good amount of the original Xbox Live’s features to get a feel for. The preview allows users to see their friends list, control avatar settings and notice recently played games apart from the Video, Music, and Xbox Companion Apps. Certain games that are pre-installed in the Preview can be retrieved to the main Xbox Live application using the integration facility provided.

The Xbox Companion App allows a user to explore entertainment media files from Xbox Live account on Windows 8 and play the file on TV through the Xbox360. In addition to playing, the application provides detailed description on the file being viewed or other movies, TV shows, games and music.

The Xbox Live service is widely used with over 35 countries and has nearly 35 million subscribers. “It’s a huge opportunity for you as developers,” explained Ben-Menahem, the Microsoft program manager in March, 2011. He divulged the plans to get the developers aboard soon in the process of creating a fascinating incontestable realm of gaming through the Xbox Live-Windows8 integration. He was quoted as saying that the participation of developers would be free of charge once it opens up its developer side to design new games and apps.

The integration seems to bolster the strength of number of “computing-gamers” across the world by making it possible for the users to play games and socialize on their computers and not getting back to switch on their consoles. The flexibility to use multiple devices while retaining one’s gaming avatar is surely set to woo the gamers. Xbox Live on Windows 8 will now help a gamer to retain his gaming community and play with them irrespective of the device he operates from. Hence, a user now will be free to leave a game midway on his console and resume it after a while on his tablet while on the go.

Although, many users seem to be upbeat about this step by Microsoft, there are groups of people who do not see the best happening with this integration. Some people doubt the ability to play a game, say racing games, on the screen of a touch-screen PC using the touch function. Such inhibitions can force one to compromise on ones’ favourite game or on the device-multiplicity benefit of this integration. Another group of people fear that the user interface and comfortability that Microsoft has been dwelling on for years seems to be changing to social-ability, as it senses the future markets getting obsessed with social networking. However, it remains to be seen how the markets react to the myriad changes in Windows 8 and the integration with Xbox Live.

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