Windows 8 Runs on it All; Macs, Microsoft Surface, Dying PC

Windows 8 Runs on it All; Macs, Microsoft Surface, Dying PC

Whenever a product is outed that is meant mainly for the developers to try out and experiment with, most of them end up installing it on things that the software was never meant for. Such is the case with the newly announced Windows 8 developer preview operating system. Microsoft launched it last week to showcase their new operating system, and although it comes with a few bugs, many have installed it and are trying/testing it out. The most interesting thing is the ability of Windows 8 to run on various other platforms too, such as a MacBook Pro, the Microsoft Surface or a PC with just 128MB of RAM.

The best way to install a Windows OS on a MacBook is via Boot Camp and that’s exactly how this feat was accomplished. Apparently, Windows 8 works pretty well with the Apple hardware and is smooth as well. Here’s what Brent has to say about the installation;

A lot of people have been asking if it is possible to run Windows 8 on Mac hardware through Boot Camp.  I can definitely report at this time that it does work.  You will need the latest Boot Camp drivers from Apple and a USB mouse with a dedicated right click button.

Now that’s that!! Let’s move on to the Microsoft Surface.

I’m sure most of may not have heard of this Microsoft Surface. It’s a multi-touch screen surface that uses hand or physical touch gestures to recognize and execute orders and has over 250 touch points. It runs on Windows Vista or Windows 7, but now, a certain user has successfully managed to install and run Windows 8 on a Microsoft Surface. Check out the video after the break, you’ll be amazed.

It says on Microsoft’s official blog about Windows 8, that a minimum RAM of 1GB is required to run Windows 8 developer preview smoothly with working Metro UI. However, Marcin Grygiel has successfully managed to install it on a PC with just 128 MB of RAM. It’s not fast, but all the features work and it also shows what can be achieved if a man has patience and determination. Check out the video after the break.

Have you tried installing Windows 8 yet? Done anything crazy as the ones above?

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