Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire Really Take on Apple’s iPad?

Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire Really Take on Apple’s iPad?

Amazon’s best selling product till date, not that they have a vast variety, is the Kindle e-book reader. It is present in every other household, a companion of any die hard e-book reader. The company unveiled three new products today, the Kindle Fire, the Kindle Touch and a cheaper version of Kindle, which are really going to increase sales. One of the most important factors that’s going to help increase the sales is the price at which, these Kindles will be sold.

The Kindle Touch is just a revamped touch version of the original Kindle, nothing more. However, the Kindle Fire was made to take on the Apple iPad, at lease in the sales department. Kindle Fire is Amazon’s new tool, one that will be used to dominate the world and take down the iPad, not this version though. The present version doesn’t have 3G and neither does it have a camera, microphone or a large screen that would really help in better reading.

It is made up of plastic and has a 7 inch IPS display, which is pretty good, and runs on the Android operating system. But, you’re not going to actually see any Android characteristics on this device other than the Amazon Appstore, which can be used to buy apps. It does have Wi-Fi, a dual core processor and can play lots and lots of media, that can also be streamed from Amazon. 8GB of storage should not be a problem as Amazon’s Cloud services will be glad to store your data for some extra buck.

So why does everybody say that it could take on the Apple iPad? Well, it’s because of the price. The Kindle Fire can be yours for only $199, a 7-inch tablet for as cheap as that. Amazon has also said that a newer and improved version will be released next year that’ll take on the iPad on both the price and performance parameters. I wouldn’t be so sure.

The basic version of the Kindle e-reader will be available for $79, the Kindle Touch will be available in two models, one for $99 and another for $149 that comes with 3G. The tablet will be available from Nov. 15, and Kindle Touch on Nov. 21. You can pre-order the Fire and Touch or purchase the cheaper Kindle right away from Amazon.

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