WhatsApp for Windows Phone 7.5 in the Making

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 7.5 in the Making

WhatsApp is one of the most used cross-platform instant messengers other than Blackberry’s Messenger and Google Talk. Whereas BBM is only limited to BlackBerry users, WhatsApp can be used on any platform, any mobile operating system that it is currently available on. You can send free text messages, share photos, videos and audio over data or Wi-Fi connection. That is what makes WhatsApp one of the best instant messenger apps on the planet. However, Windows Phone 7 users don’t have the amazing app yet, but recent leaks suggest that the day isn’t far off.

It’s not just the leak from a certain user that suggests that the WhatsApp app will soon be available on WP7, the developer behind the app also left a curious little tweet to ponder up on. WP7 is growing, and after the recent launch of Windows 8 developer preview, people are going to go even crazier about the whole tiled UI known as ‘Metro,’ the star of Windows Phone 7.

The person who leaked the images of the application running on WP7 clad in the beautiful Metro UI claims that he’s had the app for a few days now. Below is the leaked picture that could very well mean that a launch is nearing.

As you can see, WhatsApp looks great on Windows Phone 7 too, with the Metro magic. The tweet that I was talking about earlier is also kind of strange and more like a riddle that people are supposed to figure out. Now though, it looks like we could already know what to expect from the developers of WhatsApp. Here’s the tweet.

Interesting right? Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be wrong in saying that all your WP7 users are going to get a treat from WhatsApp, finally joining all the other platforms. You can also follow this tutorial on how to use WhatsApp on your iPad even though it’s not available for it.

Any Windows Phone users around here? Are you excited about the WhatsApp messenger for your device?

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