What’s New in iOS 5 Beta 2

What’s New in iOS 5 Beta 2

Since Apple released the latest update of iOS, people have been upgrading their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to see what’s new. The new update, iOS 5 beta 2 was bound to get some minor changes, it was obviously foreseen by developers alike. Apple iOS 5 beta 2 gets some minor changes to Lockscreen alerts, adds a new iCloud icon and a sliding iMessages keyboard, well that’s it so far.

The testing began just moments after Apple released iOS 5 beta 2, and MuscleNerd was quick to confirm that it’s still jailbreak friendly. After that there were updates after updates about all the new features added to this release. Of course, until now there are not many new features but as the beta number increases there will be new.

New Lockscreen Alert Style

When Apple showed the new Notification alerts in iOS 5 at WWDC, it was one happy moment for everyone. But in iOS 5 beta 2, it looks like Apple has taken a step backward and has brought back those older notification alerts. Luckily, this only happens in the case of alerts and they disappear and go back to the iOS 5 beta style when you check it the second time.

The New iCloud Icon

This isn’t much of an important discovery, but it’s something that Apple users will notice. The beta 1 had a regular pink colored Apple iCloud Icon which for obvious reasons wasn’t appreciated much. iOS 5 beta 2 gets the original silver iCloud icon and gets things back to normal and certainly made people happy, at least me!

All the places where the old iCloud icon used to be are now showing the brushed aluminum iCloud icon. One of the minor changes.

Sliding Keyboard in iMessage

iMessage, one of my favorite new things about iOS 5, doesn’t seem to work with people running iOS 5 beta. Anyways, there is something new here, a nice sliding keyboard for when you need some more space. The keyboard slides down once you start receiving replies and makes a little more room than before.

As you crawl up to see previous messages the keyboard slowly slides down until it totally disappears. Don’t be surprised to see it creep out from the bottom, Apple devices are magical you see!!

That’s all the minor changes you’ll see, so far!! We’ll update when other minor changes come up.

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