What can we expect from iPhone 5?

What can we expect from iPhone 5?

There have been some leaked images doing the rounds, which claims to be Apple’s next phone, the iPhone 5. A Chinese website, named iDealsChina has released some pictures and CAD drawings of the next generation iPhone, which shows the case design of the phone. This was the same site which released the pictures of the iPad 2, prior to its launching.


The images show an almost identical physical design to the existing iPhone, with the same edge antenna, larger screen, and a smaller bezel, potentially hinting that Apple might go for a 4 inch screen replacing the 3.5 inch one.

On March 2nd, we have seen the much awaited Apple iPad 2 announced, which featured Apple’s new A5 Dual Core processor. A5 has certainly powered the iPad 2, with 2x faster CPU speed and 9x faster graphics speed, with the same power consumption of the original A4 chip.

There have been rumours about the same A5 processor being used in the 5th generation of the iPhone. Since Apple emphasizes upon higher graphics performance, lower power consumption and smaller space usage, it seems to be almost certain that the iPhone 5 might actually sport the Dual-Core processor.

Since smartphones these days are replacing your laptops and enabling you to perform all your tasks from the phone itself, it has become kind of necessity for mobile phones to punch in more raw computing power.

So we are expecting the next iPhone to be faster, smarter and slightly bigger(in terms of  the screen size) to take on the mobile market all over once again.

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