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Viewsonic to launch Dual Boot Windows 7-Android Tablet

Viewsonic to launch Dual Boot Windows 7-Android Tablet

View Sonic, world leader in making LCDs and other display devices is stepping into the tablet market and will be showing off its latest 10-inch tablet which runs on Google’s Android operating system and also an Intel based tablet which will dual boot Google Android and Microsoft Windows. All of this will be unveiled at the upcoming IFA.

The former of the above mentioned devices would be called as ViewPad 7, effectively resurrecting the long abandoned ViewPad brand from the Californian manufacturer. The last ViewPad device which was rolled out by View Sonic was released in 2002.

The ViewPad 7 will have 3G and Wi-Fi capability, and will have front and back dual camera interface for 3G video calls as well as normal video applications. Also, the ViewPad 7 will have GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, G-Sensor and USB connectivity along with a 10 inch screen size and will dual boot Windows and Android.

It is also hoped that the Windows included with the ViewPad 7 will be regular Microsoft Windows 7 rather than Windows Phone 7 which will be released in the coming weeks.

The official statement regarding the specifications of ViewPad 7 from View Sonic is as follows:

The ViewPad 7, a 7″ Android tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, access to thousands of applications and front and back-facing cameras will be previewed for the first time in Europe. The ViewPad 7 also features assisted GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth, G-Sensor and USB connectivity, making the device a compact lightweight companion that has a lot to offer. ViewSonic will also be previewing a new Intel-based 10-inch tablet with dual boot Microsoft and Android operating systems.

Do you think that features of Windows 7- Android Tablet are enough to attract you? Do share your views.

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  • Flytouch 7 October 25, 2012, 3:12 pm

    I must say that View Pad 7 comes with 7 inch touch screen, 3G and WiFi connection. Its 3G video calling application as well as normal video applications. Its original price is very reasonable, So everybody can easily buy it.

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