VidTweeter: Share Videos Directly from Your Twitter Profile

If you like to share videos on Twitter then you would love to use a twitter tool which will help you to share videos in a cool way. Whenever we share videos on Twitter we give link of external websites likes YouTube, MetaCafe etc. But isn’t it would be great if you can create a unique page which contains the video you want to share along with your Twitter details?


VidTweeter is such a tool which helps you to create a link to customized page which includes the video you want to share and it also gives your Twitter profile information on same page. So, instead of giving any external link its better to give the link of your own customized page, which will give a feeling to your followers that they are watching the video from your Twitter profile itself.


After creating the link you can tweet it easily and share with your followers. The tool is very easy and creates the link of the video in few seconds. You don’t require any registration to access VidTweeter. It’s totally free of cost.

If you are aware about any such useful Twitter tool, do share with us.

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