uTorrent 3.1 Alpha Can Sync with iOS, Android, Xbox and PS3

Don’t you just hate transferring movies and videos to your mobile device, tablet or consoles just because you will need to convert them to appropriate formats. Normally, phones don’t support the movie/video formats that you download using your favorite bit torrent client. So what do you do? Get a converter and then transfer them to your device, and sometimes in the process you get frustrated and never complete the transfer.

The latest version of uTorrent, 3.1 Alpha, has a nice new feature that automatically syncs with your Android, iOS mobile devices and Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and transfers files too. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? The most important feature that has come with this new update is the ability to transfer videos and movies to your device without the need of converting them first. uTorrent will automatically do that work for you.

The latest alpha release of uTorrent now supports integration with a variety of devices including the iPhone, iPad, PS3, Xbox 360 and Android hardware. This allows users to quickly sync downloaded content to these devices. Additional capability to convert videos and audio to playable files will become available later, but only to users of the upcoming paid version of the BitTorrent client.

However, this feature was added by mistake and thus, won’t be available in future free releases. A stable version of the same will however get the transfer and sync feature, but the conversion feature will only become yours if you pay for it. If you did not know, there is also a paid version of uTorrent called uTorrent plus.

In case you didn’t know, you can download pirated movies, music videos, music, software and lot more with the help of this software. uTorrent is the best bit torrent client in the world, in my opinion and this makes it even better.

You can download uTorrent 3.1 Alpha from here. Enjoy downloading torrents and transferring them to your device.

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