Use MoodMusic iPhone App to Set a Song as Your Facebook Status

Use MoodMusic iPhone App to Set a Song as Your Facebook Status

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If you want to listen to the music collection of others on your iPhone for free, or if you want to upload your music and share it with other via Facebook, then you must try MoodMusic app. MoodMusic is a free iPhone app allowing Facebook status updates via song.

Using Moodmusic app is very easy. When you launch the MoodMusic app, it asks you to connect to your Facebook account, which is a one step procedure. After connecting, you can listen to others’ songs or upload your own songs.

To add a song, first search it by filtering it on the basis of album, artist or the song itself. Once you find it, add your vibe (status) about it and upload it from your iPhone’s library. You can then choose to share it, as a status, with a specific friend or everyone on Facebook. It can then be listened from within Facebook.

Once connected you can listen to any song uploaded by others in Global Jukebox. You can also buy any uploaded song on iTunes, play it on your iPhone or through Apple TV.

Let us know what you think about the MoodMusic app.

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