UrtheCast to Live Stream Video of Earth from Space

When you were smaller and more innocent, you probably wished that you could go to space on a spaceship and just hang out, well float actually. If you want to make that childhood dream of yours come true, but not in it’s entirety, then you should read further.

No, we are not giving out any free tickets for anyone to travel to space, but we are just sharing a certain website through you which you can almost make it. UrtheCast will launch the world’s first ever high definition live streaming of the Earth from the International Space Station with the help of cameras attached to the Russian wing of the ISS.

Urthecast Live Earth Video

Who in their right mind would not want to see this? I’m going to be stuck to a rather large LCD screen and watching the live stream of planet Earth when it goes live. The camera’s installed will provide a 40 km range of Earth from Space and will get you as close as 1.1 meters to the surface. I watched the preview video earlier today, of some rather FBI-looking officials telling what UrtheCast is all about. By the way it’s pronounced as ‘earthcast’, and it is going to effect a lot of people as now almost everyone can experience the feeling of watching Earth, live from space.

Scott Larson, President of UrtheCast explains;

Users will be able to view Earth from space. It will operate seamlessly with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. ISS is a low orbit, human-inhabited satellite. The station travels at 26,000 km/h, orbiting Earth sixteen times per day, at an altitude of approximately 350 km. The ISS is a collaborative project between the Russian, Canadian European, Japanese, and US space agencies. UrtheCast has signed an exclusive agreement with RSC Energia, who maintains operational control of the Russian segment on the ISS. RSC Energia will take UrtheCast’s cameras, install them on the outside of the ISS, and provide the necessary maintenance and transfer of the data. The cameras are being built by UK based Rutherford Appleton Laboratories (RAL), who is a world leader in building cameras for aerospace and satellite purposes.

That’s not it, I mean it’s not just the Earth from Space, but it’s more like a live streaming of everything that’s happening on earth. You can pinpoint to your location and see what’s going on live, it’s like those live scenes from Modern Warfare and all those movies. You can tag these videos, rewind them and well, you can see it all. I’m sure the terrorists are going to be pretty happy about this, so lets see how long this whole thing is going to last.

I’m not taking my chances however, because I’m going to be ready for when it streams live and open my mouth in awe. All this will happen on a Web Platform, which is supposed to launch later today.

So, we’ll keep you updated and let you know when you can start watching Earth, live from Space.

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