URL Droplet: Upload Files Directly to Dropbox from Web

Dropbox has revolutionized the way we save our files. Before Dropbox, majority of people used to carry USBs and external hard disks to save files, especially if they work on multiple computers. But now, all the files can be synced directly to your Dropbox, so that you can access them from any computer you use. But there are times when you are using a computer and you don’t have permissions to install any application there.

If you want to download any file, you must either upload it manually to your Dropbox by logging in to your Dropbox account or email it to your smartphone so that you can upload it to dropbox. To solve this problem, we came across a useful web app named URL Droplet.


URL Droplet is a simple and easy to use web application which helps users download files directly to their Dropbox account. To get started with URL Droplet, login to your Dropbox account through URL Droplet and authorize it to upload files to your dropbox account.


After authorizing, just paste the link of the file you want to download to your Dropbox and click on Save button. You can even rename the file name before download by clicking on the Save As button. It will then add the file in queue, so that it can be uploaded to your Dropbox account. You will be able to check the status of the file on the homepage if you have authorized the application at the bottom of the page. If you are using a PC with your Dropbox logged in, you will get a confirmation message once the file is uploaded. You can add as many files in queue as long as you don’t run out of space in Dropbox.

The service is still in beta stages so there are some bugs and flaws in the service. For example, the file may remain in queue for some time or maybe hours before its uploaded to your Dropbox account.

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