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Update Google+ Status Through SMS [India]

Update Google+ Status Through SMS [India]

Google+ has been creating a lot of buzz, even though it’s still in private beta and works on invitations basis only. Despite of that, sources say that it has already managed to attract more than 5 million users. And people are not tired of it, they actually like it! I see people updating status on Google+ and sharing more on it than they do on Facebook. Some have even stopped using Facebook completely and are all over Google+.

Here’s another new feature that you’d enjoy if you’ve got a profile on Google+ thanks to that friend who invited you. Yesterday we told you how to get the Google+ mobile app for your Android device so you can use it wherever you are and we also told you how-to upload photos to Google+ from iPhone. Now, here’s something interesting that is currently only available for users in India and US. You can now update your Google+ status and chose whom to share it with just by sending an SMS from your mobile phone.

How-to update Google+ status through SMS:

  • First, login to your Google+ profile and head over to Account Settings. Now select Google+ and add your mobile number.
  • You’ll get a confirmation code from Google, use that to activate you mobile number for Google+.
  • Send a message from your Mobile device to 922 22 22 222.

  • That’s it! You’ll now see that the status will be updated on your Google+ profile and shared with all your circles, apparently.

You can however, use the following shortcuts to share it with a certain circle, a certain friend, everyone and any extended circles.

@[circle name] –Share with a certain Circle only.
@extended – Share with extended circles.
@public – Share it with every one on the World Wide Web!!
@[email address] – Share it with a certain friend.

For example “Status Update @[Friends]” will share it with my Friends Circle.

Go ahead and try it now and let us know if it worked for you.

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