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Tweet Backup: Backup your Twitter Account

Tweet Backup: Backup your Twitter Account

Many people use Twitter, many people tweet a lot every day, sometimes 1000 tweets in just one day. If you also use Twitter and have tweeted a lot of have a lot of followers etc. Twitter has not yet released any official back up system from their side, but in case you want to back up your twitter account, there are many twitter tools which will make the work easy for you. In this post, I will write about a twitter tool which lets you back up your twitter account for free.

The site which I am going to write about in this post is Tweet Backup. It has a number of features.

  • Runs over the Internet
  • Daily Backup
  • No Installation Required
  • Easy To Use
  • No Twitter password required

Now, let me tell you how could you back up your twitter account using this tool. First of all, go to the site and click on “Sign Up Now Using Twitter”. Then allow the application and fill up the form.

After signing up, go to the homepage and log in(using twitter account). When you sign up, the site starts archiving your tweets and when you login, you can see that it has archived your tweets.

Here’s the view of what you see after logging in.

Useful Twitter Tools:

It has a feature of daily backup so it will automatically backup your tweets daily which is of course a plus point. The only thing which is compulsory while creating an account is that you should follow Tweet Backup twitter account.

[ Link ]

That was easy, so if you want to back up your twitter account you should definitely try Tweet Backup. Do comment.

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