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TVUplayer: Watch Free Live TV on iPod Touch and iPhone

TVUplayer: Watch Free Live TV on iPod Touch and iPhone

This is a guest post by Harpreet Singh. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our adsense revenue sharing program.

TVU Networks has started the TV service with 300 channels from the around the world. Now,they are starting a new service, you can now watch TVU on your computer, it is also available as an iPhone application.

After you start this application, it takes some time. Then TVU players displays you a list of channels. Each channel will pair with thumbnail screengrab, but they are not order it any specific type.

This Application cost $4.99 and it has many features. It works with WiFi and its does not need 3G connection. It has some of the feature like :

  • Favorites
  • Search
  • Landscape mode viewing
  • No viewing limitation

From official page:

TVU Networks brings you a live TV service with 1000 channels from around the world. Now, the same great content that you watch on TVU on your PC, is available right here on your iPhone through WiFi and now, 3G.

Remember: the best viewing experience is on channels showing a bandwidth of 200kbps or lower, and these channels are now marked with an iPhone icon in the Channel line-up, indicating these are great to watch on TVU.

The application is running on beta, and it needs a lots of more polish before it comes perfectly for the open market. Few channels like Sky News work great, but many others are working slow and crash while running.

Application Download Link

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