Turn Your iPhone into a Universal IR Remote Using UnityRemote box

iPhone remote control apps are easily available these days, but most of them pertain to a certain object or just the Mac or another iOS device. Well, there are a few of them out there who can control almost anything that works on infrared, but almost all of them have to be in a way connected or attached to your iPhone.

This new device though, called the UnityRemote Box is beautiful to look at and doesn’t need to attached to your iPhone. You can just let it be a few meters away from your iPhone so it can use Bluetooth and connect to your device and control all other IR based appliances in the vicinity.

It can also be used with the iPod Touch, and conveniently enough carries easy and even ‘macro’ based tasks using the app that comes with the box. Of course there is an app, which makes this invention even better and easier to use. It’s priced at a meager $99 and is available at the UnityRemote box website.

What do you think of this? Let us know if you think this would help you in your living room or make you lazier?

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