TryPhone: Try Mobile Phone Before Buy

TryPhone: Try Mobile Phone Before Buy

TryPhone How many times you heard about a new mobile phone here at CallingAllGeeks or at anywhere and you wish, how good it would be, if I can try mobile phone before buying it. Something like a test-drive which we do before buying a car. Well, technically the way is to go to mobile show-room and try phone there. Yah, but everytime going to showroom just for trying phone once, doesn’t make much sense. There is one site, which let you test drive virtual mobile phones. Experience would be like you are using a real phone.

TryPhone.com: Online virtual mobile Phone


Are you planning to gift your mom a smart phone like an Apple iPhone or Blackberry which is having high-end features that your mother is not familiar with? And do you fear that if your mom likes/dislikes the phone after buying and all your money is wasted? Then you’ve a great solution of trying a mobile phone without buying it. Yes, TryPhone is a platform to test drive the handset you like in a fully interactive virtual interface. This way you can try the features and confirm whether to buy it or not. You can also watch demos, read reviews and many more… The most important thing about this TryPhone is that you’ll find a real life sized mobile handset on the left side of the screen along with all the applications that it supports. You can simply click on the Demo’s to get an idea on How to use the handset. A better solution if you don’t want your money to be wasted without knowing how the mobile works. From now on, whenever you want to buy a costly mobile like iPhone, Blackberry, Google Android Phone etc.. Just give it a try before you buy. Isn’t it interesting? Use the TryPhone interface and Do share your views on how do you find it useful! Do you know any such mobile phone simulator website? How often do you go to showroom for trying new gadgets?

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