TRON: Legacy iPhone Game Released for TRON Fans

Coinciding with the movie release Disney has released the TRON: Legacy game on the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad users. Priced at 99 cents, this game is a must have for all TRON fans whether or not you have been able to catch the movie yet.


Do not confuse the new TRON: Legacy app with the free TRON app that already exists in the app store. The game released this week is much more feature packed in terms of addictive gameplay.

TRON: Legacy Review:

Well, the game includes two kinds of events: Recognizer and Light Cycle. TRON fans familiar with the movie should already be able to connect. There are 24 rounds in the game to keep you occupied as you race the 3D Light Cycles or man the Recognizer blasting the targets. The online multiplayer service lets you race against someone on the 16 tracks. The best part I liked about the game was the optimization for Retina Display. With the amazing level of detail on the latest iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G games are even more absorbing.


I do wonder why Disney did not choose Apple’s Game Center for multiplayer and instead used its own service. Maybe they weren’t able to make it happen in time with the TRON: Legacy movie release.


Even if you are not particularly a fan of TRON but like racing games on your iPhone you are going to like it.

Here’s the App Store Link for the game. Let us know how you like the game and also the TRON: Legacy movie.

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