Track Who Unfriend You on FB with Unfriend Finder Chrome Extension

Track Who Unfriend You on FB with Unfriend Finder Chrome Extension

If you are active on Facebook then you would be always curious to know who unfriend you on Facebook. There are many tools available to find who unfriend you on Facebook but you need long process to install such tools. I am going to share a Google Chrome extension “Unfriend Finder for Facebook” which will help you to find out who unfriend you on Facebook.

To keep track of who unfriend you on FB, you just need to follow few quick and easy steps:

  • Install Unfriend Finder for Facebook Google Chrome extension.
  • Once installed, open your Facebook account and allow the extension to setup.


  • You can also change the settings for notifications according to your need.


  • Once done with setup process, you will get an “Unfriends” option just below “Friends” option.


  • Now if someone unfriend you on Facebook, you will get the notification like this:




  • Apart from this it also shows “Awaiting Friend requests”.

Unfriend6Isn’t the process is quick and easy? Now keep eye on friends who unfriend you can let them know that you are aware that they unfriend you on Facebook. Try it out and don’t forget to share your feedback.

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  1. I have never understood obsession with needing to know who unfriended me. I would rather save my feelings and not know. I mean really, what are you going to do say, “Hey, why did you take me off your friends list?” Maybe it is because they don’t like you anymore. :-) The friends that matter won’t unfriend you and those that do unfriend you… probably won’t like you asking why.

  2. The point of knowing who has unfriended you is so that you can clean up your lists. For example if you have a game list for farmville and someone on that list has unfriended you, they will still appear on that list. I would call that a shortcoming of Facebook, but at least with a script to tell you that a person is no longer on your friends list, you can clean up your friend list categories at the least.