A Look at TouchWiz Touch Interface by Samsung

Samsung is currently one of the biggest leader in cell phones. Thanks to their aggressive marketing campaigns, Samsung can pretty much be found in the hands of children, teenagers and adults everywhere. There’s a Samsung phone for everyone. If you’re looking for a starter smartphone, Samsung has that. If you’re looking for a high – end smartphone that pushes the envelope, Samsung has that too! Selling your phone for a Samsung smartphone is a really great deal!

All the while, Samsung has TouchWiz to anchor that achievement. It’s the face of their smartphones. Without it, Samsung smartphones would just be ordinary Android phones.

So what’s TouchWiz anyway?

TouchWiz is a mobile and tablet touch interface and developed by Samsung, developed to give you the most out of your smartphone. It’s been heralded in many places as an innovation. It has cosmetic upgrades and some added features, which are really cool.


Image Credit: techtilldate.com

Let’s take a look:


One of the first things you’ll see with TouchWiz is custom apps, named hubs. With Social Hub, messages such as email, social networks and text are combined in one interface. Other Hubs include Music Hub, where you can purchase music. You’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of songs. There are other Hubs to enjoy, but we’ll leave it to your curiosity.


The beauty about touchscreen technology is that you perform all actions with your fingers. Stuff like scrolling and zooming can be done easily without pressing anything. But Samsung goes further than that. They also added additional motion gestures into the software.

For example, with ‘turn over,’ you can mute any incoming calls or other audio emanating from the phone. It quickly responds without a hitch. Things like ‘tilt’ work by pressing two fingers on a screen and tilting the phone up and down to zoom. The ‘double tap’ gesture allows you to issue voice commands to your phone. If you’re busy doing something else, then the double tap is a really cool thing to have.

Aesthetic Improvements

One great thing about TouchWiz is that it has improved the stock Android interface. For example, widgets look better and everything looks more elegant. Default stuff such as the keyboard have been given a slight update and functionality is improved. Messages now appear in threaded view so everything looks seamless.

Camera Improvements

The camera menu is improved from stock Android offerings. You’ll also be able to place icons in five slots, allowing you to quickly access different modes for instant picture taking.

What are your choices? Well, there’s plenty you can choose from. Most Samsung smartphones right now have TouchWiz. The latest version of Touchwiz is 5.0 and it’s also integrated into Samsung S III and Galaxy note. Do let us know if you have experienced Touchwiz so far or not? How’s your experience and how would you rate it on the scale of 1-10 (10 being the best and 1 being the worse).

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